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  • ...Navy of the Germany Empire from 1871 to 1918. Commanded by Prussian army officers between 1872 and 1888, it was initially built up to serve as a strong coast of the same is within the jurisdiction of the Emperor, who appoints the officers and officials of the Navy, and receives a direct oath of allegiance, an oat
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  • ==Principal Naval Transport Officers== ===Fleet Torpedo Officer===
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  • to live in. From it one had to walk half the length of the ship to the officers' bathroom. My second was forward, all mixed up with the chain cables and a ...em and the weapons proved to have little effectiveness at the ranges where torpedo attack became deeply worrying.
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  • ...hone using combinations of numbers. A substantially reduced complement of officers was carried although two hundred ratings were required to oversee the ship. By the end of 1915, she had been equipped with a [[Torpedo Control Plotting Instrument Mark I]] in her {{TCT}}. This probably made he
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  • ...wer steam trial. She would leave on 4 August for the gun trials, with the torpedo trials expecte3d on 5 August before returning to Birkenhead.<ref>"Naval And ...hawsers to the tugs anticipated from Belfast.<br><br>I personally with the Torpedo and Gunnery Lieutenants stepped into a destroyer's whaler from the upper de
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  • ....<ref name=thetimes1911/> A few weeks later on 12 December 1911 eighteen officers and men were injured when an explosion occurred onboard while ''Orion'' was ...rowed in boats that proved victorious in the Officers' Cutter Race and the Officers' Veterans Skiff Race. The ship also won the 2BS Sailing Regatta held on 23
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  • bell was one of several ships' bells the Royal Navy offered for sale to officers and others interested. It attracted a price of £1-£5, and men were to ap ...r, it was desired to provide an effective additional 9-foot instrument for torpedo control purposes, ''Barham'' was to skip getting one on the assumption this
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  • ...bells were made for the Captain, the Wardroom, the Gunroom and the Warrant Officers' Mess. Admiral Jellicoe rang the bell into service by sounding off eight b ...apital ship possible an additional effective 9-foot rangefinder to support torpedo control, ''Malaya'' proposed a pair of transversing mountings atop the beef
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  • Torpedo Control Table]] around 1916, whereas her sisters all received [[Torpedo Control Plotting Instrument Mark II]]s.{{ARTS1916|pp. 27, 29}} bell was one of several ships' bells the Royal Navy offered for sale to officers and others interested. It attracted a price of £1-£5, and men were to ap
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  • On 11 January, 1897, he was appointed in command of the torpedo cruiser [[H.M.S. Cossack (1886)|''Cossack'']].<ref>"Naval & Military Intell ...d on 24 January, 1908. From 27 January to 21 February he took Gunnery and Torpedo Courses, also at Portsmouth. He remained on Half-Pay until 25 August, when
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  • At 11 a.m. on 13 August Jellicoe met with the flag officers present at Scapa (from the First, Second, Fourth and Sixth Battle Squadrons ...<br>2. My Lords will, as desired, give orders for all available Ships and Torpedo Craft to proceed to the position of the Fleet Action on learning from you t
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  • ...atform were rebuilt, and her forward searchlight battery reorganised. Her torpedo nets and booms were removed entirely. A rangefinder hood for a 9 foot rang ...ting Group]]. Having reformed the 3rd B.C.S. in the aftermath of a German torpedo attack Hood's ships joined the B.C.F. from the east, whence Beatty ordered
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  • ...s the '''War Course College''', was an institution of higher education for officers of the [[Royal Navy]] established in 1900. It was commanded by a junior fl ...the Council) to consider the question of the Course of Study of the Senior Officers at the Royal Naval College, and to offer such suggestions as may be deemed
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  • ...y Officer, summing the dumaresq deflection, wind deflection, and so forth; officers of quarters go not give deflection orders except when in local control. Th ...being knocked out, the failure of communications with it would prompt the officers of quarters to assume local control of their groups. They would transmit r
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  • ...edo Boats Present at Spithead 26th June 1897 Together with an Index of the Officers Serving in Them, &c.'' p. 50.</ref>|note=including the [[Annual Manoeuvres
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  • a list of 20 degrees. 45&nbsp;minutes later she was struck by a second torpedo. The pinnace and launch along with two other boats (one of which capsized The total loss of life in ''Formidable'' was 35 Officers and 512 men out of 780.
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  • ...04, Bingham ended an appointment in {{UK-Bulwark}} to command unspecified torpedo boats.<ref>Bingham Service Record. {{TNA|ADM 196/46/117.|D7603624}} f. 117 ...y the Germans. On 27 July, 1916 the British learned he'd been moved to an officers' detention centre in Freiberg. On 4 May, 1917, he was moved to Augustabad.
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  • ===Torpedo Control=== In 1919, she was selected to receive a [[Renouf Torpedo Tactical Instrument Type B]].{{ARTS1919|pp. 118, 119}}
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  • ...icer, Lieutenant-Commander [[Evan Bruce-Gardyne]], on 13 March, 1914. The Torpedo Officer, Lieutenant-Commander Walter N. Lapage, was appointed on 19 June. * Four submerged 21-in torpedo tubes on the broadside
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  • ...-in) submerged torpedo tubes in Derfflinger, four 60cm (23.6-in) submerged torpedo tubes in others. ==Torpedo Control==
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  • ...ensively on the details of this class in their 1903 ''Annual Report of the Torpedo School''.{{ARTS1903|pp. 86-91}} ...ns, messes, and the forty five 12-in desk fans and eight 16-in fans in the officers' quarters. There were 1,100 lighting fixtures in all, 730 of them on the b
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  • ...rovided [[Voicepipe]]s, possibly with one for gun control and a second for torpedo control.{{HFCI1914|p. 67}}]]s positioned at each gun, with six Navyphones being provided for group officers.
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  • ...on of your hoisting your pennant on board the Queen Mary I offer you, your officers, and men my hearty good wishes for a happy and prosperous commission.<ref>" ..."cinematograph" for the benefit of the crew. For the benefit of the petty officers a laundry was installed.<ref>James. ''The Eyes of the Navy''. pp. 14-17.<
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  • ...fficers. The War Staff is to be the means of preparing and training those officers who arrive, or are likely to arrive, by the excellence of their sea service ...henever convenient consult the Directors of the various Divisions or other officers if necessary. This direction is essential to prevent that group of evils wh
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  • ...ring aboard ''Maryland'' to help serve her antiaircraft batteries. Twenty officers and 395 enlisted men were either killed or missing, 32 others wounded, and
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  • ...e five destroyers that comprised the First Division of the Asiatic Fleet's Torpedo Flotilla.{{USOfficerReg1917|p. 310}} ...Twenty of his crew perished with him, including all but one of the ship's officers.{{FeuerUSNWW1|p. 23}} One of the numerous new [[Clemson Class Destroyer (1
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  • In 1905 Chandler wrote an "extensive defense" of the amalgamation of line officers and engineers for the ''U.S. Naval Institute Proceedings''.<ref>Chandler. ...tsRow|Preceded by<br>'''?'''|'''[[First Torpedo Flotilla|In Command, First Torpedo Flotilla]]'''<br>19 Jul, 1901{{USOfficerReg1904|p. 28}} &ndash; 1904{{USOff
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  • |type=torpedo boat |chain=Torpedo Boats
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  • He was appointed to {{UK-Vernon}} on 9 September, 1883 to qualify as a torpedo Lieutenant.{{NLJul84|p. 250}} He emerged with a first-class certificate in ...e'' and ''Diamond'', out of a complement of 780 men ''Formidable'' lost 35 officers and 512 men dead, including Captain [[Arthur Noel Loxley|Arthur N. Loxley]]
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  • [[File:HandbookTorpedoControl1916Plate41.jpg|thumb|400px| '''Torpedo Sight Corrector'''{{HTC1916|Plate 41}}]] ...ate the effect of [[Torpedo Director|director]] errors for men using the [[Torpedo Attack Trainer]].{{ARTS1916|p. 34. (A.L. G. 6788/16)}}
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  • ...Torpedo Attack Table''' was a [[Torpedo Control]] teaching aid to practice torpedo attacks. [[File:ARTS1915Plate9.jpg|thumb|200px| '''Torpedo Attack Trainer'''{{ARTS1915|Plate 9}}<br>Early design sketch ]]
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  • ...N. (25 January, 1841 &ndash; 10 July, 1920) was one of the most celebrated officers in the history of the [[Royal Navy]]. He was actively involved in the serv He became a gunnery expert, founded the Navy's torpedo branch and upon joining the [[Board of Admiralty]] started a twenty-year pe
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  • ...> At the end of the year he went through the Lieutenants' short course of Torpedo on half pay, and on 1 January, 1885, commissioned as Commander (Second-in-C ...Service Record. {{TNA|ADM 196/39.}} f. 167.</ref> One of his commanding officers, Captain (later Admiral Sir) [[Walter Henry Cowan, First Baronet|Walter H.
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  • ...."<ref>Wester Wemyss. p. 33.</ref> On 12 October he was appointed to the torpedo depôt ship [[H.M.S. Hecla (1878)|''Hecla'']] in the Mediterranean. He wa ..., a family friend. On 6 May, 1892, he received his first command, that of Torpedo Boat 21, which was commissioned for training purposes.<ref>{{TNA|ADM 196/42
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  • ...went to Woolwich Arsenal, London, for a seven day course of instruction in torpedo apparatus. Jackson had a strong interest in the scientific aspects of his ...ineteenth century and was the world's first effective self-propelled naval torpedo, developed by an English engineer, [[Whitehead & Company|Robert Whitehead]]
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  • ...than colleagues, which according to Dr. C. I. Hamilton "annoyed many naval officers."<ref>Hamilton. p. 153.</ref> ...pleases according to his discretion, & in the case of the appointments of Officers to Superior Commands he often consults the 2<sup>nd</sup> as well as the 1<
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  • ...aptRN}} [[Arthur William Moore|Arthur W. Moore]], with a complement of 699 officers and men.<ref>"Naval and Military Intelligence" (Official Appointments and N ===Torpedo Control===
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  • The office of '''Surveyor of the Navy''' had been one of the five Principal Officers of the Civil Departments of the Navy. By Order in Council of 23 January, 18 | Appointment of Medical Officers.
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  • 6.50p Officers and men in 4 separate locations aboard Revenge feel a shock as if the ship ..."Ship gave two very distinct shudders, which were at first thought to be a torpedo. This was afterwards ascertained to be incorrect." Her captain's report ca
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  • |{{US-Alarm|f=p}}||torpedo ram||13 Nov, 1873|| 28 Feb, 1898 ==Engineer Officers==
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  • ...rose to become the head of the torpedo-arm which he re-organised into the torpedo inspectorate. ...n monarchy he had to go into hiding, such was the hatred displayed against officers in Berlin. He withdrew to a friend's house in the German countryside to wr
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  • ...rse in Gunnery, in which he obtained First Class marks, and a Second Class Torpedo certificate. He was appointed to the corvette {{UK-2Diamond}} on the [[Aust ...his return was appointed to ''Excellent'' for Short Courses in Gunnery and Torpedo, obtaining First Classes in both. On 17 July he was appointed to the cruise
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  • ...l advise the First Sea Lord on all matters affecting the general system of torpedo exercises of the Fleet and all military questions connected therewith. ..., when required by the Second Sea Lord, advise on questions connected with torpedo training.
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  • ...nt two years in the [[H.M.S. Vernon (Torpedo Training School)|''Vernon'']] torpedo school with an additional six months as staff officer of that establishment In 1892 he was appointed Torpedo Lieutenant of the ''Royal Sovereign'', Flagship of the Channel Squadron, an
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  • ...{{LieutRN}} [[Cecil Stanley Sandford|Cecil S. Sandford]], ''Invincible'''s Torpedo Lieutenant.{{NLJan15|p. 338}} They were rescued by the {{UK-Badger|f=t}}. [[Category:Royal Navy Officers Educated at Stubbington House School]]
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  • ...2? 1883?) until May 1885, spending his last month commanding second-class torpedo boats.<ref>Service chits in Bethell I/1/3 at Liddell Hart Centre for Milita ...War Staff in London. We do not want unnecessarily to widen the circle of officers who are privy to Admiralty secrets. Sir A. Bethell knows everything and ca
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  • ...B, p. 6.</ref> He was appointed to {{UK-Vernon}} on 11 January, 1884 as a torpedo Lieutenant.{{NLJul84|p. 249}} ...ton was appointed in command of the torpedo school ship [[H.M.S. Defiance (Torpedo Training School)|''Defiance'']] at Devonport on 1 November, 1897.<ref>"Nava
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  • ...he [[Royal Navy]] during the [[First World War]]. Having specialised as a torpedo officer, he was employed intermittently at the [[Admiralty]] between period ...d was given another survey six weeks later and found fit on 2 April. As a torpedo officer he served in several battleships, including two years in the {{UK-M
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  • .../99. f. 55.</ref> From 2 February to 13 March, 1914, he took Gunnery and Torpedo Courses.<ref>Allenby Service Record. {{TNA|ADM 196/42.|D7601988}} f. 47.</
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  • ...ed to the steam frigate ''Inconstant'', on 24 August, 1880. May served as Torpedo Lieutenant. Two weeks later ''Inconstant'' became flagship of a Detached S ...d Baronet|Arthur Wilson]] of ''Vernon'' in evaluating a new Fiume Mark III torpedo against the service's R.L. torpedoes Marks I and II, carrying out these tes
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