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  • [[Admiral of the Fleet (Imperial Japanese Navy)|Admiral of the Fleet]] Marquis (Kōshaku (侯爵)) '''Tōgō Heihachirō''' (東郷 平八 ..., in feudal Japan. Tōgō's father was a samurai, serving under the house of Shimazu, and he had three brothers.
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  • ...times in various levels depending on the weapon type, the nationality, and the era in question. ...act and vague prose that it seems clear that the author did not understand the subject deeply, if at all.
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  • ...istakably to the ranks of modern nations capable of exerting themselves in naval contests. * [[Battle of Port Arthur]]
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  • ...n 3 July, 1898 was one of two main naval actions of the [[Spanish-American War]]. ...leships]] and three cruisers but was annihilated in a running battle along the coast.
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  • ...1922) was a naval historian closely associated with the [[Royal Navy]] in the early Twentieth Century. the ‘English Men of Action’ series the life of Monk in 1889, and in the following year Drake. It would, however, be a mistake to suppose that these
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  • ...of [[Julian Stafford Corbett|Sir Julian S. Corbett]] in the possession of the National Maritime Museum, London. ...Longman and Longmans about "England in the Mediterranean",1917, the impact of Corbetts books and to Lady Corbett, 1928-38 about Corbett's books, plus mis
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  • ...own into confusion when a Japanese shell killed him and sent his flagship, the {{RU-Retvizan|f=t}} careening off course. ...the devastation faced in the following year at the [[Battle of Tsushima]], the Russians were fortunate to recover and not suffer a greater calamity.
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  • ...the [[Great War]], its pitched and decisive naval battles were the objects of close study and review. ...aval Battles of the Russo-Japanese War|Naval Battles of the Russo-Japanese War]]
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  • ...e major vessels engaged in a gun action near the mouth of the harbour, but the action was not decisive. * [[Battle of the Yellow Sea]]
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