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The Naval Review was a printed publication of The Naval Society, intended to "encourage thought and discussion on such subjects as strategy, tactics, naval operations, staff work, ... and any other topic affecting the fighting efficiency of the Navy...". Its first volume was produced in 1913 and it continues to this day.

The Naval Society

The Society was founded in 1912. It membership, at least initially, was reserved to officers of the rank of Lieutenant and above in the Royal Navy, and the other armed services of Great Britain, Canada and Australia, as well as some affiliated arms of government. The brotherhood did not include the Americans.

Publication was to be four editions per annual volume, but the Great War caused some years to have just one or two editions. Actual distribution of the Review during the war ceased for security reasons, but the submissions collected during the war were published in 1919.


The Review's website lists its editors.

  • Admiral William H. Henderson, 1913 – February 1931
  • Admiral Sir Richard Webb, May 1931 – November 1949
  • Admiral Sir Gerald C. Dickens, May 1950 – February 1954
  • Vice Admiral Sir Aubrey Mansergh, August, 1954 – July, 1972
  • Vice Admiral Sir Ian McGeoch, October, 1972 – July, 1979
  • Rear Admiral John Nunn, October, 1979 - July, 1983
  • Rear Admiral Richard Hill, October, 1983 – October, 2002
  • Vice Admiral Sir Jeremy Blackham, January 2003 –

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