U.S.S. Dale (1900)

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U.S.S. Dale (1900)
Hull Number: DD-4
Builder: W. R. Trigg[1]
Laid down: 12 Jul, 1899[2]
Launched: 24 Jul, 1900[3]
Commissioned: 20 Nov, 1902[4]
Decommissioned: 9 Jul, 1919[5]
Stricken: 15 Sep, 1919[6]
U.S.S. Dale was one of five Bainbridge class destroyers completed for the U.S. Navy.


Dale was launched 24 July 1900 by W. R. Trigg, Richmond, Va., sponsored by Miss M. H. Wilson.


Dale was placed in reserve commission on 24 October, 1902, with Lieutenant Harry E. Yarnell in command. After outfitting at Norfolk she was place into full commission on 13 February, 1903, with Lieutenant Hutch I. Cone in command.

Assigned to the North Atlantic Fleet, Dale was one of five destroyers comprising the First Torpedo Flotilla on the Atlantic coast, taking part in a fleet search problem conducted off Maine, and passing before President Roosevelt in review off Oyster Bay on 17 August, 1903.

The First Torpedo Flotilla, convoyed by the auxiliary cruiser Buffalo, cleared Norfolk on 12 December, 1903 and sailed to the Asiatic Station by way of the Mediterranean and the Suez Canal. Arriving at Cavite, Philippine Islands, on 14 April, 1904. After arrival, Dale cruised in the islands and on the coast of China until placed out of commission in reserve at Cavite on 5 December, 1905.

She recommissioned 10 July, 1907 she remained on duty with the Asiatic Fleet, cruising to Japan and China, engaging in torpedo and battle practice and maneuvers with the flotilla, guarding and inspecting the target range at Cavite, and transporting mail and passengers.

World War I

After United States entered the conflict, Dale patrolled the entrance to Manila Bay from 30 June to 1 August, 1917, then sailed to join U.S. Patrol Squadrons based on Gibraltar, arriving on 20 October, 1917. She patrolled and escorted convoys in the eastern Mediterranean until the end of the war. Departing Gibraltar on 8 December, 1918, Dale arrived at Charleston, S.C., 12 January, 1919. She was decommissioned at Philadelphia Navy Yard on 9 July, 1919, and sold 3 January, 1920.


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