Admiral Ushakov (1893)

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Admiral Ushakov (1893)
Builder: New Admiralty Shipyards[1]
Laid down: 1892
Launched: Nov, 1893[2]
Commissioned: 1895[3]
Sunk: 28 May, 1905

Admiral Ushakov was the lead ship in the Admiral-Ushakov class armoured warships, or coastal battleships. She was named after Admiral Ushakov, an 18th century naval hero.

Service Life

Admiral Ushakov was part of the Baltic Fleet at the beginning of the Russo-Japanese War. The Ushakov was chosen to form part of Admiral Nebogatoff's Third Pacific Squadron which was sent out to reinforce Rozhesvensky on his journey to the Far East.

The ship was obsolete and was not considered suitable for a voyage to the Pacific, however the Admiralty insisted on including Ushakov and her sisters to bolster their force. The Third Pacific Squadron also included the two other ships of the class - General Admiral Graf Apraksin and Admiral Seniavin. Journeying via the Suez canal and across the Indian Ocean, they linked up with Rozhestvensky's off Cam Rahn Bay, Indochina, and proceded together to the Straits of Tsushima.

At the Battle of Tsushima, on 27-28 May 1905, the Ushakov was separated from Nebogatoff during the night and fought to the last. She was twice hit below the water line and once above, the blazing wreck being scuttled on the evening of May 28th.


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Admiral Ushakov Class Coast Defence Battleship
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