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A list of the papers of Rear-Admiral Royer Mylius Dick in the possession of the National Maritime Museum, London.


Handwritten transcripts, letters and magazine cuttings relating to Dick's early career, including the Battle of the Falklands.


Reports, certificates and exam papers for Dick as a cadet, Midshipman and Acting Lieutenant. Also letters reports, photographs and newspaper cuttings from time served on HMS Carnarvon.


Official report, newspaper cuttings and transcripts of reminiscences relating to the Battle of the Falklands and early career. Also collected transcripts of Dick's letters, July-December 1919 and Handwritten notes for a lecture entitled, "NATO, the Bulwark of the West."


Official fleet orders, etc, 1914-39. Also letters regarding the Navy's refusal to pay Dick's medical costs, 1936-48.


Typewritten account of the battle of Jutland written by Dick while serving as a Midshipman.


Newspaper cuttings relating to the battle of Jutland.


Official fleet orders, ship's schedules, signals, naval maps, letters and photographs relating to Dick's time aboard HMS Attentive while involved in operations around the area of Archangel in North Russia. Also a copy of "First Aid in Russian", a phrase book issued to ship's companies at this time.


Exam papers, pass certificates, letters and photographs relating to Dick's time as an Officer Cadet at Cambridge. Also a newspaper cutting of published results for the Cambridge Course for Naval Officers.


Official orders, etc, during time served as a Lieutenant on HMS Tiger, 1919-21. Also a handwritten transcript of an essay entitled, "Staff Organisation of Naval Landing Force", a photograph of the Commander-in-Chief's meeting prior to the Athens negotiations (1941) and various newspaper cuttings, 1946-81.


Official fleet orders, etc, for time served aboard HMS Southhampton in the East Indies Squadron, 1921-23. Also programmes to functions attended during this time, plus photographs and newspaper cuttings relating to this period in the East Indies.


Four folders containing enclosures from a scrapbook including official fleet orders, ship's schedules, letters to Dick, as well as programmes to functions he attended. Present also is a photograph of the winners trophy for the 1925 Naval Golf Tournament at Hyeres. DCK/11/5 contains the now empty scrapbook from which these enclosures were taken.


Official fleet orders, ship's schedules, signals, etc, including Mediterranean Fleet Spring Cruise orders,February-March 1928, instructions for HMS Frobisher's visit to Algiers, April 1928 and orders for Exercise"D.P." October 1930. Also present are programmes for functions attended, letters, photographs and newspaper cuttings, all relating to this period.


School certificates for Tim Dick (Son), letters 1921-52, Order of Service for Dick's first marriage and printed newsheet, "Daily Mirror News Bulletin", 1926.


Official naval signals regarding the Prince of Wales' visit to HMS Queen Elizabeth, August 1932, plus a programme for the same visit of the Prince of Wales and Prince George to the Mediterranean fleet, together with photographs of the occasion. Also present are letters, 1929-80 and a souvenir brochure, "Coronation Review of the Fleet by Her Majesty the Queen at Spithead on Monday 15th June 1953."


Official naval signals, 1931-43, typewritten reports of ports visited, programmes for events attended, letters to Dick as a Lieutenant-Commander and a Naval Permit to visit the North of Scotland Special Military Area, December 1916. Also present are newpaper cuttings, 1933-45, photgraphs of Dick's early career, a souvenir brochure, "Streete Court School, 1894-1944", and a Japanese colour print of a seventeenth century sailing vessel.


Official naval signals, 1932-48, newspaper cuttings mentiong Dick, 1943-67 and photographs of Dick with Admiral Sir Andrew Cunningham, and of negotiations with Greece at Cairo, 1941-43


Letters to Dick as Captain, Commodore and Admiral, 1932-67, typed and handwritten speech notes, promotional flyer for HMS BELFAST, 1982 and a photograph of unidentified British and U.S. officers.


  • DCK/18/1 contains Scrapbook containing photographs, crew lists, naval telegrams, etc, 1930s.
  • DCK/18/2-10 contains ifficial orders, schedules, etc, for HMS DAINTY, 1937. Letters to Dick while serving on HMS DAINTY, 1936-38. Ticket to the Royal Silver Jubilee, 1937. Orders of Service for the Pre-Coronation and Coronation services, 1937. Programmes for functions attended, plus newpaper cuttings and photographs regarding HMS DAINTY.


Official notifications of advancement, 1938-44. Letters, 1936-39. Naval identity card. Chinese propaganda material. Newspaper cuttings mentioning Dick's Promotions. Photographs of friends and HMS Warspite.


Typewritten transcript, "Mediterranean Fleet Narratives", a chronicle of operations in the Mediterranean, 1939-40. Typewritten transcript, "Summaries of Some of the Major Operations Involving the Mediterranean Fleet", a chronicle of operations in the mediterranean, 1940-41.


Typewritten transcript of Dick's defence of the accused at the court-martial of Captain Grindle, 1944. Letter with enclosed poem. Collection of naval telegrams found amusing by Dick, 1939-43. Comic pencil sketches. Newspaper cuttings.


Letters to Dick, including some from Admiral Sir Andrew Cunningham, 1940-75. Handwritten notes for a speech on the surrender of the Italian Fleet. Newspaper cuttings relating to Cunningham, 1943-63.


Typewritten transcript of speech, "Talk to the French Naval Staff College on the Battle of Cape Matapan." Typewritten transcript of essay, "Fighting Experience", regarding Matapan. Newspaper cuttings relating to the battle of Matapan.


Official instructions for the movement of the Italian fleet, post-armistice, 1943. Letters requesting research information with regards to a planned attack on Rome, and newspaper cuttings and photographs of the surrender of the Italian fleet.


Typewritten transcript of essay, "The End of the Beginning", relating to the part played by the Royal Navy in the North African Landings of 1942.


Letters relating to the recording of interviews for the National Maritime Museum. Letters relating to the British Maritime Charitable Organisation. Letters requesting contributions to a fund-raising book for the King Georges Fund for Sailors. Letters requesting information on the Sicily landings. A printed card of a poem which Cunningham had in his house and a photograph of Dick, Cunningham and Eisenhower.


Official orders, seniority lists, et, 1944-45. Letters during time as Captain of HMS Belfast, 1944-46. Official papers, reports, etc, regagrding the British Commonwealth Relations Conference, 1945. Programmes, invitations, etc, for functions attended, 1944-45. Newpaper cuttings and photographs relating to HMS Belfast, 1944-45.


Official issue "Navy Pay and Identity Book", containing leave granted, uniform issued, etc. Issued 4 April 1944 and dated until 19 November 1951.


Typewritten itinerary for HMS Belfast, 1946. Typewritten list of special service and continual service ratings on HMS Belfast. Letters and pamphlets relating to the fund-raising activities of the HMS Belfast Trust, 1971-78. Programmes, etc, for places visited with HMS Belfast, 1945-46. Transcripts and cuttings of newspaper articles regarding the visits of HMS Belfast, 1946. Newpaper cuttings relating to HMS Befast's journey to London, 1971. Photographs of HMS Belfast and the places she visited.


Official schedules, reports, etc, for time in NATO as Standing Group Liason Officer, 1952-54. Letters to Dick as Standing Group Liason Officer, 1952-54. Typewritten transcripts of lectures, "Naval Strength and its Employment" and "The Higher Politico/Military Structure of NATO", plus notes. Copy of the "Journal of the Royal United Services Institute for Defence Studies", including a book review by Dick, plus notes. Programmes, etc, for functions attended. Newpaper cuttings and photographs relating to this period.


Typewritten transcript of lecture, "The Admiralty Naval Staff", plus typewritten notes. Typewitten essay, "The Navy and its Reserves."Newspapers cuttings of Churchill's article on Narvik. Printed diagrams, "Admiralty Organisation" and "Diagram of Naval Staff."


Letters to Dick as Director, Tactical and Staff Duties Division, 1947-50. Typewritten transcript of artivle, "The return of HMS Belfast." Photographs of various ships and people.


Letters, 1951. Ticket to Dick's investiture of his C.B. Programmes for functions attended. Certificate for Crossing the Line Ceremony in HMS Belfast. Handwritten speech notes in French. Newspaper cuttings and photographs relating to this period.


Letters to Dick as Chief of Staff to Flag Officer, Western Union at Fountainbleu, 1948-51. Official programme/schedule, "Western Union Naval Exercises",1949. Programmes, etc, for functions attended, 1922-50. List of officers plus addresses. Typewritten essay in French. Newspaper cuttings, 1908-50. Photgraphs relating to this period.


Official orders, schedules, etc, for time in command of the Training Squadron, 1951-52. Programmes for functions attended, 1946-52. Ink and watercolour characature of a naval officer, signed "PAFF", 1928. Copies of "Up Spirits-HMS Indefatigable Magazine" for 1951 and 1953. Newspaper cuttings and photographs relating to this period.


Notes for Naval Luncheon speech, 1964. Hand/typewritten reminiscences and travel writing. List of principal NATO personnel, 1954-55. Letters requesting information for research. Printed pamphlet, "The influence of History on Seapower: The Royal Navy and the Lessons of 1914-1918" by Arthur Marder, 1972. Newspaper cuttings, 1964-75.


Letters from and relating to Earl Mountbatten, 1954-82. Newspaper cuttings relating to Mountbatten, 1980. Photograph of the crew of HMS Queen Elizabeth.


Correspondence between Dick and Air Chief Marshall P.M. Sanders regarding Dick's forthcoming lecture. Typewritten transcripts of different drafts of lecture, "Problems of Allied Command", plus handwritten notes.


Private letters.


Private letters, Correspondence between Dick and the Sunday Telegraph regarding Dick's exception to an article on Cunningham, 1977. Newspaper cutting of obituaries.


Letters, photographs and newspaper cuttings regarding Dick's invitation to dinner with President Eisenhower, 1959.


Typewritten transcript, "Some Cuban Impressions", plus notes, 1969. Letters regarding Dick's visit to Cuba. Newspaper cuttings relating to Cuba. Souvenir brochure, "President Eisenhower's Visit to Britain: August - September 1959."


Typewritten schedule, guest list, etc, for Dick's visit to Malta for the unveiling of a memorial to Cunningham, 1967. Official papers of the Cunningham Memorial Fund. Orders of Service for the unveiling ceromonies of the London and Malta memorials to Cunningham. Newspaper cuttings relating to the London and Malta ceremonies. Photographs of the London and Malta Ceremonies.


Handwritten notes for speeches and book reviews. Typewritten transcript of lecture, "The Navy's Part in the North African Campaign." Letters regarding research inquiries. Newspaper cuttings of published book reviews by Dick. Miscellaneous photographs.


Letter from Earl Mountbatten, 1974. Notes on Mountbatten's career. Letter regarding a donation to the Mountbatten Memorial Trust. Order of Service for Mountbatten;'s Funeral, 1979. Newspaper cuttings regarding Mountbatten's funeral.


Handwitten notes for book reviews. Typewritten transcripts of book reviews for journal of "The Royal United Services Institute for Defense Studies." Letter regarding an interview with German television. Newspaper cuttings-various.


Handwritten transcript of recorded interview with Dick by D. Proctor and P. Sugg of the National Maritime Museum, 1986. Typewritten copy of above transcript.


  • DCK/48/1-6 contains: Typewritten internal publication, "History of Allied Command Force Headquarters", in 5 volumes, published in 1944. Volumes arranged as ‘Part 1, Aug- Dec 1942; Part 2, Dec 1942- Dec 1943, Section 1; Section 2; Section 3; Section 4. Typewritten internal publication, "Fuehrer Conferences on Naval Affairs, 1942", published in 1947.
  • DCK/488/7-17 contains: Three Typewritten internal publications, “Fuehrer Conferences on Naval Affairs”, 1943, 1944 and 1945, published in 1947. Printed report, "Report of Royal Commissioner on Loss of HMAS Voyager", 1964. Official orders, "Visit of Their Royal Highnesses, The Prince of Wales and The Prince George to the Mediterranean Fleet. August, 1932." Typewritten report, "Movement and Transport Committee. Note by the Committee on Departmental Comments and Criticisms of their Report Dated 25 December 1944." Typewritten report, "Report on Admiralty Organisation for the Movement and Transportation of Personnel and Freight." Souvenir brochure for the second commission of HMS Dainty, 1959-60. Souvenir brochure, "Crossing the Line in HMS Southampton", 1922. Invitation to Mountbatten's funeral. Photographs of various ships served in.

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