Torpedo Director Pattern 1193

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Possible Pattern 1193 Refinement of 1893[1]
Graduated sighting bar added in 1903 for range determination[2]

The Torpedo Director Pattern 1193, sometimes called the "Right Ahead" director,[3] was a British torpedo director used in early torpedo craft. It was used for torpedoes fired from fixed tubes and from dropping gear.[4]


It was a contemporary instrument to the Pattern 1192 whose semi-circular design was amenable for use with trainable torpedo tubes.[Inference]

It featured a 60 degree arc.

If a Pattern 1193a existed, it was similar, but made stronger in its pivots and sighting bar.[5]

Alterations and Service

It entered service sometime before 1893, when its etchings were altered to permit torpedo speeds up to 40 knots and enemy ship speeds of up to 30 knots, from some lower figures as yet undiscovered.[6]

In 1911, it was described as for use by torpedo craft with cold torpedoes and when mounted right on the tube.[7]

It was no longer used in any modern ships as of 1912.[8]

In 1903, it is likely that the sight bar was etched with a scale to permit maximum range for firing to be calculated by arithmetic.[9]

In 1909, some were fitted with tangent bars and regraduated to 2/3rd scale for use from TBD fore bridges and heater torpedoes.[10]

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