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Lieutenant Percy Strickland, (4 July, 1890 – 31 May, 1916) served in the Royal Navy.

Life & Career

Strickland was appointed to the light cruiser Dublin as navigating officer on 22 May, 1916. This placed him aboard, and on the bridge during the Battle of Jutland. His captain, Albert Charles Scott's report of the battle described events at 4.56pm as follows:

2nd Light Cruiser Squadron under very heavy shell fire from enemy's Battle Fleet, salvoes falling very close, but the ship did not receive a direct hit, although many pieces of 12-in. shell came inboard, the Navigating Officer, Lieutenant Percy Strickland, being hit by a small piece which did no harm. He was standing by my side at the time, on the Upper Bridge.

This would seem quite fortunate, to be struck by a 12-in shell fragment that did no harm. Alas, in Lt. Strickland's case, luck would be tested again. At 10.45pm he was struck a second time by fire and died. Dublin's only other deaths during the battle were a pair of signalmen.

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