H.M.S. Caterham (1919)

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H.M.S. Caterham (1919)
Pendant Number: T.80 (Jul 1919)
T.07 (Nov 1919)[1]
Builder: Bow, McLachlan & Company[2]
Ordered: mid 1917[3]
Launched: 6 Mar, 1919[4]
Commissioned: 4 Dec, 1919[5]
Sold: 26 Apr, 1935[6]
H.M.S. Caterham was one of one hundred and fourteen Hunt Class minesweepers completed for the Royal Navy.


Caterham re-commissioned with Reserve crew at Portsmouth on 4 December, 1919.[7]

In January, 1921, she was part of the Portsmouth Navigation School with reserve complement, one of three Hunt class minesweepers supporting Dryad.[8]


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