U.S.S. Justin (1890)

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U.S.S. Justin (1890)
Hull Number: None
Builder: Raylton Dixon[1]
Purchased: 23 Apr, 1898[2]
Launched: 23 Dec, 1890[3]
Commissioned: 27 Apr, 1898[4]
Decommissioned: 20 Dec, 1915[5]
Stricken: 31 Dec, 1915[6]
Sold: 17 Feb, 1916[7]
U.S.S. Justin was a steam schooner purchased by the U.S. Navy in 1898 and used as a collier.


This article includes text from the public domain Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships

Justin was launched on 23 December, 1890 by Raylton Dixon of Middlesbrough, England. She was purchased from the British firm of Bowring & Archibald by the U.S. Navy on 23 April, 1898 and fitted out for duty as a collier.


Justin retained her name when she was commissioned into the U.S. Navy on 27 April, 1898, with Commander George E. Ide in command.

After performing collier service in the Chesapeake Bay region for several weeks, Justin sailed for Guantanamo Bay on 2 June to support American naval operations in Cuba. With the end of hostilities she returned to the Chesapeake Bay and operated along the East Coast and in New England until October of 1898, when it was decided to transfer her to the Pacific.

Justin left Norfolk on 11 October and after visiting Brazil, Chile, Peru, and Mexico, she arrived at San Francisco on 3 February, 1899. She was decommissioned at the Mare Island Navy Yard on 17 February.

Recommissioned at Mare Island on 19 September, 1900, Justin was transferred to the Asiatic Fleet. She sailed for the Orient on 1 October. After seven years' service in the Far East she returned to San Francisco on 23 November, 1907 via Guam and Honolulu. From 1907 to 1915 Justin carried coal to units of the Pacific Fleet stationed at widely scattered points from the West Coast to South America. She decommissioned at Mare Island on 20 December, 1915 and was stricken on 31 December, 1915.[8]

Sold into mercantile service on 17 February, 1916, Justin had a long and varied civilian career. She was renamed G. M. Lawrence in 1925, San Tomaso in 1927, and finally Marga in 1930, before being broken up in Libau, Latvia during 1933.[9]


Dates of appointment are provided when known.



  • two 6-pounders

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