Brent Papers at the National Maritime Museum

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The papers of Vice-Admiral Harry W. Brent in the possession of the National Maritime Museum.


Papers relating to naval service from Feb 1850-Jun 1879 including certificates, commissions, orders and correspondence from the Admiralty ordering Brent to produce the 'Signal Book of the Fleet and the arrangemets for the lighting of H.M.'s ships' and to revise the 'Manual of Fleet Evolution', 1874.


Papers relating to naval service from Aug 1879-Jul 1887 including certificates, commissions, orders and correspondence notably from Marquess of Ripon and Viceroy of India trying to persuade Brent not to resign his position as Director of Indian Marine, 8 Aug 1882.


Ship's orderbook from HMS BELLEROPHON 11 Jun 1867-11 Aug 1870 when Brent was commander.


Official documents bound in book form relating to troop ship HIMALAYA 1879-81 containing various documents relating to Capt Brent's commission on the HIMALAYA 12 Aug 1878 (see BNT/1), a schedule of complement 1874, a booklet 'HMS HIMALAYA, Rules, Regulations and Duties of Troops whilst on Board' , sailing orders received by Capt Brent 1879-81 from the Admiralty, copies of letters and memos received on HMS HIMALAYA 14 Aug 1879-24 Feb 1881 and letters out from HIMALAYA mostly by Brent.


Midshipman's logbook kept on board HMS MONARCH 26 Jan 1886-1 Feb 1887, inscribed on the front cover is 'This is to certify that Mr Harry Dacres Menzie Brent Naval Cadet joined HMS MONACH, his first sea-going ship on the 25th day of January 1886' and the signature of Capt E J Church (it is probably the log of Vice-Adm H W Brent's son).

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