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  • All officers of the [[Royal Navy]] qualified as a Torpedo Lieutenant should be in this category. NOTE: Do not add text to this page if the Torpedo Officer in question has a page for himself.
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  • ...Navy of the Germany Empire from 1871 to 1918. Commanded by Prussian army officers between 1872 and 1888, it was initially built up to serve as a strong coast of the same is within the jurisdiction of the Emperor, who appoints the officers and officials of the Navy, and receives a direct oath of allegiance, an oat
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  • ==Principal Naval Transport Officers== ===Fleet Torpedo Officer===
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  • to live in. From it one had to walk half the length of the ship to the officers' bathroom. My second was forward, all mixed up with the chain cables and a ...em and the weapons proved to have little effectiveness at the ranges where torpedo attack became deeply worrying.
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  • ...hone using combinations of numbers. A substantially reduced complement of officers was carried although two hundred ratings were required to oversee the ship. By the end of 1915, she had been equipped with a [[Torpedo Control Plotting Instrument Mark I]] in her {{TCT}}. This probably made he
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  • ...wer steam trial. She would leave on 4 August for the gun trials, with the torpedo trials expected on 5 August before returning to Birkenhead.<ref>"Naval And ...hawsers to the tugs anticipated from Belfast.<br><br>I personally with the Torpedo and Gunnery Lieutenants stepped into a destroyer's whaler from the upper de
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  • ...1911.<ref name=thetimes1911/> A few weeks later on 12 December, eighteen officers and men were injured when an explosion occurred onboard while ''Orion'' was ...rowed in boats that proved victorious in the Officers' Cutter Race and the Officers' Veterans Skiff Race. The ship also won the 2BS Sailing Regatta held on 23
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  • bell was one of several ships' bells the Royal Navy offered for sale to officers and others interested. It attracted a price of £1-£5, and men were to ap ...r, it was desired to provide an effective additional 9-foot instrument for torpedo control purposes, ''Barham'' was to skip getting one on the assumption this
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  • ...bells were made for the Captain, the Wardroom, the Gunroom and the Warrant Officers' Mess. Admiral Jellicoe rang the bell into service by sounding off eight b ...apital ship possible an additional effective 9-foot rangefinder to support torpedo control, ''Malaya'' proposed a pair of transversing mountings atop the beef
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  • Torpedo Control Table]] around 1916, whereas her sisters all received [[Torpedo Control Plotting Instrument Mark II]]s.{{ARTS1916|pp. 27, 29}} bell was one of several ships' bells the Royal Navy offered for sale to officers and others interested. It attracted a price of £1-£5, and men were to ap
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  • On 11 January, 1897, he was appointed in command of the torpedo cruiser [[H.M.S. Cossack (1886)|''Cossack'']].<ref>"Naval & Military Intell ...d on 24 January, 1908. From 27 January to 21 February he took Gunnery and Torpedo Courses, also at Portsmouth. He remained on Half-Pay until 25 August, when
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  • At 11 a.m. on 13 August Jellicoe met with the flag officers present at Scapa (from the First, Second, Fourth and Sixth Battle Squadrons ...<br>2. My Lords will, as desired, give orders for all available Ships and Torpedo Craft to proceed to the position of the Fleet Action on learning from you t
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  • ...atform were rebuilt, and her forward searchlight battery reorganised. Her torpedo nets and booms were removed entirely. A rangefinder hood for a 9 foot rang ...ting Group]]. Having reformed the 3rd B.C.S. in the aftermath of a German torpedo attack Hood's ships joined the B.C.F. from the east, whence Beatty ordered
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  • ...s the '''War Course College''', was an institution of higher education for officers of the [[Royal Navy]] established in 1900. It was commanded by a junior fl ...the Council) to consider the question of the Course of Study of the Senior Officers at the Royal Naval College, and to offer such suggestions as may be deemed
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  • ...y Officer, summing the dumaresq deflection, wind deflection, and so forth; officers of quarters go not give deflection orders except when in local control. Th ...being knocked out, the failure of communications with it would prompt the officers of quarters to assume local control of their groups. They would transmit r
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  • ...edo Boats Present at Spithead 26th June 1897 Together with an Index of the Officers Serving in Them, &c.'' p. 50.</ref>|note=including the [[Annual Manoeuvres
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  • a list of 20 degrees. 45&nbsp;minutes later she was struck by a second torpedo. The pinnace and launch along with two other boats (one of which capsized The total loss of life in ''Formidable'' was 35 Officers and 512 men out of 780.
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  • ...04, Bingham ended an appointment in {{UK-Bulwark}} to command unspecified torpedo boats.<ref>Bingham Service Record. {{TNA|ADM 196/46/117.|D7603624}} f. 117 ...y the Germans. On 27 July, 1916 the British learned he'd been moved to an officers' detention centre in Freiberg. On 4 May, 1917, he was moved to Augustabad.
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  • ===Torpedo Control=== In 1919, she was selected to receive a [[Renouf Torpedo Tactical Instrument Type B]].{{ARTS1919|pp. 118, 119}}
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  • ...icer, Lieutenant-Commander [[Evan Bruce-Gardyne]], on 13 March, 1914. The Torpedo Officer, Lieutenant-Commander Walter N. Lapage, was appointed on 19 June. * Four submerged 21-in torpedo tubes on the broadside
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  • ...-in) submerged torpedo tubes in Derfflinger, four 60cm (23.6-in) submerged torpedo tubes in others. ==Torpedo Control==
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  • ...ensively on the details of this class in their 1903 ''Annual Report of the Torpedo School''.{{ARTS1903|pp. 86-91}} ...ns, messes, and the forty five 12-in desk fans and eight 16-in fans in the officers' quarters. There were 1,100 lighting fixtures in all, 730 of them on the b
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  • ...rovided [[Voicepipe]]s, possibly with one for gun control and a second for torpedo control.{{HFCI1914|p. 67}}]]s positioned at each gun, with six Navyphones being provided for group officers.
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  • ...on of your hoisting your pennant on board the Queen Mary I offer you, your officers, and men my hearty good wishes for a happy and prosperous commission.<ref>" ..."cinematograph" for the benefit of the crew. For the benefit of the petty officers a laundry was installed.<ref>James. ''The Eyes of the Navy''. pp. 14-17.<
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  • ...fficers. The War Staff is to be the means of preparing and training those officers who arrive, or are likely to arrive, by the excellence of their sea service ...henever convenient consult the Directors of the various Divisions or other officers if necessary. This direction is essential to prevent that group of evils wh
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  • ...ring aboard ''Maryland'' to help serve her antiaircraft batteries. Twenty officers and 395 enlisted men were either killed or missing, 32 others wounded, and
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  • ...e five destroyers that comprised the First Division of the Asiatic Fleet's Torpedo Flotilla.{{USOfficerReg1917|p. 310}} ...Twenty of his crew perished with him, including all but one of the ship's officers.{{FeuerUSNWW1|p. 23}} One of the numerous new [[Clemson Class Destroyer (1
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  • In 1905 Chandler wrote an "extensive defense" of the amalgamation of line officers and engineers for the ''U.S. Naval Institute Proceedings''.<ref>Chandler. ...tsRow|Preceded by<br>'''?'''|'''[[First Torpedo Flotilla|In Command, First Torpedo Flotilla]]'''<br>19 Jul, 1901{{USOfficerReg1904|p. 28}} &ndash; 1904{{USOff
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  • |type=torpedo boat |chain=Torpedo Boats
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  • He was appointed to {{UK-Vernon}} on 9 September, 1883 to qualify as a torpedo Lieutenant.{{NLJul84|p. 250}} He emerged with a first-class certificate in ...e'' and ''Diamond'', out of a complement of 780 men ''Formidable'' lost 35 officers and 512 men dead, including Captain [[Arthur Noel Loxley|Arthur N. Loxley]]
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  • [[File:HandbookTorpedoControl1916Plate41.jpg|thumb|400px| '''Torpedo Sight Corrector'''{{HTC1916|Plate 41}}]] ...ate the effect of [[Torpedo Director|director]] errors for men using the [[Torpedo Attack Trainer]].{{ARTS1916|p. 34. (A.L. G. 6788/16)}}
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  • ...Torpedo Attack Table''' was a [[Torpedo Control]] teaching aid to practice torpedo attacks. [[File:ARTS1915Plate9.jpg|thumb|200px| '''Torpedo Attack Trainer'''{{ARTS1915|Plate 9}}<br>Early design sketch ]]
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  • ...N. (25 January, 1841 &ndash; 10 July, 1920) was one of the most celebrated officers in the history of the [[Royal Navy]]. He was actively involved in the serv He became a gunnery expert, founded the Navy's torpedo branch and upon joining the [[Board of Admiralty]] started a twenty-year pe
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  • ...} At the end of the year he went through the Lieutenants' short course of Torpedo on half pay, and on 1 January, 1885, commissioned as Commander (Second-in-C ...Service Record. {{TNA|ADM 196/39.}} f. 167.</ref> One of his commanding officers, Captain (later Admiral Sir) [[Walter Henry Cowan, First Baronet|Walter H.
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  • ...."<ref>Wester Wemyss. p. 33.</ref> On 12 October he was appointed to the torpedo depôt ship [[H.M.S. Hecla (1878)|''Hecla'']] in the Mediterranean. He wa ..., a family friend. On 6 May, 1892, he received his first command, that of Torpedo Boat 21, which was commissioned for training purposes.<ref>{{TNA|ADM 196/42
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  • ...went to Woolwich Arsenal, London, for a seven day course of instruction in torpedo apparatus. Jackson had a strong interest in the scientific aspects of his ...ineteenth century and was the world's first effective self-propelled naval torpedo, developed by an English engineer, [[Whitehead & Company|Robert Whitehead]]
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  • ...cruisers and merchant ships that were frequently seen there. Cruisers and torpedo boats could guard the exposed flank since the [[High Sea Fleet]] would not ...ughts, five battlecruisers, six pre-dreadnoughts, 11 light cruisers and 61 torpedo boats (equivalent to British destroyers),<ref>Tarrant. “Jutland: The Germ
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  • ...than colleagues, which according to Dr. C. I. Hamilton "annoyed many naval officers."<ref>Hamilton. p. 153.</ref> ...pleases according to his discretion, & in the case of the appointments of Officers to Superior Commands he often consults the 2<sup>nd</sup> as well as the 1<
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  • ...aptRN}} [[Arthur William Moore|Arthur W. Moore]], with a complement of 699 officers and men.<ref>"Naval and Military Intelligence" (Official Appointments and N ===Torpedo Control===
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  • The office of '''Surveyor of the Navy''' had been one of the five Principal Officers of the Civil Departments of the Navy. By Order in Council of 23 January, 18 | Appointment of Medical Officers.
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  • 6.50p Officers and men in 4 separate locations aboard Revenge feel a shock as if the ship ..."Ship gave two very distinct shudders, which were at first thought to be a torpedo. This was afterwards ascertained to be incorrect." Her captain's report ca
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  • |{{US-Alarm|f=p}}||torpedo ram||13 Nov, 1873|| 28 Feb, 1898 ==Engineer Officers==
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  • ...rose to become the head of the torpedo-arm which he re-organised into the torpedo inspectorate. ...n monarchy he had to go into hiding, such was the hatred displayed against officers in Berlin. He withdrew to a friend's house in the German countryside to wr
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  • ...rse in Gunnery, in which he obtained First Class marks, and a Second Class Torpedo certificate. He was appointed to the corvette {{UK-2Diamond}} on the [[Aust ...his return was appointed to ''Excellent'' for Short Courses in Gunnery and Torpedo, obtaining First Classes in both. On 17 July he was appointed to the cruise
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  • ...l advise the First Sea Lord on all matters affecting the general system of torpedo exercises of the Fleet and all military questions connected therewith. ..., when required by the Second Sea Lord, advise on questions connected with torpedo training.
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  • ...nt two years in the [[H.M.S. Vernon (Torpedo Training School)|''Vernon'']] torpedo school with an additional six months as staff officer of that establishment In 1892 he was appointed Torpedo Lieutenant of the ''Royal Sovereign'', Flagship of the Channel Squadron, an
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  • ...{{LieutRN}} [[Cecil Stanley Sandford|Cecil S. Sandford]], ''Invincible'''s Torpedo Lieutenant.{{NLJan15|p. 338}} They were rescued by the {{UK-Badger|f=t}}. [[Category:Royal Navy Officers Educated at Stubbington House School]]
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  • ...2? 1883?) until May 1885, spending his last month commanding second-class torpedo boats.<ref>Service chits in Bethell I/1/3 at Liddell Hart Centre for Milita ...War Staff in London. We do not want unnecessarily to widen the circle of officers who are privy to Admiralty secrets. Sir A. Bethell knows everything and ca
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  • ...B, p. 6.</ref> He was appointed to {{UK-Vernon}} on 11 January, 1884 as a torpedo Lieutenant.{{NLJul84|p. 249}} ...ton was appointed in command of the torpedo school ship [[H.M.S. Defiance (Torpedo Training School)|''Defiance'']] at Devonport on 1 November, 1897.<ref>"Nava
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  • ...he [[Royal Navy]] during the [[First World War]]. Having specialised as a torpedo officer, he was employed intermittently at the [[Admiralty]] between period ...d was given another survey six weeks later and found fit on 2 April. As a torpedo officer he served in several battleships, including two years in the {{UK-M
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  • .../99. f. 55.</ref> From 2 February to 13 March, 1914, he took Gunnery and Torpedo Courses.<ref>Allenby Service Record. {{TNA|ADM 196/42.|D7601988}} f. 47.</
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  • ...ed to the steam frigate ''Inconstant'', on 24 August, 1880. May served as Torpedo Lieutenant. Two weeks later ''Inconstant'' became flagship of a Detached S ...d Baronet|Arthur Wilson]] of ''Vernon'' in evaluating a new Fiume Mark III torpedo against the service's R.L. torpedoes Marks I and II, carrying out these tes
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  • ...taff of the ''Vernon'' was appointed in 1899 to the {{UK-Jupiter|f=t}} for torpedo duties. ...his subject under the title "The Evolution of the Submarine Boat, Mine and Torpedo".
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  • ...mander, Kerr obtained his first seagoing command experience in a series of torpedo boat destroyer appointments, the first being {{UK-Bittern}}, dated 19 April ...Marine, Churchill described Kerr as "one of the most gifted and brilliant officers in our service, of whom we fully expect in the future that he will rise at
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  • ...r Cay entered the Navy in July 1882. He generally impressed his superiour officers as his career developed, and must have been an attractive and likeable man, ...dize, "Lieut. Cay is a dashing officer & would, I think, make a first rate Torpedo officer in war."<ref>Cay Service Record. {{TNA|ADM 196/43.}} f. 66.</ref>
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  • ...,{{NLJul78|p. 249}} a hulk in Portsmouth harbour recently established as a torpedo school. For the next three years Wilson devoted his great talent and energ
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  • ...This design also was very adversely criticised by Reed, and by many naval officers, and others. The defence was again left largely to White; the Admiralty eve armoured cruisers were built to White's designs. Many smaller cruisers, torpedo boat destroyers, and miscellaneous vessels, were designed by White and buil
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  • ...he was appointed to ''Excellent'' for a short course in gunnery, and for a torpedo course in ''Vernon'' from 15 March to 27 April. He was appointed to ''Ruby's supersession was a great shock, and aroused surprise among many naval officers, his successor included.<ref>"I hope never to live again through such a tim
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  • ...attleship (1900), over 300 pages in length, became notorious. Nevertheless officers with distinguished careers ahead of them, such as [[Alfred Ernle Montacute ...officers. All ratings dress had to be correct to the smallest detail and officers had to wear stiff-fronted shirts and cuffs which we found to be an annoying
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  • ...tguard ships for an annual cruise "to carry out evolutions and gunnery and torpedo exercises in company." The [[Senior Naval Lord]], [[Walter Talbot Kerr|Lor ...|Cruiser Squadron]], the Coastguard ships, and the [[Inspecting Captain of Torpedo Boat Destroyers]].<ref>Admiralty letter M.0375 of 30 July, 1902. The Natio
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  • ...College with a Third Class pass, and in May obtained a Third Class pass in Torpedo work and a Second Class pass in Gunnery work in August. ...was noted to be "very attentive, but sick ⅓ of the term."<ref>Record of Officers attending the Royal Naval War College. The National Archives. ADM 203/99.
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  • ...)|''Sultan'']] on 10 January, 1884, having attained second class passes in torpedo, gunnery and a first class pass in pilotage.<ref name=Record105/> ...ointed to ''Sultan''. On 26 September, 1885 his application to qualify in torpedo duties was duly noted. He had been expecting to be appointed Flag-Lieutena
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  • ...invented the appurtenance that became known as "[[Longmore's Disc]]" for [[Torpedo Director]]s.{{FC}} ...rt of Enquiry into "attempted looting at Ypres by certain R.N. Air Service Officers" led to him incurring Their Lordships' displeasure. He was reverted to sea
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  • ...s was the defence of the fleet at anchor in Berehaven against an attack by torpedo-boats. On 19 December, 1885 he was nominated a G.C.B., with especial refere ...xercising Squadrons," the notes of which were printed for the use of naval officers. During his later years he wrote occasionally in ''The Times'' and the mont
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  • At 1900 on 6 August, 1898, a party of officers and men under Ensign K. M. Bennett left the ship to reoccupy the lighthouse ...y snow squall, doing not only considerable damage to Amphitrite but to the torpedo nets at the Narrows as well.
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  • ...eliminary DNM to enquire & prepare statement as to extent to which 129,000 Officers & Men could man existing fleet. ...DNI or DNM would be always present & that one of the three wireless expert officers[,] Captain Nicholson, Lieut [Arthur E.] Silvertop or Lieut Slee should also
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  • ...igned topic to explore the impact of the introduction on the ram, mine and torpedo on various aspects of naval training and operations. His work won the Gold ...appointment as Commander-in-Chief ceased.<ref>"Squadrons and Senior Naval Officers in Existence on 11<sup><u>th</u></sup> November, 1918, and Which Have Now C
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  • ...obtaining first classes in College (Parts I and II), Gunnery, Pilotage and Torpedo. For this achievement he received a £10 prize, and was retrospectively pro He qualified 13th out of 21 officers.
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  • ..., convened to determine new directions for torpedoes and [[Torpedo Control|torpedo control]]. ==Best Means of Setting Torpedo Directors==
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  • Senior Officers' Signal Course, and thence for a series of Gunnery and Torpedo courses.<ref>ADM 196/42. f. 135.</ref>
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  • ...November, 1875}} In May, 1877, after a short period in the ''Vernon'' for torpedo instruction, he was appointed executive officer of the ''Thunderer'', Chann ...n one occasion Jacky had arranged some night operations for destroyers and torpedo boats, and Lord Charles arranged to go to sea on board one of the destroyer
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  • | bgcolor="#f5faff"|1st Torpedo Officer | bgcolor="#f5faff"|2nd Torpedo Officer
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  • ...and consequently, I am not specially mentioning the services of particular Officers and Men. The attached Notes on the Action by the following Officers are forwarded as they are of interest, not only in describing events, but a
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  • * Commander (T) [[Evan Campbell Bunbury|Evan C. Bunbury]] was the torpedo officer, located in the Conning Tower on the Mess Decks. 21. The conduct of the officers and ship's company was in every detail magnificent.
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  • * Torpedo officer: Lt. Comr. [[Walter Neville Lapage|W. N. Lapage]] * Turret Officers:
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  • ...h, 1885, was appointed its Chairman. He was lent as acting Captain of the torpedo tender ''Hecla'' for service in the Particular Service Squadron on 2 June o think it necessary in the first place to break the spirit of the young officers, and we found that once he had subdued us to his particular form of discipl
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  • On 4 July, 1888, he was appointed to the torpedo gunboat ''Spider'' for the annual man&oelig;uvres, and paid off on 28 Augus ...uld remain in ''Vernon'' until 24 August, 1893. He attained a first class torpedo certificate at the Royal Naval College in July, 1892, and obtained a first
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  • ...Earl Jellicoe|John Jellicoe]] as Gunnery Lieutenant and [[Lewis Bayly]] as Torpedo Lieutenant. Bayly recalled that Bridge was "a very strict skipper... a gre ...e useless even for training stokers, and should be got rid of at once, the officers and men now wasting their time in looking after them being employed elsewhe
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  • ...g Officer was to be informed as well as the Captain. As one of the senior officers, the Navigating Officer was entitled to have a separate cabin aboard ship. ...for the instruction of [[Midshipman (Royal Navy)|Midshipmen]]. For other officers being trained a Navigating Officer received 5''l'' per annum for each offic
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  • ...entlemen, in venturing to address you upon this subject of defence against torpedo craft, I would desire at the outset to call your attention to the general o ...d openings in them. The eastern entrance had two openings, there being one torpedo-boat one inshore protected by the forts that fell into the hands of the Jap
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  • ...f Enquiry held on 1st June at Sheerness to investigate causes of loss of a torpedo."<ref>Chatterton Service Record. {{TNA|ADM 196/88.|}} f. 98.</ref> By the ...Admiral Tupper noted that the "unpleasantness" between Chatterton and his officers had not adversely impacted the ship's standing as an efficient ship that pa
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  • ...kyard certified to this fact, and his evidence is confirmed by that of the officers of the ''Victoria''. Moreover, the men who closed, or attempted to close, t ...; and Captain [[Gerard Henry Uctred Noel|Noel]], of the {{UK-Nile}}. These officers are in substantial agreement, and their evidence is supported by that of ot
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  • ...27814|4700|7 July, 1905}} He hoisted his flag as Rear-Admiral Commanding, Torpedo Boat and Submarine Craft Flotillas in Commission and Reserve, in the protec [[Category:Senior Officers, Newfoundland Fisheries]]
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  • ...licoe, First Earl Jellicoe|John Jellicoe]]. One of the three Senior Staff Officers was [[Percy Moreton Scott, First Baronet|Percy Scott]], and the Captain was ...M.S. Vernon (Torpedo Training School)|''Vernon'']] on 17 March, 1906 for a Torpedo Course. On 1 February, 1907 he hoisted his broad pennant in [[H.M.S. Hyaci
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  • ...ging torpedo net defence, sailing races and occasional target practice and torpedo firings. At his first annual rifle practice Dreyer was recognised as a pot ...he received a First Class in Gunnery with 543 and in May a First Class in Torpedo with 184 marks.<ref>ADM 196/44. f. 353.</ref> On 27 May 1898, Dreyer was
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  • ...l Manoeuvres of 1906]] in June before taking a second class certificate in torpedo on 17 August. ...had applied to qualify in torpedo studies. His request was referred to the torpedo establishment {{UK-Vernon|f=t}}, and his name placed on a list on 31 August
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  • ...ters like a thoroughbred, drags with her cruisers and her two squadrons of torpedo boats to the adventure in which some one must die. ...s over the blue water like a gleaming boa constrictor. Alongside of us our torpedo-boat destroyers have drawn together and are ploughing up clouds of foam tha
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  • her guns and fired a torpedo from her submarine tube and opened fire on the "Alcantara." The torpedo
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  • ...he northern area is also favourable to a concentration of our cruisers and torpedo craft with the Battle Fleet; such concentration on the part of the enemy be ...result would be absolutely repugnant to the feelings of all British naval officers and men, but with new and untried methods of warfare new tactics must be de
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  • It is thought that this was caused by a torpedo fired from the {{UK-NewZealand}} at 1 p.m., which appeared to have been the ...ncussion of our own guns. Electric torches would have been most useful to officers whotse duty took them along this deck.
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  • ...of Jellicoe, principally with the Admiralty, and (ff. 61-124) memoranda on torpedo attack and defence, 1916. ...ors made in Jutland Battle', by Jellicoe, on the conduct of British senior officers; 1932. Two copies, with MS. notes, 1936.
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  • ...possible in my Battle Orders. The "turn away" of the enemy under cover of torpedo boat destroyer attacks is a move most difficult to counter, but which has b ...y facilitated by the close cooperation and support afforded me by the flag officers.
    9 KB (1,569 words) - 06:01, 20 September 2008
  • ==Officers== | Observed {{UK-Marlborough}} struck by torpedo or mine on the starboard side. A few minutes after, the periscope of a sub
    6 KB (923 words) - 21:45, 18 October 2014
  • .... On arrival at Aden along the way, Jerram recorded, "I and the two other officers were unable to walk or even to wear socks for nearly three weeks, as we had
    9 KB (1,383 words) - 11:21, 7 April 2022
  • ...21 Beatty, for the first time, made a wireless signal giving to the Senior Officers of squadrons his course and speed–i.e., NE. 24 knots, incidentally a spee ...e distance had increased to over 7 miles. At 3.36 p.m. he informed Senior Officers of squadrons by wireless of his new course and speed, and the 5th Battle Sq
    13 KB (2,307 words) - 15:25, 2 September 2012
  • Anthony Beaumont|Beaumont]], citing a "lack of zeal & energy on part of officers." A little more time in the ship seems to have permitted improvement, as A ...1908, Keighly-Peach was appointed to H.M.S. ''President'' for Gunnery and Torpedo Courses.<ref>"Naval and Military Intelligence" (Official Appointments and N
    8 KB (1,080 words) - 11:24, 7 April 2022
  • On 17 July, 1917, Walker was appointed to {{UK-Castor}}, additional, for torpedo duties on the staff of Commodore (F) [[James Rose Price Hawksley|Hawksley]] [[Category:Royal Navy Officers Educated at Burney's Royal Naval Academy]]
    7 KB (1,077 words) - 11:12, 26 April 2022
  • ...British [[Royal Navy]]'s ship used for the preliminary education of naval officers from 1859 to 1905. It was anchored first at Portsmouth, then Portland, and discuss the construction of a new shore-based training school for naval officers. After much legal wrangling over the purchase of the required land, tender
    27 KB (4,043 words) - 16:40, 19 January 2020
  • [213] While doing this the ''Hogue'' was hit by a torpedo from a German submarine and very quickly settled down. Indeed, no sooner wa ...d to take photographs, and I had taken five when I saw the white line of a torpedo approaching us in the starboard side, in line with the aft-bridge.
    10 KB (1,842 words) - 18:01, 12 March 2021
  • ...torpedo officer in {{UK-2Boadicea}}, which had only two ancient Whitehead torpedo carriages, until he was invalided back to England with climatic debility an ...-January 1896 he was appointed to {{UK-1Revenge}} as first officer and for torpedo duties. Nicholson remained with ''Revenge'' until he was promoted to the r
    9 KB (1,291 words) - 14:55, 27 June 2022
  • Many officers noted the efficiency with which the enemy concentrated a rapid fire from mo Some ships complain of interference from torpedo destroyers' smoke, and this raises the question as to whether the position
    16 KB (2,712 words) - 08:46, 30 March 2016
  • ...e for the firing and its results, and "being of opinion that there were no torpedo-boats either among the trawlers nor anywhere near" concluded that "the open
    2 KB (281 words) - 14:48, 17 November 2009
  • ...ick Vernon Wentworth|Frederick C. U. V. Wentworth]]'''|'''[[H.M.S. Vernon (Torpedo Training School)|Captain of H.M.S. ''Vernon'']]'''<br>13 Mar, 1919<ref>Wais ...|Preceded by<br>'''?'''|'''[[Torpedo Division (Royal Navy)|Director of the Torpedo Division]]'''<br>6 Apr, 1920<ref>{{TNA|ADM 196/43/374|D7576556}}</ref> &nda
    11 KB (1,602 words) - 09:06, 9 June 2022
  • The ships had three submerged 18-in torpedo tubes:{{UKTorpM1909III|p. 265}} ...still growing, these ships were to receive two [[18-in Fiume Mark III** H. Torpedo]]es each.{{ARTS1909|p. 14}}
    8 KB (1,175 words) - 13:08, 9 April 2018
  • ...them; secondly, the fact that they are attacking more frequently with the torpedo, and that this prevents the use of methods which were applicable to submari ...g new methods appears to lie in the formation of a small committee of such officers who have shown in the past special inventive aptitude or originality. They
    9 KB (1,525 words) - 13:01, 11 December 2008
  • ...nearly than the others. It is believed that this attack accounted for the torpedo which struck "{{UK-Marlborough}}." ...urned to same direction as our fleet), shortly followed by another. Other officers considered she was a [[Derfflinger Class Battlecruiser (1913)|"Derfflinger,
    9 KB (1,425 words) - 14:39, 15 May 2018
  • of morale to justify a word of commendation of the ship's company. All officers and men did their duty thoroughly well and with a cool and cheerful demeano ...ll was fired bearing west—evidently by a German destroyer preparatory to torpedo attack.
    8 KB (1,266 words) - 17:10, 10 July 2012
  • ...bserved to come out of the mist on Starboard beam. She possibly fired the torpedo which hit "{{UK-Marlborough}}." In the case of most of the Officers and men of "Neptune," this was the first occasion on which they had been in
    7 KB (1,226 words) - 13:07, 13 April 2017
  • <br>6.30 AM, Sighted May Isle also sighted submarine which fired torpedo. torpedo passing under stern, {{UK-1Southampton}} also reported sighting a submarine <br>{{UK-Roxburgh}} struck by torpedo off May Isle escorted in by {{UK-Botha}} {{UK-1Fearless}} & [[First Destroy
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  • ...l three would have naval connections - the two sons would join the Navy as officers and Egerton's only daughter Dorothy would marry [[Philip Wylie Dumas]] on 2>'''[[Charles Grey Robinson|Charles G. Robinson]]'''|'''[[H.M.S. Vernon (Torpedo Training School)|Captain of H.M.S. ''Vernon'']]'''<br>10 Feb, 1902<ref>Eger
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  • At 6.38 nearly all turret Officers thought that we opened fire on the enemy cruiser drifting down between the Attached also are some extracts from reports of officers from their several positions.
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  • | bgcolor=CEDFF2|'''See Offiziere<br>Line Officers''' | bgcolor=CEDFF2|'''Ingenieur Offiziere<br>Engineer Officers'''
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  • On 18 July, 1889, he was appointed to the ''Asia'' for Torpedo Boat No. 81. He was promoted to the rank of {{LieutRN}} on 28 January, 189 without the customary staff of ship's police and trusting to the petty officers to undertake police duties. He broke with tradition by introducing a three-
    16 KB (2,518 words) - 14:56, 27 June 2022
  • board intended to assist in applying the experimental [[Torpedo Control|torpedo control]] method of [[Deflection Plotting|deflection plotting]].{{ARTS1912| ...briefly served on a committee to consider the position and status of Petty Officers until 26 March. In April he was appointed in command of the {{UK-Curlew|f=
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  • ...s. He described the concept it in a section of the ''Annual Report of the Torpedo School'' in a description dated 24 July 1894. The scheme entailed use of a ...y washing out these old-fashioned ideas and bringing forward an up-to-date officers' training. At present the old school will not admit that anyone junior to
    8 KB (1,277 words) - 19:01, 6 April 2022
  • ...he was impressing his superior officers with his ideas in night firing and torpedo boat attack. He also invented range transmitters and indicators.<ref>Walle the future, with credit and success. Commands the respect and liking of officers and men, and is a good leader. ''Renown'' while under his command was very
    7 KB (1,015 words) - 18:35, 6 April 2022
  • ...d for his "zeal and ability" in preparing a report on trials of a [[Howell Torpedo]] at Newport, Rhode Island.<ref>Grant Service Record. {{TNA|ADM 196/87.}} ...he Retired List "at his own request to facilitate the promotion of younger officers" on 24 March, 1920.{{Gaz|31867|4474|16 April, 1920}}
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  • ...0.''' was a file comprising the records and certificates of [[Royal Navy]] officers during their service as Naval Cadets, Midshipmen, Acting Sub-Lieutenants as :Torpedo.
    801 B (101 words) - 10:40, 19 February 2009
  • ...tember, 1873}} He was appointed to {{UK-Vernon}} on 24 October, 1882 as a torpedo Lieutenant.{{NLJul84|p. 249}} Appointed {{CaptRN}} of [[H.M.S. Vernon (Torpedo Training School)|H.M.S. ''Vernon'']] on 2 October, 1899.<ref>Blond. ''Techn
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  • ...edo courses at Portsmouth. On 16 September he was appointed to the Senior Officers' (N) [Navigation] course.<ref>Smith Service Record. {{TNA|ADM 196/42}}. f ...Gunnery Course at the [[Royal Naval College, Greenwich]], and on 6 March a Torpedo course. This last course was cancelled as on 3 March he was appointed to c
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  • Leaving the torpedo boat in September, Pakenham ended the year with a short course in gunnery a [[Category:Royal Navy Officers Educated at Stubbington House School]]
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  • In September, 1912, the torpedo boats {{UK-TB27}} and {{UK-TB30}} collided and Lowther-Crofton was blamed f [[Category:Senior Naval Officers on the Tyne]]
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  • ...ok a Gunnery course at Portsmouth and from 21 October to 8 November took a Torpedo course there.<ref>ADM 196/42. f. 142.</ref>
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  • Currey earned his first-class torpedo certificate in April, 1886.<ref>Currey Service Record. {{ADM196|87|D811534 He was made President of the Committee on Eyesight of Officers on 9 October, 1913.<ref name=f36/>
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  •<br>'''[[Hugh Schomberg Currey|Hugh S. Currey]]'''|'''[[H.M.S. Actæon (Torpedo Training School)|Captain of H.M.S. ''Actæon'']]'''<br>11 Feb, 1921 &ndash; ...Arthur K. Waistell]]'''|'''[[Torpedo Division (Royal Navy)|Director of the Torpedo Division]]'''<br>6 Apr, 1922 &ndash; 15 Aug, 1924|Succeeded by<br>'''?'''}}
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  • Adams qualified as a Torpedo Lieutenant second-class on 24 March, 1880. [[Category:Royal Navy Officers Educated at North Grove House School]]
    2 KB (286 words) - 17:57, 6 April 2022
  • ...mpress the Admiralty in 1903 with his explanation for having not conducted torpedo practice while in command of a flotilla. ...t of Inquiry was convened, leading to the determination that Green and his officers had failed to provide sufficient training. Worse was to follow &ndash; in
    11 KB (1,559 words) - 19:07, 6 April 2022
  • ..., led by {{UK-1Recruit}}. When ''Recruit'' fired a flare to signal a mock torpedo firing, she peeled off to starboard to clear the enemy ships, but ''Tiger'' In 1934, her bell was offered for sale to naval officers and others who might be interested, at the price of £5. Interested partie
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  • ...hType=6&CATREF=ADM+203/64 ADM 203/64. Introduction of a course for senior officers.] The National Archives. ...Init=4&SearchType=6&CATREF=ADM+137/293 ADM 137/293. Grand Fleet Gunnery & Torpedo Orders, 1915-1918.] The National Archives.
    15 KB (1,462 words) - 03:23, 19 May 2012
  • ...em and the weapons proved to have little effectiveness at the ranges where torpedo attack became deeply worrying. The ships had five submerged 18-in torpedo tubes:{{UKTorpM1909III|p. 265}}
    12 KB (1,794 words) - 14:12, 27 February 2022
  • [[File:Grand Fleet Admirals 1916.jpg|thumb|right|512px|Grand Fleet flag officers at the fleet boxing championship, 3 August, 1916. Left to right: Commodore ...or flotillas were to leave Portland until further notice. Long leave for officers and for second watches was cancelled, and the reopening of schools was post
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  • October, a first in Gunnery in January, 1901, and a first in Torpedo in March. For attaining five first class certificates he was awarded a £1 ...June, 1903, when he was superseded, and returned to Britain to qualify in Torpedo duties.
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  • ...four Bastian Radiators were obtained for a temporary trial in warming the Officers' Cabins on the Upper Deck where radiators were not already present. Based * two 18-in torpedo tubes
    18 KB (2,502 words) - 20:06, 31 March 2020
  • ...e axis of the tube 1 foot 5 inches above the deck.<ref>''Addenda (1911) to Torpedo Manual, Vol. III., 1909'', p. 155.</ref> ...their fore bridge and control positions so that their captains and control officers could know the gun range. Additionally, the "Town" class cruisers were to
    10 KB (1,416 words) - 10:46, 27 March 2020
  • ...xis of the tube 1 foot 5.25 inches above the deck.<ref>''Addenda (1911) to Torpedo Manual, Vol. III., 1909'', p. 155.</ref> ...their fore bridge and control positions so that their captains and control officers could know the gun range. Additionally, the "Town" class cruisers were to
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  • ...their fore bridge and control positions so that their captains and control officers could know the gun range. Additionally, the "Town" class cruisers were to ==Torpedo Control==
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  • The ships had their torpedo and gun outfits augmented during the course of the war.{{UKTHVol4Part34|pp. ...e their torpedo armament, and each broadside got a second double revolving torpedo mount aft, just forward of the aft 6-in gun. These would have the torpedoe
    18 KB (2,667 words) - 10:48, 27 March 2020
  • ...K-Calliope}} may have been the testbed for a modification in which the aft torpedo control position's roof would be lowered so that a 12-foot {{RF}} could be ...their fore bridge and control positions so that their captains and control officers could know the gun range.{{ARTS1917|p. 230}}
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  • ==Torpedo Control== [[File:ARTS1917Plate76.jpg|thumb|300px|'''Torpedo Control Circuits'''{{ARTS1917|Plate 76}} ]]
    7 KB (954 words) - 10:16, 23 September 2013
  • tubes would use two impulse charges firing in a cascade to increase the torpedo discharge velocity and thus reduce the angle at which the torpedoes entered ...tlecruiser (likely an [[F.T. 24]]) was to be added specifically to augment torpedo control.{{ARTS1917|p. 199. (possibly pertinent: C.I.O. 481/17)}}
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  • Battle of Dogger Bank 24 Jan 1915: file entitled 'Officers and Men who distinguished themselves' 30 Jan-5 Mar 1915. [[Battle of Jutland]] 31 May 1916: folder entitled 'Ships taking part : officers and men' 7-11 Jun 1916.
    45 KB (5,846 words) - 13:25, 1 November 2021
  • ...four Bastian Radiators were obtained for a temporary trial in warming the Officers' Cabins on the Upper Deck where radiators were not already present in {{UK- * Two 18-in torpedo tubes, above water
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  • ...d Ardent Officers.jpg|thumb|right|600px|Lieutenant Godfrey Mundy and other officers of {{UK-2Ardent}}, mid-1890s.<br><small>Photograph: ''Navy & Army Illustrat On 22 October he was appointed to ''Excellent'' for the short course in torpedo and gunnery, before being appointed to {{UK-1Dreadnought}} on 14 November,
    9 KB (1,320 words) - 11:50, 7 April 2022
  • ...ed in. The rest to Goodwood and I to the Vernon where practically all the officers have already left for remobilisation. While I was on board came the warnin ...message from the Grand Fleet saying the Monarch had just been missed by a torpedo fired from a submarine. PL at one & in great agitation sent off an urgent
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  • ...ser ''Shannon''. Promoted to {{LieutRN}} in May, 1885, he specialised in Torpedo Duties. ...Taylor Dale|Dale]] at the time of the Kruger Telegram. He was one of the officers landed for service in the [[Benin Punitive Expedition]] under Rear-Admiral
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  • ...and on 15 August he was appointed to ''Abyssinia'' for the Indian defence torpedo boat. He was appointed to ''Magdala'' on 1 January, 1893 for the same duty ...isfactory inspection in October, 1902 that was "far from creditable to the officers & men." He remained in command in her until 14 October, 1904.<ref>Kemp Ser
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  • ...certificate. He then proceeded to {{UK-Vernon|f=p}} at Portsmouth for the torpedo course, obtaining a 2nd class certificate in June, and on to {{UK-Excellent ...inister, Sir Claude MacDonald, and suggested that it was "useless" for two officers to remain ashore and asked that MacDonald get him permission to go afloat.
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  • ...xist and went into the Portsmouth Reserve.<ref>"Squadrons and Senior Naval Officers in Existence on 11th November, 1918, and Which Have Now Ceased to Exist." { ===Squadron Torpedo Officer===
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  • ...lked sailing ship. It was the [[Royal Navy]]'s home for the research of [[Torpedo]]es and, soon thereafter, electricity and [[British Adoption of Radio Commu ...ef> In 1872 H.M.S. ''Vernon'' was selected to become the [[Royal Navy]]'s torpedo training school as a tender to ''Excellent''. ''Vernon'' was a fifty gun f
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  • ...his class who also had three firsts. The Admiralty decided that the five officers would be promoted according to seniority. Jellicoe, being the most junior, ...xcellent'' back in Portsmouth he obtained first classes in the gunnery and torpedo courses and on 16 May, 1884 he received a first class gunnery certificate.<
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  • ...osses incurred were nine armed merchant cruisers sunk at the cost of 1,165 officers and men.<ref>Osborne. ''Britain's Economic Blockade of Germany, 1914-1919' The officers who were second in command were generally given direct control of the Secon
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  • ...ree officers of Commanders or Lieutenants rank for gunnery work, three for torpedo work and a marines' officer for general duties.<br>On coming to London my w ...g before the [[Douglas Committee]] on the status of Engineering and Marine Officers in December, 1906, Jellicoe gave his views on discipline:
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  • ...hoisted his flag in command of the [[Home Fleet (Royal Navy)|Home Fleet]] Torpedo and Submarine Flotillas on 1 February, 1905.<ref>"Naval & Military Intellig [[Category:Royal Navy Officers Educated at Eastman's Royal Naval Academy]]
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  • ...edo Boats Present at Spithead 26th June 1897 Together with an Index of the Officers Serving in Them, &c.'' p. 50.</ref>|Succeeded by<br>'''[[Charles Ramsay Ar
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  • According to Dr. Nicholas Black, seventy-seven Royal Navy officers served in the division during the war.{{BlackNavalStaff|p. 21}} ...were tried, and a scheme to arm lifeboats for "Q" ships with hidden 14-in torpedo tubes was abandoned only after ten had been constructed in light of the rea
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  • In September 1887, Craigie was sent to {{UK-Vernon}} for a special full-pay Torpedo Course. [[Category:Royal Navy Officers Educated at North Grove House School]]
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  • ...y attacked & Germans retired, "Conquest" & "Penelope" damaged by gunfire & torpedo but not very seriously. ...troyers shewed no initative as our ships were not attacked. Our losses in officers & men were of course heavy, Hood and Robert Arbuthnot amongst them. The B.
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  • ...for 22 weeks.<br><br>The refit and docking of the ships, and the leave to officers and men, will take place in the course of the time spent in Home waters.<re ===Fleet Torpedo Officer===
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  • ...tely sent word to the Admiralty that Batten was "one of the finest torpedo officers in the Service, and likely to make a name for himself."<ref>Chisholm-Batten ...uary, 1886}} He was then appointed to draft a revision of Volume 3 of the Torpedo Manual.<ref>Chisholm-Batten Service Record. {{TNA|ADM 196/86/125.|}} f. 2
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  • ...ers as may be necessary.<ref>"Regulations and Instructions for the various Officers of the Civil Departments of the Navy." Docket dated 13 January, 1871, enti ...dvise the First Naval Lord on all questions connected with the Gunnery and Torpedo Training Establishments of the Navy.
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  • Of Lieutenants In Time Of War|13 Sept. 1895, p. 15}}{{ToL|The Supply Of Officers For The Navy|30 Sept. 1895, p. 10}} He was appointed President of the Committee on Torpedo Boat Destroyers on 15 March, 1902 vice [[Harry Holdsworth Rawson|Rawson]].
    6 KB (807 words) - 17:41, 22 September 2022
  • responsible for :-<br>(a) Promotions and retirements.<br>(b) Appointing officers and men to the various Stations and making equitable transfers from Station ...three Assistant Paymasters, one Signal Boatswain, one Chief Petty Officer torpedo instructor, five Chief or First Writers, one First Writer, and one lithogra
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  • ...until May 1896. On 9 May, the German government thanked Hamilton and the officers and men of ''Grafton'' for their service in assisting the shipwrecked crew ...tead, he took a Signal Course in November, 1905, followed by a Gunnery and Torpedo Course and finally completed a War Course on 25 January, 1907.<ref>Hamilton
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  • ...{Gaz|26924|7854|31 December, 1897}} He was re-appointed in command of the torpedo cruiser [[H.M.S. Brisk (1886)|''Brisk'']] on 1 January, 1898.<ref>"Naval & [[Category:Royal Navy Officers Educated at Eastman's Royal Naval Academy]]
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  • ...903 whereby the [[Royal Navy]] consolidated initial entry and training for officers of the [[Military Branch (Royal Navy)|Military Branch]], [[Engineer Branch ...of {{LieutRN}}. As Lieutenants they could then specialise in gunnery (G), torpedo (T) and navigating (N) duties as normal (and eventually signalling (S) duti
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  • Before going into action, I had informed officers that one round per gun per control positions and anti-torpedo-craft guns should be protected by thin
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  • Torpedo qualification certificate. List of grades for the final examiniation of the Torpedo Lieutenant's qualification.
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  • ...Mann was informed that he was "guilty of an error in judgement in firing a torpedo from the ''Anson'' in the direction of a Foreign Vessel of War." Ticklish! [[Category:Commanding Officers of the Naval Defence Force of the Colony of Victoria]]
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  • ...appointed to the [[H.M.S. Actæon (Torpedo Training School)|''Actæon'']], torpedo training ship at Sheerness, on 13 August, 1907,{{NLOct08|p. 272}} and assum ...a senior officers' gunnery course, and on 28 February was appointed for a torpedo course.<ref>"Naval and Military Intelligence" (Official Appointments and No
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  • ...e enemy within the North Sea. Ordinarily the Navy would furnish transport officers and protecting ships. These could not be furnished in these circumstances. ...egards finance. The Russian Army was lacking in officers, non-commissioned officers, transport and supply services, roads, and railways. He did not think that
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  • ...Renouf]] of {{UK-Conqueror}} first described in the ''Annual Report of the Torpedo School, 1917''.{{ARTS1917|pp. 201-206, also Plates thereat}} ...n a circle drawn about S whose radius (OS) equals the maximum range of the torpedo at the given speed setting.
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  • ...continue to do so in average weather across any extent of ocean. The fast torpedo-boat catcher of to-day, with a speed of 26 to 27 knots, can outstrip any ot At the same time the invention of the locomotive torpedo by Mr. Whitehead, has rendered small vessels capable of inflicting serious,
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  • ...Director Pattern 2391a]] converted to a T.D.S. Mark III.<ref>''Handbook of Torpedo Control, 1916'', p. 26, Plate 14.</ref><br>Note that the deflection ring B ...400px| '''Modified Rings for T.D.S. Mark III'''<ref>''Annual Report of the Torpedo School, 1918'', Plate 109.</ref><br>Handles added to alter setting shown in
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  • | TNA||ADM 189/73 || Annual Report of the Torpedo School, Mining Appendix, 1916.||Need this for early ASW stuff, certainly||1 | TNA||ADM 189/74 || Annual Report of the Torpedo School, Mining Appendix, 1917-18.||||1917-18||5||TL
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  • ...these were screens of tinted or smoked glass and lights, as used in the [[Torpedo Attack Table]].
    1 KB (163 words) - 11:29, 26 September 2016
  • ...nery Division (Royal Navy)|Gunnery]] and a [[Torpedo Division (Royal Navy)|Torpedo Division]] in 1920. ...charge of a new Division of the Naval Staff to be known as the Gunnery and Torpedo Division (G.T.D.) He will carry out his duties directly under the the Chie
    9 KB (1,430 words) - 06:58, 9 June 2022
  • ...of his duty to ascertain that the instructions issued for guidance of the Officers under him are duly observed. The Superintendent of Ordnance Stores is subo responsible to the Board on all matters connected with the Ordnance and Torpedo material of the Fleet.
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  • ...specialised, becoming Gunnery, and later Torpedo, Navigating, and Signals officers. From 1863 to 1914 a Lieutenant ranked above a [[Sub-Lieutenant (Royal Nav ...abolition of the Navigating Branch and its replacement of Military Branch officers, in 1879 the number of Lieutenants for Executive Duties was increased to 80
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  • ...Clifton Brown|F. C. Brown]] as Gunnery Officer, Lieutenant W. J. B. Law as Torpedo Officer, Lieutenants F. Payne-Galloway, R. S. J. Wigram, and Hugh B. Mullen
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  • | ADM 1/8370/65 || Retirement & Promotion of Officers on Lists of Flag Officers, Captains, & Commanders. || || 1914 | ADM 1/8377/118 || War Staff Training of Naval Officers. || || 1914
    34 KB (4,404 words) - 06:25, 25 December 2014
  • ...rsonnel).<br>Complement Committee questions.<br>Monthly Mobilising List of Officers.<br>Preparation for Peace Man&oelig;uvres (as regards subjects dealt with b ...Stores.<br>Auxiliary requirements at Home Ports.<br>Questions relating to Torpedo Craft and Submarines, Mine-sweeping and Minelaying, War College, Signal Boo
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  • ...immediate vicinity of a magazine. There is also the belief, held by many officers, that the turret magazines are placed under the shell rooms and next to the's letter). I feel greater confidence in the opinions of Naval Officers who know all the interests involved and are not slow to recommend any defin
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  • ...g-right: 10em; text-align: right; color: gray; ">—''Annual Report of the Torpedo School, 1918'', p. 191.</div> '''Torpedo Control''' is a term used much less often than the gunnery equivalent of [[
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  • ...a mine, closed to give assistance and were each torpedoed in turn. 1,459 officers and men were killed. As a direct consequence, large ships of the [[Royal N ...hich runs a little south of the Dogger Bank and Heligoland] clear of enemy torpedo craft and minelayers.'{{UKNavalOpsI| p. 171}}
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  • gun-fire and, in the opinion of Lieutenant- Commander May and two other Officers, there were two separate explosions at short intervals, probably caused by 49. At 6.0 p.m. fired one torpedo from starboard after tube at German Battlefleet, bearing 140° green, resul
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  • mouth " fired a torpedo at her at about 5,000 yards, but the at her, and it is believed that " {{UK-1Falmouth}}'s " torpedo hit, as
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  • 1. To advise and assist the Director of Naval Ordnance on all torpedo matters. ...hips are are provided with the torpedoes, torpedo carriages, and fittings, torpedo and electrical stores, electric search light apparatus which are approved f
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  • ...aphy" were amplified in a four page appendix to the ''Annual Report of the Torpedo School'' in 1897, a feature that repeated and grew to six and then nine pag ...3, 125. Admiralty Letter C.P. {{frac|8254|11450}}, ''Annual Report of the Torpedo School, 1901'', pp. 111-2}}
    25 KB (3,831 words) - 10:28, 10 December 2020
  • ...rection and speed of the enemy had always been a hard requirement to aim a torpedo in the Royal Navy. Some fundamentals were being brought into question. ...t is not precisely known when these conversions took place, but mention of torpedo directors and how their enemy speed settings should be fudged by different
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  • ...German use of W/T, and published an extract in the ''Annual Report of the Torpedo School, 1907''.{{ARTS1907|Wireless Appendix pp. 63-6}} ...It was noted that the Germans intended to ramp up training to ensure that officers knew more than their charges.
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  • * German Torpedo Boats at War: The ''Mowe'' and ''Wolf'' Classes (Part 1 of 2), by Pierre He * German Torpedo Boats at War: The ''Mowe'' and ''Wolf'' Classes (Part 2 of 2), by Pierre He
    60 KB (9,055 words) - 11:54, 3 February 2017
  • ...thing was in the air. Shell room forward seemed still to be going up. The torpedo got us in our forward magazine and evidently sent this up, thereby killing ...t dated 19 November, 1921, in order to facilitate the promotion of younger officers.{{Gaz|32540|9890|6 December, 1921}}
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  • He was lent for command of a torpedo boat in the manoeuvres of 1899, but its number is not recorded.<ref>Townsen [[Category:Royal Navy Officers Educated at Stubbington House School]]
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  • He was appointed to {{UK-Vernon}} on 16 June, 1884 as a torpedo Lieutenant.{{NLJul84|p. 249}} ...ovember, 1888 he was appointed to {{UK-Hecla}} as first lieutenant and for torpedo duties. On 1 November, 1890, Campbell was placed in command of ''Hecla'' f
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  • ...''32428''', col A, p. 10.</ref> Before the month was out, he grounded the torpedo boat and a Court of Enquiry determined that he had taken no time to study c ...y and discipline indicated that Hudleston had shown little tact toward his officers, particularly his commander, [[Herbert Charles John Grant]]. Hudleston inc
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  • ...ff in 1891 while flagship of the [[China Station]], Sclater was one of the officers chosen for re-appointment to the ship upon re-commissioning.{{NLApr91|p. 22 ...s Department on 28 November, 1905. His specific duties was supervision of torpedo fittings to ships being built under contract.{{NLJan07|p. 358}}
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  • [[Category:Torpedo Officers]] [[Category:Torpedo Officers ({{{1}}})]]
    216 B (24 words) - 14:58, 23 August 2012
  • ...ven new, opalescent glass dials with sixteen orders for their [[Chadburn's Torpedo Telegraph]]s, an increase from the twelve orders in the original design. T In 1934, her bell was offered for sale to naval officers and others who might be interested, at the price of £5 or perhaps £1. In
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  • given new, opalescent glass dials with 16 orders for their [[Chadburn's Torpedo Telegraph]]s, an increase from the 12 orders in the original design. They In 1934, her bell was offered for sale to naval officers and others who might be interested, at the price of £5 or perhaps £1. In
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  • In 1919, she was selected to receive one of the first five [[Renouf Torpedo Tactical Instrument Type A]]s.{{ARTS1919|p. 118}} given new, opalescent glass dials with 16 orders for their [[Chadburn's Torpedo Telegraph]]s, an increase from the 12 orders in the original design. They
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  • In 1934, her bell was offered for sale to naval officers and others who might be interested, at the price of £5 or perhaps £1. In commissioned at Portsmouth on 16 November 1937 for use as a target for torpedo-bombers.{{ToL|Royal Navy|16 Nov. 1937, p. 22}}
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  • bell was one of several ships' bells the Royal Navy offered for sale to officers and others interested. It attracted a price of £1-£5, and men were to ap In 1919, ''Wallace'' was selected to receive one of the first five [[Renouf Torpedo Tactical Instrument Type A]]s.{{ARTS1919|p. 118}} These devices, and their
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  • All officers of the [[Royal Navy]] qualified as Gunnery Lieutenant should be in this cat A list of Royal Navy Gunnery Officers who qualified in Gunnery Duties at {{UK-Excellent|f=p}}, the Royal Navy's c
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  • All officers of the [[Royal Navy]] qualified as a Torpedo Lieutenant should be in this category. NOTE: Do not add text to this page if the Torpedo Officer in question has a page for himself.
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  • All officers of the [[Royal Navy]] qualified as a Navigating Lieutenant should be in thi * [[:Category:Gunnery Officers (UK)|Gunnery Officers (UK)]]
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  • '''H.M.S. ''Decoy''''' was one of six [[26 Knotter]]s, early [[Torpedo Boat Destroyer]]s built for the [[Royal Navy]] in the 1890s. ...nces Donaldson, daughter of one of the partners of the firm, named the new torpedo boat destroyer.{{NMI|Thursday, Feb 08, 1894; pg. 4; Issue 34182}}
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  • ...n (T) J. McCarthy impressed his commander with a thorough report on German torpedo boats based on his observations during a visit to Kiel in June.{{ARTS1904|p ...miles. It was discovered that the cable would part at 18 knots.{{ToL|The Torpedo ManoeuvresTuesday, August 16, 1904, Issue 37474, p.9}}
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  • ...ifications to the original design overcame damage to the propellers of the torpedo as it left and a great number of wild shots. It was retained in hopes that ...tation (Royal Navy)|Pacific Station]]. Her complement was reported as 243 officers and men,<ref>"Naval and Military Intelligence." ''The Times''. 20 Februar
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  • ...fficers under his command certain local orders as to the use of boats from torpedo craft in the Firth of Forth." In 1908 Fleet Exercises, Moir failed to make ...}}, hauling it down on 15 January, 1923.<ref>[]</ref>
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  • :One torpedo (high speed setting) was fired at close range by Notes on Gunnery, Torpedo, Electrical and General matters
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  • ...D.N.A. & T. to by-pass him and communicate directly with subordinate flag officers.<ref>{{TNA|ADM 116/1803.}}</ref> The Director of Naval Artillery and Torpedo will be on the Naval Staff, and will advise the Chief of the Naval Staff on
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  • ...naval connections - Brian and his brother William both joined the Navy as officers and Egerton's only sister Dorothy married naval officer [[Philip Wylie Duma .... [ Royal Navy (RN) Officers 1939-1945 - E].</ref> and promoted to {{SubRN}} on 23 August 1906.<ref name
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  • ...iginally dubbed "coastal destroyers", but were reclassified as first-class torpedo boats before 1907. They were often referred to as "the oily wads" due to t ...ere re-numbered - confusingly - as T.B. 1-12 as part of the denigration to torpedo boats.
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  • |chain=Torpedo Boats,First-class Torpedo Boats |type=first-class torpedo boat
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  • A total of 108 officers and men were picked up, of which 14 died and were buried the next day. A torpedo with a smashed afterbody was floating among the wreckage.
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  • Four 45 cm torpedo tubes mounted in pairs on two swivel mounts; one on the forecastle, one tow ...op speed of 28 kts. At 16 kts, the [[Stabilimento Tecnico Triestino|STT]] torpedo boats had a range of 980 nm.
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  • ...alty telling Hubert Edward Dannreuther he has been selected for the Senior Officers technical course in Portsmouth. ...Warrior|f=p}} and {{UK-Forth|f=p}}' from Sep 1916 and a photograph of some officers from HMS INVINCIBLE who were lost when it sank.
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  • ...ome Fleet, conduct during battle, the discharge of men and defence against torpedo attack, 1911. ...Force, regarding naval policy, strategy and tactics, farewell messages to officers and men and the handover and escort of the German High Sea Fleet at their s
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  • Visiting cards left by Russian officers 1904-5 on the Mediterranean station. ...Robert Stewart Phipps Hornby on the housing, organisation, duties, etc. of torpedo schools, 1916-17.
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  • ...January 1891 and a series of letters concerning a disagreement between two officers. Pamphlet: 'Admiralty. List of Her Majesty's Ships, vessels and torpedo boats engaged in the Naval Manoeuvres, July and August, 1888', London, 1888
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  • ...B. 35''' was one of 53 first-class torpedo boats of the [[125 Footer Class Torpedo Boat (1885)|125 Footer class]]. In 1895, she was one of six first-class torpedo boats stationed at Hong Kong.{{ARTS1895|p. 62}}
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  • [[File:GFGTO182Enclosure.jpg|thumb|500px|'''Torpedo Track Indicator''']] be used by torpedo lookout officers to help them judge whether a given torpedo sighting endangered his fleet and therefore grant him the means of making a
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  • ...ons, intelligence, ordnance, fleet exercises, man&oelig;uvres, gunnery and torpedo exercises, &c., Naval works, advice as to senior appointments.<br>Second Na ...ons, intelligence, ordnance, fleet exercises, man&oelig;uvres, gunnery and torpedo exercises, &c., Naval works, advice as to senior appointments.
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  • ...concerning boat exercises, to be added to the General Signal Book. Sent to officers commanding ships of the Detached Squadron by Noel from the battleship HMS N ...ctions for alteration of course by compass pendant. Sent to the commanding officers of the Cruising Squadron from the battleship HMS REVENGE (1892) at Malta an
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  • ...he submarine made a surface torpedo attack and sank the ship with a single torpedo. ''Boscastle'', however, proved to be her only victim during this first cru ...laden with timber for English mines. Once again, she scorned the use of a torpedo in favor of her 4.1-inch and 3.4-inch deck guns and riddled the 272-ton S.S
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  • Torpedo Craft. We had been in action about of an hour After Torpedo Tube at the rear Cruiser. The results of this shot
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  • attack against the enemy battle cruisers at about 4.15pm, after gun and torpedo battle with enemy destroyers who were similarly tasked. :::2. Press home our own torpedo attack on enemy's
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  • ...tituted in 1913 to provide the [[Royal Navy]] with an additional source of officers for the [[Military Branch]]. Boys were entered at a later age, 17½ to 18½ ...according to merit. The same subsequent career will be open to them as to Officers who have entered the Navy through Osborne and Dartmouth.
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  • ...e absence of such visits the clothing should be transmitted by rail to the officers in command of the respective stations. 6. On the withdrawal of the Coast Guard Ships, the officers and men of the Coast Guard in England and Scotland will be transferred to t
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  • ...899''' was a piece of legislation affecting the definitions of service for officers of the [[Royal Navy]]. sanction the following rules and definition of Service as regards Flag Officers, Captains, Commanders, and Lieutenants in Your Majesty's Navy:—
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  • Work book for navigating officers used as a scrapbook for newspaper cuttings, mainly relating to naval confer Volume of caricatures of naval officers and photographs recording recollections and experiences of the ships Richmo
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  • ...1906. He spent two years and a month in ''Argyll'' and commenced a run of torpedo boat and destroyer commands that would eventually distinguish his naval car [[Category:Royal Navy Officers Educated at Eastman's Royal Naval Academy]]
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  • ...temper at times" but was nonetheless recommended for destroyers by several officers.<ref>Alison Service Record. {{TNA|ADM 196/49/217.|D7604315}} f. ?.</ref> Alison was thanked for writing a report on a German torpedo boat and submarine in 1911.<ref>Alison Service Record. {{TNA|ADM 196/49/217
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  • In April, 1911, ''Ghurka'' damaged a torpedo and Jones was admonished that he should have seen that all tests were prope ...t immediately after this order had been given, the "Shark" was struck by a torpedo and sank. Commander Jones was unfortunately not amongst the few survivors f
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  • ...ision with {{UK-Marmion}}" on 21 October, 1917 when he was able to save 22 officers and men under difficult conditions. He was awarded a D.S.O. for his servic ...s admitted to Haulbowline Hospital to be treated for catarrh. He'd lose a torpedo in 1921 and be reminded that he had to recover floating torpedoes as soon a
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  • of the next year, he completed a ten day course working with navigation officers under the direction of Captain [[John Edward Bearcroft|John E. Bearcroft]]. ...n in January, 1909 and in March he was excused examinations for command of torpedo craft.<ref>Campbell Service Record. {{TNA|ADM 196/46/101.|D7603608}} f. 1
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  • as a Midshipman in {{UK-Magnificent}}, c. 1905.<br><small>From official officers' photograph in album of [[George Napier Tomlin]].</small>]] He was one of a good crop of new officers appointed to the {{UK-Magnificent|f=t}} on 15 September, 1904.
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  • ...eceded by<br>'''[[Aubrey Lambert|Aubrey Lambert]]'''|'''[[H.M.S. Defiance (Torpedo Training School)|Captain of H.M.S. ''Defiance'']]'''<br>4 Jul, 1924<ref>Pal [[Category:Royal Navy Officers Educated at Eastman's Royal Naval Academy]]
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  • ...s unsatisfactory shooting in a heavy gunlaying test. Butler and two other officers were found to have failed to establish any system for the firing, or to hav ...16 to what the Admiralty thought to be a mine, but which was more likely a torpedo from {{DE-UB10}}. In the routine Court Martial following her loss, it was
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  • ...ft ''Jupiter'' to take up an appointment at {{UK-Vernon}} for experimental torpedo work and for command of {{UK-1Rocket}}. On 4 April, 1921, he was sent to Portsmouth for a Senior Officers' Technical Course. He ended his naval career with an appointment as [[Cape
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  • ...Dunley claims that the committee "appears to have been largely drawn from officers of the fleet",<ref>Dunley. "Anti-Submarine Warfare in the Pre-First World W ...not papers. ARB/1/12.</ref> On 14 April Arbuthnot went to [[H.M.S. Vernon (Torpedo Training School)|H.M.S. ''Vernon'']] to discuss gear and experiments with i
    21 KB (3,267 words) - 08:57, 2 October 2020
  • ...of Marmora. Less widely recalled were his profound contributions to the [[Torpedo Control]] mechanisms available to British submariners, developing the [[Nas [[Category:Royal Navy Officers Educated at Eastman's Royal Naval Academy]]
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  • ...lass certificates in Pilotage and Gunnery, but his 184 of 200 marks in his torpedo exam earned him a first class certificate in torpedoes on 25 September, 190 Layard attended a training course for Sea Transport Officers in 1934. In 1937, he was noted as being suitable for such work in an emerg
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  • ...He emerged on 3 November and was appointed to {{UK-Hannibal}} as first and torpedo officer.<ref>Kiddle Service Record. {{TNA|ADM 196/44/250.|D7576610}} f. 250 Kiddle was appointed to {{UK-Andromeda}} as torpedo officer and for duty with ships of the 4th Division, Home Fleet on 16 Novem
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  • until 1 July, 1918 when Rose was appointed as Captain Superintendent of Torpedo Boat Destroyers.<ref>Rose Service Record. {{TNA|ADM 196/45/14.|D7603266}} [[Category:Royal Navy Officers Educated at Stubbington House School]]
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  • of his division were following and proceeded to ram and cut an enemy torpedo boat in two. The success of the engagement was thought to hinge upon his e On 14 October, 1929, Rede went to a Senior Officers' War Course. This ended on 21 February, 1930 and Rede died just ten days l
    10 KB (1,553 words) - 12:09, 7 April 2022
  • ...pointment, Hutchison proved himself a clever man, inventing an adapter for torpedo pistols that could convert them to a time-and-percussion function. The dev ...grounded. A review of a Board of Enquiry pinned the fault on Hutchinson's officers, who had served him poorly. It was made plain that Hutchinson did not dese
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  • Barron was thanked for his services in helping the Admiralty increase the torpedo armament of "V" and "W" class destroyers in 1919. However, when {{UK-Wolse ...rse turns awaited him, however, as he was removed from the list of retired officers on 15 February, 1927 as a consequence of his conviction on a charge of embe
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  • as a Midshipman in {{UK-Magnificent}}, c. 1905.<br><small>From official officers' photograph in album of [[George Napier Tomlin]].</small>]] Grubb was commended for his work in sinking two German coastal torpedo boats {{DE-A2}} and {{DE-A6}} on 1 May, 1915 at the [[Battle off Noordhinde
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  • ...n as an Midshipman in {{UK-Magnificent}}, c. 1905.<br><small>From official officers' photograph in album of [[George Napier Tomlin]].</small>]] ...e did not do very well, obtaining third class certificates in Pilotage and Torpedo and failing Gunnery, initially. Brown was noted for submarines in December
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  • ...ff at {{UK-Vernon}} before undertaking a string of service appointments as torpedo officer in a variety of ships, including {{UK-1Resolution}}, {{UK-Glory}} a While wrapping up a half-year appointment as first and torpedo officer in {{UK-PrinceOfWales}}, Cole was promoted to the rank of {{CommRN}
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