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  • the latest. He also updated Asquith on the progress of plans for a War Staff: ...sociated in a 'War Staff Circle' (or Committee) under the Chief of the War Staff, who will be the servant of the Board of Admiralty as a whole, tho' brought
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  • Jellicoe's intention to combine the positions of First Sea Lord and Chief of Staff can be reliably dated to the end of April, 1917. On 30 April the Prime Min ...Chief of the Staff in place of the old system whereby the Chief of the War Staff was an officer under his immediate orders, interposed, as it were, between
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  • ...position still exists today on the Admiralty Board which directs the Royal Navy. ...he First Sea Lord and Chief of Naval Staff and the [[Deputy Chief of Naval Staff]], were defined in the Board's distribution of business of 27 June as:
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  • ...fficers served in the division during the war.<ref>Black. ''British Naval Staff''. p. 21.</ref> ...[David Richard Beatty, First Earl Beatty|Earl Beatty]], the Chief of Naval Staff, gave his approval on 17 March.<ref>"Organisation of Operations Division."
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  • ...]'s [[Admiralty War Staff]] and successor [[Naval Staff (Royal Navy)|Naval Staff]]. ...aurice|Maurice S. FitzMaurice]], had been additional Assistant Director of Naval Intelligence in the N.I.D.
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  • ...val Staff]]. Admiral Sir John Jellicoe, First Sea Lord and Chief of Naval Staff, in response to a proposal from the First Lord, [[Edward Henry Carson, Baro ..., and contained much of the workings of the [[Intelligence Division (Royal Navy)|Intelligence Division]]. At any rate, the section was but a couple of min
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  • A Convoy Section of the Naval Staff had been set up on 25 June, 1917 under Fleet Paymaster [[Henry Wilfred Eldo According to the Staff History, the Convoy Section was constituted as the '''Mercantile Movements
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  • According to Dr. Nicholas Black, thirteen Royal Navy officers served in the '''Minesweeping Division''' during the war.{{BlackNa [[Category:Royal Navy Naval Staff Divisions]]
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  • ...enlargement of the work of the preceding [[Anti-Submarine Committee (Royal Navy)|Anti-Submarine Committee]] to coordinate existing and devise new weapons a According to Dr. Nicholas Black, seventy-seven Royal Navy officers served in the division during the war.{{BlackNavalStaff|p. 21}}
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  • [[Category:Royal Navy Naval Staff Divisions]]
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  • ...gence Division (Royal Navy)|Intelligence Division]] of the [[Admiralty War Staff]]. ...sible for drawing up schemes of mobilisation.<ref>Allen. ''Origins of the Naval Intelligence Department''. p. 73.</ref>
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  • ...that the office of the Admiral of Patrols would be at the Admiralty.<ref>"Naval and Military Intelligence" (Official Appointments and Notices). ''The Time Alexander Ballard|nick=George A. Ballard|appt=1 May, 1914<ref>"Naval and Military Intelligence" (Official Appointments and Notices). ''The Time
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  • ...'' for the office of [[Director of Naval Ordnance (Royal Navy)|Director of Naval Ordnance]]. ...and to consult with him on all points connected with the ''matériel'' of Naval Gunnery, and by direct communications in writing whenever desirable. The c
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  • ==Directors of Training and Staff Duties== <div name=fredbot:officeDir otitle="Director of Training and Staff Duties" nat="UK">
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  • ...[[Gunnery Division (Royal Navy)|Gunnery]] and a [[Torpedo Division (Royal Navy)|Torpedo Division]] in 1920. ....T.D.) He will carry out his duties directly under the the Chief of Naval Staff.<ref>Office Memorandum No. 190 of 27 June, 1918.</ref></blockquote>
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  • Instructions for the [[Naval Ordnance Department (Royal Navy)|Director of Naval Ordnance and Torpedoes]] at the [[Admiralty]]. ...and Fourth Sea Lords fully informed of all details in connection with the Naval Ordnance Service which ought to be brought to their notice respectively.
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  • The '''Naval Mobilisation Department''' was a department of the Admiralty from 1909 to 1 ...n Department.{{UKNavalStaff|p. 48}} It became part of the [[Admiralty War Staff]] in 1912.
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  • Instructions for the [[Naval Intelligence Department (Royal Navy)|Director of Naval Intelligence]] at the [[Admiralty]]. ...Department, but the Director of Naval Intelligence will apply to the other Naval Lords on all matters which are connected with their duties in the distribut
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  • ...taff Duties]] were initialled by the [[First Sea Lord]] and Chief of Naval Staff, [[Rosslyn Erskine Wemyss, First Baron Wester Wemyss|Sir Rosslyn E. Wemyss] The attached Memorandum defining the duties of the Director of Training and Staff Duties has been approved by the Board.
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  • Created in 1903, the '''Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve''' provided much of the manpower Britain required to crew ...ere:<ref>''Statement of the First Lord of the Admiralty Explanatory of the Navy Estimates, 1914-1915''. p. 16.</ref>
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