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Captain (retired) Bryan Fullerton Adams, D.S.O., R.N. (22 July, 1887 – 22 September, 1971) was an officer in the Royal Navy during the First World War.

Life & Career

Born in Melbourne, Australia.

Adams was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant on 31 December, 1909.[1]

Adams was appointed to H.M.S. Princess Royal, possibly as gunnery officer, from 9 October 1916 to 1 March, 1918.

Adams was specially promoted to the rank of Commander with a seniority of 23 April, 1918 in recognition of his role in storming of Zeebrugge Mole on that date.

He was appointed in command of the destroyer Legion on 8 July, 1918.[2]

Subsequent consideration of Adams's role at Zeebrugge led to his being awarded a D.S.O., gazetted 31 July 1919. Adams had landed on the Mole before his commanding officer, Lieutenant-Commander A. L. Harrison, who was yet aboard Vindictive. Adams was credited now for spurring the attack on the seaward end of the Mole on his own initiative, pressing his attack "on which the whole success of the blocking operation might have depended, with a magnificent dash, displaying qualities of personal courage and leadership of the highest order."

Adams grounded Legion in 1919 and was cautioned.

Adams passed as an acting interpreter in French in October, 1924. In 1927, he was granted permission to study German in his own time.

Adams was placed on the Retired List at his own request the rank of Captain on 22 July, 1933.

World War II

His mobilisation was delayed by an exemption owing to a position with the League of Nations.

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