Elkins Papers at the National Maritime Museum

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A list of the papers of Vice-Admiral Sir Robert Francis Elkins in the possession of the National Maritime Museum, London.


Midshipman's journal, Atlantic Fleet: Hood Jan 1921-Apr 1922, Wryneck Apr-May 1922, Wild Swan May-Aug 1922 and Hood Aug 1922-Jun 1923


Reports and notes on the Invergordon incident (mutiny) 1931 and letters 1966-67 from Captain Stephen Roskill who used the material for reference


Wartime 'line-book' 1938-42 relating mainly to the escape of Elkins and Capt Leslie Hulls from a prisoner of war camp 1940, also some letters received after the event written both to Mrs and Cdr Elkins mostly enquiries about missing relatives 1940-42


Wartime 'line-book' 1940-44 relating to Elkins' command of the Renown 1940-42 including a few letters from Sir James Somerville and a section concerning Elkins' appointment to Bath as A.D.N.O. 1942-44


Wartime 'line-book' 1944-46 with additional material relating back to the war 1950-54, Elkins' command of the DIDO and the courts-martial proceedings arising from the loss of the submarines Seal and Oswald


Copy of the official report on the events of 8-26 Jun 1940 concerning Elkins and Leslie Hulls' escape from St Valery-en-Caux and crossing of the Channel in the yawl CYPRIS, and loose papers included in the report 1947 concerning the disposal of CYPRIS


First draft of Elkins' memoirs, not dated


A selection of sea shanties arranged for orchestra, not dated


Details of arrangements for Royal Occasions, Elkins as usher at the Royal Wedding 1947, at the Silver Wedding Thanksgiving Service 1948, commanding the Naval Gun Crew at the Funeral of King George VI 1952


Letters received and some news-cuttings relating to Len Wincott's visit to England in 1974, the publications of his book and Elkins' television interview and remarks to the press


'Aftermath of the Invergordon Mutiny', a report with a copy and a covering letter written by Elkins to Cdr H Pursey in 1975


Facsimile copy of the 'Times' 7 Nov 1805


Cutting from the 'Times' 16 Nov 1981 regarding the retirement of US Admiral Hyman G. Rickover.

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