S.M.S. Reka (1909)

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S.M.S. Reka (1909)
Builder: Ganz Danubius & Company, FiumeTemplate:GregerAHWarshipsAHWarships
Laid down: 13 Aug, 1908Template:GregerAHWarshipsAHWarships
Launched: 28 Apr, 1909Template:GregerAHWarshipsAHWarships
Commissioned: 31 Dec, 1909Template:GregerAHWarshipsAHWarships
Broken up: 1920Template:GregerAHWarshipsAHWarships
Fate: France
S.M.S. Reka was one of 13 destroyers of the Huszar class.


Dates of appointment are provided when known.

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