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All officers of the Royal Navy qualified as Gunnery Lieutenant should be in this category. They are properly placed here by having a {{CatGunneryOfficer|UK}} at the bottom of their page.

NOTE:  Do not add text to this page if the Gunnery Officer in question has a page for himself. 
If he does, add {{CatGunneryOfficer|UK}} to the bottom of his page

When a gunnery officer of whom we know so little that he does not yet have a page, we can and should record his particulars here in brief as a holding place for this data.

A list of Royal Navy Gunnery Officers who qualified in Gunnery Duties at H.M.S. Excellent, the Royal Navy's chief gunnery school, up to and including the year 1919, arranged by year can be found in a secondary source.[1]

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  1. Young. The House that Jack Built. pp. 168-174.

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