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{{Tenure|rank={{LCommUS}}|name=Elliott Buckmaster|nick=Elliott Buckmaster|appt=6 July, 1920|precBy=New Command}}
{{Tenure|rank={{LCommUS}}|name=Kenneth Mortimer Hoeffel|nick=Kenneth M. Hoeffel|appt=1922{{CN}}}}
{{Tenure|rank={{LCommUS}}|name=James Otto Richardson|nick=James O. Richardson|appt=6 July, 1920{{CN}}|end=1923{{CN}}}}
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U.S.S. Asheville (1918)
Hull Number: PG-21
Builder: Charleston Navy Yard
Ordered: 1916[1]
Laid down: 9 Jun, 1917[2]
Launched: 4 Jul, 1918[3]
Commissioned: 6 Jul, 1920[4]
Sunk: 1 Mar, 1942[5]
Fate: South of Java
U.S.S. Asheville was one of two Asheville Class gunboats completed for the U.S. Navy.



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