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Admiral Frank Jack Fletcher (April 29, 1885 – April 25, 1973) served in the United States Navy, rising to the rank of Admiral in carrier operations in World War II.

Life & Career

Frank Jack Fletcher was the nephew of Frank F. Fletcher.[1]

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  • Reynolds, Clark G. (2002). Famous American Admirals. First Naval Institute Press reprint ed. Annapolis, MD: Naval Institute Press.

Service Records

Naval Appointments
Preceded by
Herbert H. Michael
Captain of U.S.S. Dale
4 Apr, 1910[Citation needed] – 20 Apr, 1912
Succeeded by
James L. Oswald
Preceded by
John C. Cunningham
Captain of U.S.S. Chauncey
18 Apr, 1912 – 21 Dec, 1912
Succeeded by
Richard Hill
Preceded by
Jesse B. Gay
Captain of U.S.S. Benham
May, 1918[2]
Succeeded by
Alfred W. Atkins
Preceded by
New Command
Captain of U.S.S. Gridley
8 Mar, 1919
Succeeded by
Preceded by
Frank Hardeman Brumby
Captain of U.S.S. New Mexico
Jun, 1936[3]
Succeeded by


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