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This is an incomplete list of Personal Papers in the Possession of the National Maritime Museum. We have found that the National Maritime Museum's archive catalogue (accessible here) is unnecessarily complicated to browse in that it requires a lot of clicking around.

The list below is culled from the National Maritime Museum's website, the linked articles in the left column flatten out the data, permitting a more convenient perusal.

We concentrate on those persons whose naval careers are nearest the Dreadnought Era. If you would like to assist us creating pages for the people outside our range, please contact us.

NMM Catalogue Reference Name
ALD Aldrich, Pelham, Admiral, 1844-1930.
ARB Arbuthnot, Sir Robert Keith, Bart., Rear-Admiral, 1864-1916.
AUS/101-163 Austen, Charles John, Rear-Admiral, 1779-1852.
AUS/1-17 Austen, Sir Francis William, Admiral Of The Fleet, 1774-1865.
BAI Baird, Dr Andrew (Physician Of The Fleet), Ca. 1757-1843.
BAL Ballard, Samuel James, Admiral, 1764(?)-1829.
BAR Barlow, Charles James, Vice-Admiral, 1848-1912.
BAX/101-102 Bax, Bonham Ward, Captain, 1837-1877.
BAX/1-3 Bax, Henry Bonham, Commander (H.E.I.C.), 1798-1869.
BAX/201-202 Bax, Robert Nesham, Admiral, 1875-1969.
BAY/101-104 Nias, Sir Joseph, Admiral, 1793-1879.
BAY/201-203 Baynes, Sir Robert Lambert, Admiral, 1796-1869.
Baynes, Henry Compton Anderson, Rear-Admiral, 1852-1922.
BCK Brackenbury, John William, Admiral, 1842-1918.
BED Bedford, Sir Frederick George Denham, Admiral, 1838-1913.
BEL/101-120 Oliver, Algernon Hardy, Commander, 24 Oct 1855 – 21 Feb 1934.
BEL/1-3 Oliver, Robert Dudley, Admiral, 1766-1850.
BEL/151-152 Oliver-Bellasis, Richard, Captain, 1900-1964.
BEL/51-55 Oliver, Richard Aldworth, Admiral, 1811-1889.
BER Berry, Sir Edward, Rear-Admiral, 1768-1831.
BET Bethune, Henry Leonard, Captain, 1858-1939.
BGN Barrington-Shute, William Wildman, 2nd Viscount Barrington, 1717-1793.
BIE Barrie, Robert, Rear-Admiral, Ca. 1774-1841.
BLA/1-41 Blane, Arthur Rodney, Captain, 1834-1891.
BLA/42-115 Blane, Sir Gilbert, First Baronet (Physician Of The Fleet), 1749-1834.
BLC Belcher, Sir Edward, Admiral, 1799-1877.
BLK Blake, William Hans, Captain, 1832-1874.
BND Bond, Francis Godolphin, Rear-Admiral, 1765-1839.
BNT Brent, Harry Woodfall, Vice-Admiral, 1834-1911.
BNY Bayntun, Sir Henry William, Admiral, 1766-1840.
BOG Bougainville, Louis Antoine De (Admiral, French Navy), 1729-1811.
BON Bond, Commodore Reginald Harold Arthur, B.1902.
BOS Bosanquet, Henry Theodore Augustus, Captain, 1870-1959.
BRD Bradford, Sir Edward Eden, Admiral, 1858-1935.
BRG Bridges, Albert Francis Barclay, Paymaster Lieutenant, Fl. 1912-1920.
BRI Bridge, Sir Cyprian Arthur George, Admiral, 1839-1924.
BRN Brown, Sir Harold Arthur, Vice-Admiral, 1878-1968.
BRO Brown, Francis Clifton, Vice-Admiral, 1874-1963.
BTY Beatty, David, Admiral Of The Fleet, 1st Earl Beatty, 1871-1936.
BUR/101-102 Burton, Cuthbert Ward, Major-General (Royal Marines), 1832-1890.
BUR/1-3 Burton, Alfred, Captain (Royal Marines), 1787-1840.
CAL/101-130 Caldwell, Sir Benjamin, Admiral, 1737-1830.
CAL/1-7 Osborn, Henry, Admiral, 1694-1771.
CAL/201-206 Abdy, Sir William, Sixth Baronet, Captain, 1733-1803.
CAL/301-328 Caldwell, Henry, Captain, 1815-1868.
CAR/101-116 Silvester, Sir Philip Carteret, First Baronet, Captain, 1777-1828.
CAR/1-10 Carteret, Philip, Rear-Admiral, Ca. 1733-1796.
CAZ Cazaly, M.C.E., Lieutenant-Commander, Fl. 1942-1944.
CBT Corbett, Sir Julian Stafford, Ll.M. (1854-1922).
CCC Coles, Cowper Phipps, Captain, 1819-1870.
CHD Chatfield, Henry (Master Shipwright), 1820-1860.
CHI Childers, William Henry, Lieutenant, 1837-1869.
CHN/101-169 Christian, Hood Hanway, Rear-Admiral Of The White, 1784-1849.
CHN/1-9 Christian, Sir Hugh Cloberry, Rear-Admiral, 1747-1798.
CHR Chambers, William Wylly, Captain, Ca. 1810-1860.
CHS Christopher, John, Captain, B. 1820.
CHT Chatfield, Alfred Ernle Montacute, Admiral Of The Fleet, First Baron 1873-1967.
CLA Clarke, Reverend Thomas Brooke (Auditor, Naval Asylum), Fl. 1800-1821.
CLE Clements, Michael, Rear-Admiral, Ca. 1735-Ca. 1796.
CLI Clifford, Thomas, First Baron Clifford Of Chudleigh, 1630-1673.
CLS Collinson, Sir Richard, Admiral, 1811-1883.
CNM Cunningham, Andrew Browne, Admiral Of The Fleet, First Viscount Cunningham, 1883-1963.
COC Cockburn, Sir George, Tenth Baronet, Admiral Of The Fleet, 1772-1853.
COD/101-113 Codrington, Sir Henry John, Admiral Of The Fleet, 1808-1877.
COD/1-21 Codrington, Sir Edward, Admiral, 1770-1851.
COL Collingwood, Cuthbert, Vice-Admiral, First Baron Collingwood, 1750-1810.
COO/2 Owen, Sir Edward William Campbell Rich, Admiral, 1771-1849.
COO/3 Owen, William Fitzwilliam, Vice-Admiral, 1774-1857.
COO/4 Cochrane, Archibald, Rear-Admiral, 1874-1952.
COR Cornwallis, The Hon. Sir William, Admiral, 1744-1819.
COW Cowan, Sir Walter Henry, First Baronet, Admiral, 1871-1956.
CPC Cope-Cornford, Leslie (Journalist), 1867-1927.
CRJ Cree, Edward Hodges, Dr., R.N (1814-1901).
CRY Currey, Bernard, Admiral, 1862-1936.
CUN Cunningham, Sir Charles, Rear-Admiral, 1755-1834.
CUR Curzon-Howe, The Hon. Sir Assheton Gore, Admiral, 1850-1911.
DAN/1-276 Dannreuther, Tristan, Captain, Ca. 1872-1963.
DAN/401-572 Dannreuther, Hubert Edward, D.S.O., Rear-Admiral, Ca. 1880-1977.
DAN/701-707 Dannreuther, Hubert Harold, Captain, B. 1917.
DAN/801-810 Dannreuther, Raymond Portal, Captain, Ca. 1923-2006.
DAR Legge, George, Admiral Of The Fleet, First Baron Dartmouth, 1648-1691.
DAV Davison, Alexander (Naval Agent), 1750-1829.
DAW Dawkins, Richard, Rear-Admiral, 1828-1896.
DCK Dick, Royer Mylius, Rear-Admiral, 1897-1991.
DEN Denning, Sir Norman Egbert, Vice Admiral, 1904-1979.
DEV De Vitre, Reverend John Durham Denis (Chaplain, Royal Navy), Ca. 1870-Ca. 1949.
DEW Dewar, Kenneth Gilbert Balmain, Vice-Admiral, 1879-1964.
DEY D'Eyncourt, Sir Eustace Tennyson, First Baronet (Director Of Naval Construction), 1868-1951.
DFF Duff, Sir Alexander, Admiral, 1862-1933.
DIX Dixie, Sir Alexander, Ninth Baronet, Captain, 1780-1857.
DND Dundas, Sir James Whitley Deans, Admiral, 1785-1862.
DOM Domvile, Sir Barry Edward, Admiral, 1878-1971.
DON Donaldson, John, (1841-1899).
DOU Douglas, Sir James, First Baronet, Admiral, 1703-1787.
DRE Dare, Joseph Stafford (First Mate), 1863-1951.
DRW Bethune, Charles Ramsey Drinkwater, Admiral, 1802-1884.
DTY Doughty, Frederick Probyn, Rear-Admiral, 1834-1892.
DUC Duckworth, Sir John Thomas, First Baronet, Admiral, 1748-1817.
DUD Dudman, Joseph, Commander (H.E.I.C.), Ca. 1790-1865.
DUF Duff, Robert, Vice-Admiral, Ca. 1720-1787.
DWS Dawson, William (1810-1858) And Dugald (1805-1841), Papers & Journals.
DXN Dixon, Anne ( Nee Gardner), Fl. 1786-1798.
EDG Edgell, Harry Edmund, Vice-Admiral, 1809-1876.
EGG Eggins, Douglas George (Master Mariner), 1894-?.
ELK/1-13 Elkins, Sir Robert Francis, Vice-Admiral, 1903-1985.
ELL/100-166 Elliot, Gilbert, First Earl Of Minto (Diplomat), 1751-1814.
ELL/1-10 Elliot, Sir Gilbert, Third Baronet (Treasurer Of The Navy), 1722-1777.
ELL/200-277 Elliot, Gilbert, Second Earl Of Minto (First Lord Of The Admiralty), 1782-1859.
ELL/300-310 Elliot, Hugh (Diplomat), 1752-1830.
ELL/350-352 Elliot, The Hon. William, Lieutenant, D. 1811.
ELL/400-499 Elliot, John, Admiral, 1732-1808.
ELL/500-502 Eliott, George Augustus, General, First Baron Heathfield, 1770-1790.
FFX Fairfax, Rear-Admiral Robert, 1666-1725.
FHR Fisher, Sir William Wordsworth, Admiral, 1875-1937.
FIE Field, Sir Arthur Mostyn, Admiral, 1855-1950.
FIL Fisher And Lilley Families.
FIS Fisher, Reverend George (Astronomer), 1794-1873.
FIT Fitzgerald, John Coghlan, Capt, Ca. 1803-1859.
FLE Fletcher, J. J., 1857-1940.
FLI Flinders, Matthew, Captain, 1774-1814.
FOL Foley, Sir Thomas, Admiral, 1757-1833.
FRE/101-142 Fremantle, The Hon. Sir Edmund Robert, Admiral, 1836-1929.
FRE/1-15 Fremantle, Sir Thomas Francis, Vice-Admiral, 1765-1819.
FRE/201-207 Fremantle, Stephen Grenville, Captain, 1810-1860.
FRE/301-321 Fremantle, Sir Sydney Robert, Admiral, 1867-1958.
FRN Franklin, Sir John, Captain, 1786-1847.
FRR Fraser, Gordon Colquhoun, Captain, 1866-1952.
FSR Fraser, John (Marine Painter), 1858-1927.
FTN Fullerton, Sir Eric John Arthur, Admiral, 1878-1962.
FUL Fuller, Sir Cyril Thomas Moulden, Admiral, 1874-1942.
FXM Fox-Smith, Cicely, Authoress, D.1955.
GAN Ganz, W. H. (Teacher Of Dancing), 1867-Ca. 1946.
GDL Goodsall, Walter (Master Mariner), 1848-Ca. 1900.
GDN Godden, William (Fisherman), Fl. 1812-1854.
GEA Geary, Sir Francis, First Baronet, Admiral, 1709-1796.
GEE Greene, Sir William Graham (Secretary Of The Admiralty), 1857-1950.
GET Greet, Thomas Young, Admiral, 1854-1948.
GNT Grant, F. W. G., Captain, 1905-1994.
GOD Godfrey, John Henry, Admiral, 1888-1971.
GOU Gould, Rupert Thomas, Lieutenant-Commander, 1890-1948.
GOW Gower, Sir Erasmus, Admiral, 1742-1814.
GRE/1-20 Grey, The Hon. Sir George, First Baronet, Captain, 1767-1828.
GRE/3-8 Saxton, Sir Charles, First Baronet, Captain, 1732-1808.
GRI Griffin, Thomas, Admiral, Ca. 1699-1771.
GRN Green Blackwall Collection.
GRO Grohman, Harold Tom Baillie, Vice-Admiral, 1888-1978.
GRT Grant, Samuel (Purser) Fl. 1778-1803.
GRV/101-120 Graves, Thomas, Admiral First Baron Graves, 1725-1802.
GRV/1-9 Graves, Thomas, Rear-Admiral, 1677-1755.
GTN Gretton, Sir Peter William, Vice-Admiral, 1912-1992.
HAM Hamond, Sir Graham Eden, Second Baronet, Admiral Of The Fleet, 1779-1862.
HAR/101-204 Fiott, William Edward, Lieutenant, 1786-1849.
HAR/1-6 Lee, Sir George (Lord Of The Admiralty), 1700-1758.
HAR/301-359 Lee, Doctor John (Lawyer And Scientist), 1783-1866.
HAW/1-11 Hawker, Edward, Admiral, 1782-1860.
HAW/12-13 Boyles, Sir Charles, Vice-Admiral, 1756-1816.
HEN Henderson, Sir William Hannam, Vice-Admiral, 1845-1931.
HEW Hewett, Sir William Nathan Wrighte, Vice-Admiral, 1834-1888.
HIK/101-104 Hickley, John Dennis, Lieutenant, 1862-1895.
HIK/1-6 Hickley, Henry Dennis, Admiral, 1826-1903.
HIL City Line Of Bristol. The Business Records Of James Martin Hilhouse, Hilhouse & Hill, And Charles Hill & Sons, Ltd.
HIN Hinde, Edwin Thomas, Commander, D.1869.
HLD Heald, Doctor Charles Brehmer (Temporary Surgeon), 1882-1974.
HLW Carew, Sir Benjamin Hallowell, Admiral, 1760-1834.
HML Hamilton, Sir William (Diplomat), 1730-1803.
HMM Hammill, Tynte Ford, Captain, 1851-1894.
HMN/1-24 Hamilton, John, Commander (H.E.I.C.), 1763-1837.
HMN/142-144 Montgomerie, Alexander, Commander (H.E.I.C.), 1744-1802.
HMN/25-141 Hamilton, Archibald, Commander (H.E.I.C.), 1778-1848.
HMP Hampshire, Cyril Beaumont, Commander, Ca. 1875-1963.
HND Holland, Cedric Swinton, Vice-Admiral (1889-1950).
HOO Hood, Samuel, Admiral, First Viscount Hood, 1724-1816.
HOW Howe, Richard, Admiral Of The Fleet, First Earl Howe, 1726-1799.
HPE Hope, Charles, Admiral, 1798-1854.
HRD Hereford, Captain Edward William, Fl. 1851-74.
HRS/101-107 Herschel, Sir John Frederick William, First Baronet (Astronomer), 1792-1871.
HRS/1-3 Herschel, Sir William Frederick (Astronomer), 1738-1822.
HSL Henslow, Sir John (Surveyor Of The Navy), 1730-1815.
HSM Horton-Smith, Lionel Graham Horton (Naval Propagandist), 1871-1953.
HTN/101-129 Hamilton, Sir Frederick Tower, Admiral, 1856-1917.
HTN/1-70 Keppel, The Hon. Sir Henry, Admiral Of The Fleet, 1809-1904.
HTN/201-251 Hamilton, Sir Louis Henry Keppel, Admiral, 1892-1957.
HTN/91-94 Hamilton, Henry George, Captain, 1808-1879.
HUL Hulbert, George Redmond (Naval Agent), 1774-1825.
HUS Huskisson, John, Lieutenant-Colonel (Royal Marines), Fl. 1840-1857.
HUS/4- Huskinsson, Thomas, Captain, 1784-1844.
HWK Hawke, Edward, Admiral Of The Fleet, First Baron Hawke, 1705-1781.
ISM Ismay, Margaret, Fl. 1859-1907.
IVR Invernairn, Lady Elspeth, Fl. 1902-1952.
JAC Jackson, Sir Henry Bradwardine, Admiral Of The Fleet, 1855-1928.
JEN Jenkinson, Henry, Rear-Admiral, 1790-1865.
JER Jervis, John, Admiral Of The Fleet, First Earl St. Vincent, 1735-1823.
JOH Johnstone, Charles, Vice-Admiral, 1843-1927.
JON/101-104 Jones-Byrom, William Henry, Commander, 1829-1867.
JON/1-13 Jones, Jenkin, Captain, Ca. 1793-1843.
JRM Jerram, Sir Thomas Henry Martyn, Admiral, 1858-1933.
JRR Jerram, Sir Rowland Christopher, Rear-Admiral, 1890-1981.
KEA Keats, Sir Richard Goodwin, Admiral, 1757-1834.
KEI Elphinstone, George Keith, Admiral, First Viscount Keith, 1746-1823.
KEL/101-120 Kelly, Sir John Donald, Admiral Of The Fleet, 1871-1936.
KEL/1-58 Kelly, Sir William Archibald Howard, Admiral, 1873-1952.
KEN Kennedy, James Branch (Master Mariner), 1816-Ca. 1891.
KEP Keppel, Augustus, Admiral, First Viscount Keppel, 1725-1786.
KER Kerr, Lord Walter, 1839-1927.
KIN Kingsmill, Sir Robert Brice, Admiral, 1730-1805.
KNO Knowles, Joseph Newsam, Acting Commander, 1805-1834?.
LAM Lampen, A. M. D., Cadet, Fl. Ca. 1923.
LAR Larking, Dennis Augustus Hugo, Captain, 1876-1970.
LGH Laughton, John Knox, Professor, 1830-1915.
LAU Laughton, Leonard G. Carr, D. 1956.
LCR Lillicrap, Sir Charles Swift (Director Of Naval Construction), 1887-1966.
LEW Lewis, Thomas, Captain, 1742-1795.
LID Liddon, Matthew, Captain, Ca. 1792-1869.
LIM Limpus, Sir Arthur Henry, Admiral, 1863-1931.
LIS Lister, Francis Allen, Captain, 1902-1972.
LND Lindsay, William Schaw, 1816-1877.
LNE Loraine, Sir Lambton, Eleventh Baronet, Rear-Admiral, 1838-1917.
LOU/101-102 Louis, Sir John, Second Baronet, Admiral, 1785-1863.
LOU/1-99 Louis, Sir Thomas, First Baronet, Rear-Admiral, 1759-1807.
LVG Leveson-Gower, Osbert Charles Gresham, Commander, 1888-1968.
LWN Lewin, Terence, Baron Lewin, Admiral Of The Fleet, 1923-1999.
MAA May, William Edward, Commander, 1899-?.
MAC Maclear, John Fiot Lee Pearse, Admiral, 1838-1907.
MAD Madden, Sir Charles Edward, First Baronet, Admiral Of The Fleet, 1862-1935.
MAL/101-106 Malcolm, Sir Pulteney, Admiral, 1768-1838.
MAL/1-9 Malcolm, Sir Charles, Vice-Admiral, 1782-1851.
MAS Massie, Thomas Leeke, Admiral, 1802-1898.
MAT Marsham-Townshend, Robert, 1834-1914.
MAX Maxwell, William Henry, Admiral, 1840-1920.
MAY May, Sir William Henry, Admiral Of The Fleet, 1849-1930.
MAZ Maze, Sir Frederick, D. 1959.
MCCLU Mcclure, Sir Robert John Le Mesurier, Vice-Admiral, 1807-1873.
MCG Macgregor, John (Canoeist), 1825-1892.
MCK Mckinley, George, Vice-Admiral, Ca. 1760-1852.
MCL McClintock, Sir Francis Leopold, Admiral, 1819-1907.
MDN Madden, Humphrey Page, Commander, 1905-?.
MDT Middleton, Susannah Maria.
MEL/101-103 Dundas, Robert Saunders, Second Viscount Melville (First Lord Of The Admiralty), 1771-1851.
MEL/1-10 Dundas, Henry, First Viscount Melville (First Lord Of The Admiralty), 1742-1811.
MEX Merry, Lieutenant Vernon Charles, 1922-1986.
MEY Meynell, Francis, Lieutenant, 1821-1870.
MGR McGrigor, Rhoderick Robert, Admiral Of The Fleet, 1893-1959.
MGV Mcgivering, John Harold, Lieutenant-Commander, R.N.R., 1923-?.
MIC Michell, Sir Frederick Thomas, Admiral, Ca. 1785-1873.
MID Middleton, Charles, Admiral, First Baron Barham, 1726-1813.
MIL Miller, Charles Blois, Vice-Admiral, 1867-1926.
MKH/101-252 Hood, Sir Samuel, First Baronet, Vice-Admiral, 1762-1814.
MKH/1-36 Hood, Alexander, Captain, 1758-1798.
MKH/501-512 Hood, Alexander, Admiral, First Viscount Bridport, 1726-1814.
MKY Mackay, Doctor Andrew (Astronomer), Ca. 1760-1809.
MLH Mellersh, Arthur, Admiral, 1812-1894.
MLN/101-199 Milne, Sir Alexander, First Baronet, Admiral Of The Fleet, 1806-1896.
MLN/1-42 Milne, Sir David, Admiral, 1763-1845.
MLN/200-233 Milne, Sir Archibald Berkeley, Second Baronet, Admiral, 1855-1938.
MLS Miles, Sir Geoffrey John Audley, Admiral, 1890-1986.
MRB Murray-Browne, Granville, Lieutenant-Commander, D. 1916.
MRK Markham, Sir Albert Hastings, Admiral, 1841-1918.
MRY Marryat, Frederick, Captain, 1792-1848.
MSN Mason, Henry Browne, Commander, 1791-Ca. 1871.
MSS/64/115 Stephens family papers.
MTN Martin, Henry John, Commander, 1841-1876.
MUR Murray, Charles Wadsworth, Sub-Lieutenant, 1894-1945.
NAI Naish, George Prideaux Brabant, 1909-1977.
NAP Napier, Sir Charles, Admiral, 1786-1860.
NAS/101-199 Nares, George, Lieutenant, D. 1905.
NAS/1-99 Nares, Sir George Strong, Vice-Admiral, 1831-1915.
NAS/201-203 Nares, John Dodd, Vice-Admiral, 1877-1957.
NWD/36 Nelson-Ward, Philip, Admiral, 1866-1937.
NEP Nepean, Sir Evan, First Baronet (Secretary To The Admiralty), 1751-1822.
NOE Noel, Sir Gerard Henry Uctred, Admiral Of The Fleet, 1845-1918.
NOR North, Frederick, Paymaster-in-Chief, 1839-1927.
NOS Norris, David Thomas, Admiral, 1875-1937.
NRT North, Olive, Fl. 1915-1930.
OGL/1-6 Ogle, Sir Chaloner, Admiral Of The Fleet, 1681?-1750.
OGL/7-8 Ogle, Sir Chaloner, Admiral, 1727-1816.
OGL/9-15 Ogle, Sir Charles, Admiral Of The Fleet, 1775-1858.
OLI Oliver, Robert Don, Admiral, 1895-1980.
OLV Oliver, Sir Henry Francis, Admiral Of The Fleet, 1865-1965.
OMY Ommanney, Erasmus Denison St. Andrew, Rear-Admiral, Ca. 1853-1936.
ORD Orde, Sir John, First Baronet, Admiral, 1751-1824.
OSB Osborn, Joseph, Captain, 1823-1907.
PAK Pakenham, Edward Michael, Captain, Second Baron Longford, 1743-1792.
PAR Parker, Sir William, First Baronet, Admiral Of The Fleet, 1781-1866.
PCY Peachey, Allan Thomas George Cumberland, Captain, 1896-1967.
PDW/1-3 Whitshed, Sir James Hawkins, Admiral Of The Fleet, 1762-1849.
PDW/4-10 Pollard, Edwin John, Rear-Admiral, 1833-1909.
PEL Pellew, Edward, Admiral, First Viscount Exmouth, 1757-1833.
PER Perceval, George James, Admiral, Sixth Earl Of Egmont, 1794-1874.
PET Peters, Sir Arthur Malcolm, Admiral, 1888-1979.
PGE Page, Benjamin William, Admiral, 1765-1845.
PHI/101-140 Hornby, Sir Geoffrey Thomas Phipps, Admiral Of The Fleet, 1825-1895.
PHI/1-7 Hornby, Sir Phipps, Admiral, 1785-1867.
PHI/201-211 Hornby, Robert Stewart Phipps, Admiral, 1866-1956.
PHI/301-307 Hornby, Windham Mark Phipps, Commander, 1896-1988.
PHI/308-351 Hornby, Phipps, Additional Papers Of Members Of The Family.
PHL Phillimore, Sir Augustus, Admiral, 1822-1897.
PIC Pickford, William, First Baron Sterndale, Judge, 1848-1923.
PKM Pakenham, Sir William Christopher, Admiral, 1861-1933.
PKS/1-5, 101-107 Parks, Murray Thomas, Commander, 1827-1877.
PKS/151-158 Parks, Murray Thomas, Captain, 1862-1932.
PKS/51-54 Parks, Abraham, Lieutenant, D. 1863.
PLL Pell, Sir Watkin Owen, Admiral, 1788-1869.
PLR Palmer, John Linton, Staff Surgeon. Fl. 1848-1874.
PLT Platt, John, Fl. 1780-1832.
POC Pocock, Sir George, Admiral, 1706-1792.
PRR Parr, Alfred Arthur Chase, Admiral, 1849-1914.
PRV Purvis, John Child, Admiral, 1746-1825.
PRY Pryce-Cumby, William, Captain, 1771-1837.
PTR Porter, Sir James, Surgeon Vice-Admiral, 1851-1935.
PUR Purcell-Buret, Theobald John Claud (Master Mariner), 1879-1974.
PWL Pridham-Wippell, Sir Henry Daniel, Admiral, 1885-1952.
RAI/101-112 Rainier, John Sprat, Rear-Admiral, 1777-1822.
RAI/1-12 Rainier, Peter, Admiral, Ca. 1741-1808.
RAI/201-202 Rainier, Peter, Captain, 1784-1836.
RAI/301-311 Rainier, John Harvey, Admiral, 1847-1915.
RAI/401-407 Harvey, Sir Thomas, Vice-Admiral, 1775-1841.
RCE Rice, William Mcpherson (Master Shipwright), Ca. 1799-1853.
RIC Richmond, Sir Herbert William, Admiral, 1871-1946.
ROB Roberts, John Charles Gawen, Admiral, 1787-1874.
ROD Roddam, Robert, Admiral, 1719-1808.
ROD/2-17 Roddam Papers.
ROW Rowley, Sir Charles, First Baronet, Admiral, 1770-1845.
SAL Salmon, Sir Nowell, Admiral of the Fleet, 1835-1912.
SAN/1-6&F&T&V Papers relating to John Montagu, Fourth Earl Of Sandwich (First Lord Of The Admiralty), 1718-1792.
SAN/A Papers relating to Edward Montagu, First Earl of Sandwich, 1656-1669.
SCC Scott, William Dundas (Shipbuilder), 1846-1924.
SCL Seymour, Frederick Beauchamp Paget First Baron Alcester, 1821-1895, and Sinclair, Sir Hugh Francis Paget, Admiral, 1873-1939.
SCO Scott, Reverend Doctor Alexander John (Chaplain, Royal Navy).
SCT Scott, Sir James, Admiral, Ca. 1790-1872.
SER Sergison, Charles (Clerk Of The Acts), 1654-1732.
SHI Shirreff, William Henry, Rear-Admiral, 1785-1847.
SHP Sharpe, Philip Ruffle, Vice-Admiral, 1831-1892.
SIS Sisson, James Joseph Lawson, Commander, 1846-1883.
SMD Smith-Dorrien, Arthur Hale, Rear-Admiral, 1856-1933.
SMI Smithett, Sir Luke (Master, Packet Service), Ca. 1800-1871.
SMT Smith, Sir William Sidney, Admiral, 1764-1840.
SPN/11- Shipton, Francis Henry Eldred, Lieutenant-Commander, Fl. 1877-1881.
SPN/1-10 Shipton, James Maurice, Lieutenant, Fl. 1803-1815.
SPR Spratt, Thomas Abel Brimage, Vice-Admiral, 1811-1888.
STE Stephenson, Thomas, Captain, 1741-1809.
STH Smith, Edgar Charles, Engineer Captain, 1872-1957.
STK Stokes, John Lort, Admiral, 1812-1885.
STO/101-109 Stopford, Robert Fanshawe, Admiral, 1811-1891.
STO/201-202 Stopford, Sir Montagu, Vice-Admiral, 1798-1864.
STO/301-302 Robert Neville Stopford, Commander, 1888-1949.
STP Stephenson, Sir Henry Frederick, Admiral, 1842-1919.
STR Rees, William Stokes, Admiral, 1853-1929.
STT Stewart, Archibald Thomas, Commander, 1876-1968.
STV/1-3 Steevens, Charles, Rear-Admiral, 1705-1761.
SWT/101-106 Stewart, Sir William Houston, Admiral, 1822-1901.
TAI Tait, Sir William Eric Campbell, Admiral, 1886-1946.
TEN Tennant, Sir William George, Admiral, 1890-1963.
THM Thompson Family.
THO Thompson, Sir Charles, First Baronet, Vice-Admiral, Ca. 1740-1799.
THU/101-113 Thursfield, Henry George, Rear-Admiral, 1882-1963.
THU/1-2 Thursfield, Sir James Richard (Journalist) 1840-1923.
THY Thursby, Sir Cecil Fiennes, Admiral, 1861-1936.
TID Tiddeman, Richard, Captain, Ca. 1702-1762.
TIZ Tizard, Thomas Henry, Captain, 1839-1924.
TRO/100-128 Troubridge, Sir Edward Thomas, Rear-Admiral, Second Baronet, 1787-1852.
TRO/1-3 Troubridge, Sir Thomas, First Baronet, Ca. 1758-1807.
TRO/200-204 Troubridge, Sir Thomas St. Vincent Hope Cochrane, Brevet Colonel, 3rd Baronet, 1815-1867.
TRO/250-258 Troubridge And Cochrane Family Papers, 1800-1900.
TRO/300-301 Troubridge, Sir Ernest Charles Thomas, Admiral, 1862-1926.
TRO/350-351 Troubridge, Sir Thomas Herbert Cochrane, Fourth Baronet, 1860-1938.
TRO/400-407 Troubridge, Sir Thomas Hope, Vice-Admiral, 1895-1949.
TUC Tucker Family.
TUP Tupper, Charles George De Beauvoir, Lieutenant, 1872-1893.
TYL Tyler, Sir Charles, Admiral, 1760-1835.
UPN Upton, Henry, Commander (H.E.I.C.) , B. 1769.
VER/2-3 Vernon, Sir Edward, Admiral, 1723-1794.
VER/A Vernon, Edward, Admiral, 1684-1757.
VHM Hamilton, Sir Richard Vesey, Admiral, 1829-1912.
VIV Vivian, Gerald William, Captain, 1869-1921.
WAT Waters, George Alexander, Captain, 1820-1903.
WDG/101-201 Waldegrave, George Granville, Admiral, Second Baron Radstock, 1786-1857.
WDG/1-16 Waldegrave, William, Admiral, First Baron Radstock, 1753-1825.
WDR/100-112 Woodriff, John Robert, Commander, 1790-1868.
WDR/1-14 Woodriff, Daniel, Captain, 1756-1842.
WDR/400-503 Woodriff, Allan Robert, Lieutenant, 1846-1876.
WEB Webley-Parry, William Henry, Rear-Admiral, 1764-1837.
WEM Wemyss, Edward William Elphinstone, Vice-Admiral, 1866-1938.
WHI White, Arnold (Journalist), 1848-1925.
WHR Whittaker, Jack Kilner, Captain R.N.V.R., 1892-1979.
WHW Whitworth, James, Fl. 1812.
WIG Wigram, Sir Robert, First Baronet, (Shipbuilder), 1744-1830.
WIL Wilkinson, William, Commander, 1777-1857.
WKR Walker, Thomas & Richard, Manufacturers & Merchants Of Manchester.
WKR/2/1-9 Walker, Henry, Lieutenant, Ca. 1788-1849.
WKR/3 Walker, William Wallace.
WMS Williams, Hamilton, Fl. 1877-1905.
WRE/101-104 Greive, William Samuel, Vice-Admiral, Ca. 1830-1892.
WRE/1-16 Wrey, William Bourchier Sherard, Captain, 1865-1926.
WTS Waters, David W., Lieutenant-Commander.
WYN/101-109 Pole, Sir Charles Morice, First Baronet, Admiral Of The Fleet, 1757-1830.
WYN/1-20 Penn, Sir William, Admiral, 1621-1670.
YAT Yates, James Alfred, 1852-1941.
YOR Yorke, Charles Philip (First Lord Of The Admiralty), 1764-1834.
YUL Yule, Annie Henrietta, Lady, D. 1950.

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