Vickers F.T.P. Fire Control Instruments

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After an initial effort with some dial instruments Vickers manufactured a variety of Step-by-Step Fire Control Instruments incorporating the "follow-the-pointer" principle.

Mark I

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  • HFCI Plate 11 Mark I FTP diagram
  • HFCI Plate 12 Mark I FTP tx

Mark II

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  • HFCI Plate 13 Mark II FTP diagram
  • HFCI Plate 14 Mark II FTP tx+rx

Mark III

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  • HFCI Plate 15 Mark III FTP
  • HFCI Plate 16 Mark III FTP details

These differed from Mark II by having the receiver not be part of the sight, rendering it cheaper and simpler in construction, and the transmitter did not have a sight dial as a tell-tale; simply a drum transmitter and repeat receiver.[1]

Mark III*

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The transmitters of the Mark III* devices could use Cross-connecting Gear by virtue of their wheel gearing.[2]

Mark IV*

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