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Admiral Henry Lancelot Mawbey, C.B., C.V.O., Royal Navy, Retired (17 June, 1870 – 4 June, 1933) was an officer of the Royal Navy.


Life & Career

Before joining the Navy, Mawbey was educated at Cordwalles, a private school in Maidenhead.[1]

Mawbey was appointed Flag Lieutenant to Rear-Admiral Frederick C. B. Robinson, Commander-in-Chief on the East Indies Station, on 26 February, 1891.[2]

Mawbey was promoted to the rank of Commander on 26 June, 1902.[3]

He was promoted to the rank of Captain on 31 December, 1907.[4]

He was appointed in command of the first class protected cruiser Endymion on 1 October, 1908.[5]

On 10 July 1911, Mawbey was appointed in command of the new light cruiser Dartmouth.[6]

He was appointed in command of the pre-dreadnought Dominion on 7 February, 1914.[7]

Great War

On 11 April, 1917, Mawbey was appointed in command of the dreadnought Agincourt..[8]

When informed that one of his Sub-Lieutenants, E. S. Brand, had been requested to commission H.M.S. Valiant, Mawbey summoned the young man and after being told that he intended to take up the appointment, he told Brand: "I hope you have a bloody rotten time there and if you do, don't blame me, blame Forbes-Semphill!"[9][10]


Mawbey was promoted to the rank of Rear-Admiral on 10 February, 1919, vice Boyle.[11] He was appointed Rear-Admiral Commanding the Nore Reserve on 17 March, 1919.[12]

On 5 June, 1920, he was appointed a Companion in the Civil Division of the Most Honourable Order of the Bath (C.B.) on the occasion of the King's birthday.[13]

On 22 March, 1922, Mawbey was appointed Commander in the Royal Victorian Order dated 16 March.[14]

He was placed on the Retired List at his own request on 26 September, 1924.[15] He was advanced to the rank of Admiral on the Retired List on 5 April, 1928.[16]


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Service Records

Naval Appointments
Preceded by
James C. Ley
Captain of H.M.S. Endymion
1 Oct, 1908[17]
Succeeded by
Arthur G. Smith
Preceded by
New Command
Captain of H.M.S. Dartmouth
10 Jul, 1911[18]
Succeeded by
Judge D'Arcy
Preceded by
Joseph R. Bridson
Captain of H.M.S. Dominion
7 Feb, 1914[19]
Succeeded by
Adolphus H. Williamson
Preceded by
Henry M. Doughty
Captain of H.M.S. Agincourt
11 Apr, 1917[20]
Succeeded by
R. Cecil Hamilton
Preceded by
A. Thomas Hunt
Rear-Admiral Commanding, Nore Reserve
17 Mar, 1919[21]
Succeeded by
Vivian H. G. Bernard


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