Parr Papers at the National Maritime Museum

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A list of the papers of Admiral Alfred A. C. Parr in the possession of the National Maritime Museum, Greenwich.


Log of HMS VICTORIA kept by AAC Parr, Midshipman. Enclosure - watercolour and pen and ink of two ships in sail with two rowing boats at sea.


Log of HMS MINOTAUR, 8 August - 29 December 1867 and HMS PYLADES, 30 December 1867 - 26 March 1869 kept by AAC Parr, Midshipman. Enclosures -watercolour and pen and ink of three ships in sail (broadside) with an island (volcano?) in the background; watercolour and pen and ink of a ship with sails reefed (broadside), flying the Union Jack and the White Ensign.


'Journal and Remark Book' kept by AAC Parr, HMS ZEALOUS, HMS REVENGE and HMS HERCULES.


Diary kept by AAC Parr from the 1875-1876 Arctic Expedition, including observations made.


Bound journal of reports and observations kept by AAC Parr during the 1875-1876 Arctic Expedition, HMS ALERT. Enclosure - printed sheet of readings for Latitude 70oN-89oN, March or September.


"To be completed."


'Journals and Proceedings of the Arctic Expedition 1875-1876 - Under the Command of Captain Sir George S. Nares, RN, KCB', as presented to Parliament in 1877.


Printed chart - 'Arctic Expedition 1875-1876 HM ships ALERT and DISCOVERY, Captains GS Nares, ERS, and HF Stephenson, RN', showing the Northern shores of Greenland.


Memorandum from Captain GS Nares to Lieutenant AAC Parr, Arctic Expedition, HMS ALERT at Winter Quarters, regarding Parr's command of HM Sledge VICTORIA under the orders of Commander Markham.


"To be completed."


Bill, 'A Millar & Co, Plumbers, Painters & General Contractors, Hong Kong' for Commander Parr, HMS INCONSTANT.

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