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  • ...The [[:Category:Ship|ship pages]] contain detailed data particular to each ship, such as dates of launching and completion, or notes on how it was altered * [[:Category:Ship Class (UK)]]
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  • The '''''Courageous'' class''' of warship consisted of two vessels, variously described as battle cruis {| class="wikitable collapsible" border=2 cellpadding=2 cellspacing=0 style="margin:
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  •]] the vessel belongs to. You can click on the name of the class of the ship in the footer box. ...ral types those specific types conform to (e.g., "Small Cruiser", "Capital Ship"). This scheme helps soften the Balkanization of classifications that chan
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  • ...n chose to specialise in a variety of areas dealing with innovations: from ship design to electricity to submarines (he conducted the first Royal Navy tria On 1 January, 1916, he was appointed an Additional Member of the Second Class, or Knight Commander, in the Military Division of the Most Honourable Order
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  • The only member of her class, she was the first all-big-gun battleship to be laid down, launched, and co .... At some point all 12-inch gun machinery started for the ''Lord Nelson'' class was appropriated to the ''Dreadnought'', and the orders interchanged.{{PQDN
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  • The '''''Abercrombie''''' class of monitors were the first modern variants of that type to be adopted for t {| class="wikitable collapsible" border=2 cellpadding=2 cellspacing=0 style="margin:
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  • Six '''''Siegfried'' class coast defence ships''' were completed for the German Navy in the 1890s. {| class="wikitable collapsible" border=2 cellpadding=2 cellspacing=0 style="margin:
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  • Four '''''Brandenburg'' Class Battleships''' were completed for the [[Imperial German Navy]] in the 1890s {| class="wikitable collapsible" border=2 cellpadding=2 cellspacing=0 style="margin:
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  • ...rge V''''' was one of four [[H.M.S. King George V (1911)|''King George V'' class battleships]] completed for the [[Royal Navy]] shortly before the war. ...teration could be copied for ''Ajax'', ''Audacious'' and the ''Iron Duke'' class.<ref>Letter in D'Eyncourt Papers at the National Maritime Museum's Caird Li
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  • ...rmed part of the [[King George V Class Battleship (1911)|''King George V'' class]]. She saw constant service throughout the [[First World War]] and during .... After many years in this duty she ended up as a decoy and anti-aircraft ship during the Mediterranean campaign of the Second World War. Towards the end
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  • ...lossus''''' was one of two [[Colossus Class Battleship (1910)|''Colossus'' class battleships]] completed for the [[Royal Navy]] in 1911. ...8 August, 1911, by Captain [[Dudley Rawson Stratford de Chair|Dudley R. S. de Chair]] for service in the Second Division of the {{HomeFleet}}.<ref>"The N
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  •''''' was a battleship of the [[Royal Navy]], and the only member of her class. She was laid down at [[Portsmouth Royal Dockyard]] in 1909, launched the ..."Neptune" carried out 11th March 1912 at Tetuan." Docket in {{UK-Lion}}'s ship's cover. SC 251. Brass Foundry Out-Station, National Maritime Museum.</re
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  • ...Temeraire''''' was a [[Bellerophon Class Battleship (1907)|''Bellerophon'' class battleship]] of the British [[Royal Navy]] built at [[Devonport Royal Docky The ship was one of seven which tested [[Willis and Robinson Electric Revolution Tel
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  • ''Kearsarge'', the lead ship of her class of battleships, was the first ship of the [[United States Navy]] to be named, by act of Congress, in honor of ...rwegian barque ''Nordhav'' which had been sunk by the German Submarine ''{{DE-U117}}''. The survivors were landed in Boston.
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  • ...'Kentucky''''', (BB-6) a [[Kearsarge Class Battleship (1898)|''Kearsarge'' class]] pre-dreadnought of the [[United States Navy]] was launched 24 March, 1898 ...Roosevelt as a unit in the 2d Squadron. After calling at Trinidad and Rio de Janeiro, the warships passed in order through the Straits of Magellan to vi
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  • .... Tuesday, 16 January, 1912. Issue '''39796''', col B, p. 13.</ref> The ship was launched on 12 October on a sunny Saturday before a crowd estimated to The ship re-commissioned at Portsmouth 24 October, 1923.{{NLApr25|p. 248}}
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  • The ship was commissioned at Portsmouth on 20 September 1927.{{NLFeb29|p. 261}} In July 1914, the ship was appropriated 42-foot motor launch No. 248, though the boat was not yet
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  • ...etary to the First Lord]], [[Dudley Rawson Stratford de Chair|Dudley R. S. de Chair]]; Sir James Marshall, Director of Dockyards; [[George Le Clerc Egert ...declined to admit his involvement with the incident in his history of the ship.
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  • ...M.S. ''Terror''''' was one of two [[Erebus Class Monitor (1916)|''Erebus'' class monitors]] launched in 1916 for the [[Royal Navy]]. In 1924, she replaced the battlecruiser {{UK-Tiger}} as Turret Drill Ship at Portsmouth, having undergone a refit at a cost that had been projected t
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  • ...>{{ShipCareer|fullname=H.M.S. ''Raglan'' (1915)|fate2={{DE-Breslau}} and {{DE-Goeben}}{{DittColl|p. 102}} ...required either in the Grand Fleet or on patrol duties, so a new class of ship, with a shallow draught for inshore work and a requisite small number of bi
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