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  • Two '''Panther Class Torpedo Cruisers''' were completed for the [[Austro-Hungarian Navy]] in 1886. ==Torpedo Control==
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  • The two '''''Scout'' Class torpedo cruisers''', were completed for the [[Royal Navy]] in 1885 and 1887. ===Torpedo Control===
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  • The eight '''''Archer'' Class torpedo cruisers''', were completed for the [[Royal Navy]] between 1888 and 1891. * two twin 14-in torpedo tubes
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  • ...r, six armoured cruisers, eighteen light cruisers, seventeen gunboats, 110 torpedo boats, and 229 submarines.<ref>Herwig. ''"Luxury" Fleet''. p. 222.</ref>
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  • ...two whoppers, with 15-inch guns, and speed enough to run any German light cruiser off the face of the ocean."<ref>''Transactions of the Institution of Naval ...nt of four 15-inch guns would be more than a match for any raider or light cruiser that might be encountered.<ref>"Large Light Cruisers 'Courageous' & 'Glorio
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  • ...e; if there were a Pattern 50 light bulb, could there also be a Pattern 50 torpedo director? The numbers appeared after 1885, as no mention is found in ARTS |1875 || Cruiser Arc Lantern<ref>Admiralty Weekly Orders. 28 Feb, 1913. {{TNA|ADM 182/4}}.
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  • ...ard VII Class Battleship (1903)|''King Edward VII'']] and [[Minotaur Class Cruiser (1906)|''Minotaur'']] classes.{{TheSightM|p. 94, 108, Plate 47}} ...em and the weapons proved to have little effectiveness at the ranges where torpedo attack became deeply worrying.
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  • ...ght by the wind and swung along side a moored cruiser, crushing one of the cruiser's boats while avoiding collision. By the end of 1915, she had been equipped with a [[Torpedo Control Plotting Instrument Mark I]] in her {{TCT}}. This probably made he
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  • There was [[H.M.S. Ajax (1934)|a light cruiser named ''Ajax'']] launched in 1934 which saw action against the pocket battl Between late 1915 and mid 1917, she was fitted with a [[Torpedo Control Plotting Instrument Mark II]] in the {{TCT}}.{{HTC1916|p. 38}}{{ART
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  • Lieutenant-Commander [[Brian Egerton]] served as torpedo officer and first Lieutenant-Commander of ''Valiant'' between March 1915 un of the {{UK-BS|5}} under Captain Woollcombe in support of the [[Battle Cruiser Force]] with her sisters, less ''Queen Elizabeth''.
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  • The four [[Scout Cruiser|scout cruisers]] of the '''Admiral Spaun Class''' were completed between 19 ==Torpedo Control==
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  • On 11 January, 1897, he was appointed in command of the torpedo cruiser [[H.M.S. Cossack (1886)|''Cossack'']].<ref>"Naval & Military Intelligence" ...y. From 16 July to 26 August 1901, he commanded the first-class protected cruiser [[H.M.S. Amphitrite (1898)|''Amphitrite'']] in the annual manœuvres. Afte
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  • ...Second, Fourth and Sixth Battle Squadrons, and presumably the First Light Cruiser Squadron) to discuss the forthcoming operation before the fleet proceeded t ...<br>2. My Lords will, as desired, give orders for all available Ships and Torpedo Craft to proceed to the position of the Fleet Action on learning from you t
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  • ...l ship construction, the construction of the former battleship, now battle cruiser [[H.M.S. Renown (1916)|''Renown'']] building at Fairfield was speeded up, w ...ed cover for British destroyers when the Germans attempted to press home a torpedo-boat attack.<ref>Buxton. ''Big Gun Monitors''. p. 52.</ref> Afterwards,
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  • ...s, ''Raglan'' being despatched on the 28 June in tow of the old protected cruiser ''Diana''. She arrived on 22 July and went straight into action, supporting ...ning of the 20 January, 1918, the battlecruiser ''Goeben'' and her consort cruiser ''Breslau'' sneaked out of the straits in the mist of the Sunday morning. '
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  • ...n 20 March 1909 and joined the [[First Cruiser Squadron (Royal Navy)|First Cruiser Squadron]] of the First Division, [[Home Fleet (Royal Navy)|Home Fleet]]. ...atform were rebuilt, and her forward searchlight battery reorganised. Her torpedo nets and booms were removed entirely. A rangefinder hood for a 9 foot rang
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  • ...']], [[Monmouth Class Cruiser (1901)|''Monmouth'']] and [[Devonshire Class Cruiser (1903)|''Devonshire'']] classes were to land their searchlights from their ...torpedo stored near it; its other two would be stored in the aft submerged torpedo room.
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  • She completed her two days torpedo trials at Spithead on the evening of 24 September, 1895. Firing from a sta ...Battleship (1894)|''Majestic'' class battleships]] and two [[Cressy Class Cruiser (1899)|''Cressy'' class cruisers]] being sent there to be demobilised on th
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  • ...']], [[Monmouth Class Cruiser (1901)|''Monmouth'']] and [[Devonshire Class Cruiser (1903)|''Devonshire'']] classes were to land their searchlights from their ===Torpedo Control===
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  • ...']], [[Monmouth Class Cruiser (1901)|''Monmouth'']] and [[Devonshire Class Cruiser (1903)|''Devonshire'']] classes were to land their searchlights from their ...still growing, these ships were to receive two [[18-in Fiume Mark III** H. Torpedo]]es each.{{ARTS1909|p. 14}}
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  • There was also a heavy cruiser named {{UK-London}} completed in the late 1920s. ..., she landed her 12-in armament as well as the aft 12-in turret as well as torpedo nets. She was left with an armament of three 6-in and one 4-in gun, presum
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  • ...']], [[Monmouth Class Cruiser (1901)|''Monmouth'']] and [[Devonshire Class Cruiser (1903)|''Devonshire'']] classes were to land their searchlights from their ...still growing, these ships were to receive two [[18-in Fiume Mark III** H. Torpedo]]es each.{{ARTS1909|p. 14}}
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  • remove all of them, but this would have left the ships too weak against torpedo craft or in low visibility. Eventually, it was decided to remove the ten c ...ere B.L. Mark X on Mark V S mountings, as also used in the [[Warrior Class Cruiser (1905)|''Warrior'' class cruisers]], able to elevate 15 degrees and depress
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  • ...were mounted on P. IV* mountings, similar to those in the [[Minotaur Class Cruiser (1906)|''Minotaur'']], [[King Edward VII Class Battleship (1903)|''King Edw ...em and the weapons proved to have little effectiveness at the ranges where torpedo attack became deeply worrying.
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  • ===Torpedo Control=== By the end of 1920, it was decided that she should also receive a [[Renouf Torpedo Tactical Instrument Type A]], as had been decided for {{UK-NewZealand}} the
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  • ===Torpedo Control=== In 1919, she was selected to receive a [[Renouf Torpedo Tactical Instrument Type B]].{{ARTS1919|pp. 118, 119}}
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  • ...ord Fisher]], the [[First Sea Lord]], objecting to the removal of a battle cruiser from his command: ...l Commanding the [[First Battle Cruiser Squadron (Royal Navy)|First Battle Cruiser Squadron]] referred in a letter to Jellicoe to "TIGER being as yet unfit" t
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  • The four [[Third Class Cruiser|third class cruisers]] of the '''Gem Class''' were completed in 1904 and 19 ...rovided [[Voicepipe]]s, possibly with one for gun control and a second for torpedo control.{{HFCI1914|p. 67}}
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  • * two submerged 18-in torpedo tubes arranged on the broadside forward, depressed 3 degrees and bearing ab {{Footer Challenger Class Cruiser (1902)}}
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  • ...acceptance trial was projected to take place on 11 March.<ref>"The Battle Cruiser Lion" (News). ''The Times''. Tuesday, 13 February, 1912. Issue '''39820' ...liary set]], but it was to be replaced by a [[Type 10 Wireless Set|Type 10 Cruiser Auxiliary set]].{{ARTS1913|W/T Appendix, p. 13}}
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  • '''H.M.S. ''Princess Royal''''' was a battle cruiser of the [[Royal Navy]] which saw active service throughout the First World W ...were athletic sports the next day involving the whole of the First Battle Cruiser Squadron, organised by a general committee presided over by Captain [[Alfre
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  • ...liary set]], but it was to be replaced by a [[Type 10 Wireless Set|Type 10 Cruiser Auxiliary set]].{{ARTS1913|W/T Appendix, p. 13}} ...r service in the [[First Battle Cruiser Squadron (Royal Navy)|First Battle Cruiser Squadron]].<ref>"Naval and Military Intelligence" (Official Appointments an
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  • |type=torpedo boat |chain=Torpedo Boats
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  • He was appointed to {{UK-Vernon}} on 9 September, 1883 to qualify as a torpedo Lieutenant.{{NLJul84|p. 250}} He emerged with a first-class certificate in ...the German submarine which had fired the torpedo, ''U-24'', fired another torpedo into ''Formidable'', which sank at about 04:45. Despite the best efforts o
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  • [[File:HandbookTorpedoControl1916Plate41.jpg|thumb|400px| '''Torpedo Sight Corrector'''{{HTC1916|Plate 41}}]] ...ate the effect of [[Torpedo Director|director]] errors for men using the [[Torpedo Attack Trainer]].{{ARTS1916|p. 34. (A.L. G. 6788/16)}}
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  • ...Torpedo Attack Table''' was a [[Torpedo Control]] teaching aid to practice torpedo attacks. [[File:ARTS1915Plate9.jpg|thumb|200px| '''Torpedo Attack Trainer'''{{ARTS1915|Plate 9}}<br>Early design sketch ]]
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  • He became a gunnery expert, founded the Navy's torpedo branch and upon joining the [[Board of Admiralty]] started a twenty-year pe ...truction. The torpedo school was established in the hulk [[H.M.S. Vernon (Torpedo Training School)|''Vernon'']] and subsequently became a separate command in
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  • ...."<ref>Wester Wemyss. p. 33.</ref> On 12 October he was appointed to the torpedo depôt ship [[H.M.S. Hecla (1878)|''Hecla'']] in the Mediterranean. He wa ..., a family friend. On 6 May, 1892, he received his first command, that of Torpedo Boat 21, which was commissioned for training purposes.<ref>{{TNA|ADM 196/42
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  • ...went to Woolwich Arsenal, London, for a seven day course of instruction in torpedo apparatus. Jackson had a strong interest in the scientific aspects of his ...ineteenth century and was the world's first effective self-propelled naval torpedo, developed by an English engineer, [[Whitehead & Company|Robert Whitehead]]
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  • 6.40 p.m.—Ship of [[Warrior Class Cruiser (1905)|''Warrior'' class]], bearing S.E., 3-4,000 yards, was observed attem 6.55 p.m.—{{UK-Marlborough}} struck by a mine or torpedo on starboard side. She listed quickly to starboard but continued
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  • ...survived the loss of that ironclad on 15 January, 1865, when she struck a torpedo, exploded, and sank with a loss of 75 lives. fit out {{US-SanFrancisco}}, and assumed command when that [[protected cruiser]] was commissioned on 15 November, 1889. He was detached in June, 1892 to
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  • In 1886, UIW was awarded a one million dollar contract to build a Naval cruiser, the {{US-Charleston}}, which they completed in eighteen months. From the c |{{US-1Charleston|f=p}}||protected cruiser||19 Jul, 1888||Wrecked 2 Nov, 1899
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  • |{{US-Alarm|f=p}}||torpedo ram||13 Nov, 1873|| 28 Feb, 1898 |{{US-1Cincinnati|f=p}}||protected cruiser||10 Nov, 1892||Sold 4 Aug, 1921
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  • ...tain the berthing space that would be required to accommodate the fourteen torpedo boat destroyers that were expected to be delivered shortly from the contrac |{{UK-Polyphemus|f=p}}||torpedo ram||15 Jun, 1881||Broken up 1903
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  • ...rose to become the head of the torpedo-arm which he re-organised into the torpedo inspectorate. 1895. In 1896–97 he commanded the [[German East Asia Squadron|Asian cruiser squadron]] and oversaw the gain of [[Jiaozhou Bay|Kiaochow]] as a German na
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  • |colspan=2|'''Light Cruiser''' ...Battle's effects required some immediate changes. {{UK-Marlborough}} had torpedo damage to repair, and so was removed from her role as flagship while she wa
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  • ...xpense in S.S. ''Cuzco'', arriving back on 9 June. He was appointed to the cruiser {{UK-1Mersey}} for the annual man&oelig;uvres from 4 July to 22 August, the ...rpedo, obtaining First Classes in both. On 17 July he was appointed to the cruiser {{UK-1Melpomene}} in the Pacific as First Lieutenant and gunnery officer. I
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  • ...nt two years in the [[H.M.S. Vernon (Torpedo Training School)|''Vernon'']] torpedo school with an additional six months as staff officer of that establishment ...3978.] 10 July, 1896.</ref> After three years at sea as commander of the cruiser {{UK-Terrible}} and the {{UK-Caesar|f=t}} he returned to the ''Vernon'' in
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  • He was appointed First and (G) of the battle cruiser {{UK-Invincible}} in August, 1913. He became just the gunnery officer on 1 ...{{LieutRN}} [[Cecil Stanley Sandford|Cecil S. Sandford]], ''Invincible'''s Torpedo Lieutenant.{{NLJan15|p. 338}} They were rescued by the {{UK-Badger|f=t}}.
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  • ...B, p. 6.</ref> He was appointed to {{UK-Vernon}} on 11 January, 1884 as a torpedo Lieutenant.{{NLJul84|p. 249}} ...ton was appointed in command of the torpedo school ship [[H.M.S. Defiance (Torpedo Training School)|''Defiance'']] at Devonport on 1 November, 1897.<ref>"Nava
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  • ...Class Battleship (1914)|''Revenge'' class]] dreadnought battleships.<ref>"Cruiser Squadron and Battle Squadron Programme." {{TNA|ADM 1/8383/179}}. p. 14.</ ...ond flagship. {{UK-Dreadnought}} has ceded her flagship role, and another cruiser has attached.{{SMNLDec14|p. 8}}
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  • ...taff of the ''Vernon'' was appointed in 1899 to the {{UK-Jupiter|f=t}} for torpedo duties. ...his subject under the title "The Evolution of the Submarine Boat, Mine and Torpedo".
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  • ...tee appointed to examine the capabilities of the Whitehead, or locomotive, torpedo in 1870. He then served afloat for six years, during which time his profes ...,{{NLJul78|p. 249}} a hulk in Portsmouth harbour recently established as a torpedo school. For the next three years Wilson devoted his great talent and energ
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  • the sides. For many years this remained the accepted type of Admiralty cruiser, culminating in 1894 (after White had become director of naval construction armoured cruisers were built to White's designs. Many smaller cruisers, torpedo boat destroyers, and miscellaneous vessels, were designed by White and buil
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  • ...he was appointed to ''Excellent'' for a short course in gunnery, and for a torpedo course in ''Vernon'' from 15 March to 27 April. He was appointed to ''Ruby ...ed Rear-Admiral Commanding the [[Fifth Cruiser Squadron (Royal Navy)|Fifth Cruiser Squadron]] on 5 April, 1907, thus beginning an association with the Home Fl
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  • ...6, in which he led most of his [[First Cruiser Squadron (Royal Navy)|First Cruiser Squadron]] to destruction against the German [[High Sea Fleet]]. Arbuthnot ...ny thought was carried to seemingly grotesque lengths. When commander in a cruiser on the South American station he had midshipmen as part of a seven-point da
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  • ...d the same eight pre-dreadnoughts as in December, 1912, now supported by a cruiser.{{DittColl|p. 15}} It had no light cruiser attached.
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  • ...{{UK-Russell}} from the newly-disbanded {{UK-BS|6}}, and also a new small cruiser.{{SMNLApr15|p. 10}} ===Squadron Torpedo Officer===
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  • ...tguard ships for an annual cruise "to carry out evolutions and gunnery and torpedo exercises in company." The [[Senior Naval Lord]], [[Walter Talbot Kerr|Lor ...|Cruiser Squadron]], the Coastguard ships, and the [[Inspecting Captain of Torpedo Boat Destroyers]].<ref>Admiralty letter M.0375 of 30 July, 1902. The Natio
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  • ...College with a Third Class pass, and in May obtained a Third Class pass in Torpedo work and a Second Class pass in Gunnery work in August. ...Rear-Admiral Commanding the [[Fourth Cruiser Squadron (Royal Navy)|Fourth Cruiser, or Training Squadron]] in succession to Rear-Admiral [[Edward Eden Bradfor
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  • ...)|''Sultan'']] on 10 January, 1884, having attained second class passes in torpedo, gunnery and a first class pass in pilotage.<ref name=Record105/> ...ointed to ''Sultan''. On 26 September, 1885 his application to qualify in torpedo duties was duly noted. He had been expecting to be appointed Flag-Lieutena
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  • The composition remains as in December, 1913. A scout cruiser is attached, though it may have been, previously.{{AWO1914|109 of 10 July, ===Squadron Torpedo Officer===
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  • ...from 28 Feb - 9 March, when the Second Division of the Home Fleet & Second Cruiser Squadron were on the way to Vigo. During the time the system for reporting ...troyer Flotillas should be instructed to prepare revised rules for putting Torpedo craft out of action, especially when flotillas are operating against each o
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  • ...e of the Falkland Islands]] in 1914, where his squadron destroyed a German cruiser force in South American waters, thus avenging the British defeat at [[Battl ...igned topic to explore the impact of the introduction on the ram, mine and torpedo on various aspects of naval training and operations. His work won the Gold
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  • ===Torpedo Control=== {{Footer Dresden Class Cruiser (1907)}}
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  • ...pointed to the cruiser {{UK-1Crescent}}. He was then given command of the torpedo boat destroyer {{UK-1Decoy}} in the [[Devonport Flotilla]]. On 21 March, 1902 he was appointed First Lieutenant of the cruiser {{UK-Amphitrite}}. On 3 April he was transferred to the battleship {{UK-Ve
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  • Senior Officers' Signal Course, and thence for a series of Gunnery and Torpedo courses.<ref>ADM 196/42. f. 135.</ref> Yelverton was appointed in command of the cruiser {{UK-1Suffolk}} on 19 August, 1914.{{NLOct15|p. 398''d-k''}}
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  • ===Torpedo Control=== {{Footer Magdeburg Class Cruiser (1911)}}
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  • ==Torpedo Control== {{Footer Zenta Class Cruiser (1897)}}
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  • |{{UK-1Surprise|f=p}}||third class protected cruiser||17 Jan, 1885||Sold 1919 |{{UK-Alacrity|f=p}}||third class protected cruiser||28 Feb, 1885||Sold 1913
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  • ...ber, 1875.</ref> In May, 1877, after a short period in the ''Vernon'' for torpedo instruction, he was appointed executive officer of the ''Thunderer'', Chann ...0 tons weight, and over three days arranged to successfully tow the French cruiser into deep water, assisted by a small Turkish warship.<ref>''Navy & Army Ill
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  • They were similar to the earlier [[Magdeburg Class Cruiser (1911)|''Magdeburg'' class]] in armour and distinctively German 10.5-cm arm ===Torpedo Control===
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  • | bgcolor="#f5faff"|1st Torpedo Officer | bgcolor="#f5faff"|2nd Torpedo Officer
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  • ...yly|Bayly]] ceased to be the responsibility of the Rear-Admiral Commanding Torpedo Boats, [[Robert Archibald James Montgomerie|Robert A. J. Montgomerie]], who ...ut there are now eight battleships rather than six, and there is one fewer cruiser.{{NLOct04|pp. 267, 269}}
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  • ...-westward, rapidly cleared the battleline, disclosing a German 3-funnelled cruiser somewhat like the ''Kolberg'' Class, but with larger funnels; she was appar 6.23 p.m.—Opened fire with the Turrets on the 3-funnelled cruiser. Bearing about 80 green. Range, 11,000. Fall of shot very easy to observe
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  • * Commander (T) [[Evan Campbell Bunbury|Evan C. Bunbury]] was the torpedo officer, located in the Conning Tower on the Mess Decks. ...{{UK-Warrior}} now crossed ''Lion's'' bow and were engaging a light German cruiser, who was seriously injured by them. This caused ''Lion'' to cease fire and
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  • * Torpedo officer: Lt. Comr. [[Walter Neville Lapage|W. N. Lapage]] ...of the usual weekly cruises towards the Fisher Banks. The [[Third Battle Cruiser Squadron (Royal Navy)|3rd B.C.S.]] had gone up to Scapa Flow for target pra
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  • ...e Cruiser Fleet]], and at 3.55 a signal was made by senior officer, Battle-cruiser Fleet, that he was engaging the enemy. At 4 <small>P.M.</small> senior officer, 2nd Light-cruiser Squadron, reported enemy battle-fleet in sight steering east, and at 5 <sma
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  • ...ed by witnesses about 1,000 yards on the starboard beam. No track of this torpedo was observed, though looked for by several observers immediately after the At 7.10 p.m. fired a torpedo at a disabled German ship with three funnels. This may have been the same
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  • ...d then that the enemy's Battle Fleet were coming North and that the Battle cruiser fleet and [[Fifth Battle Squadron (Royal Navy)|5th Battle squadron]] were e ...readnought (1906)|''Dreadnought'']], with the Attached cruisers, 4th Light Cruiser squadron and Destroyers were steaming S.E. by S. at full speed, a nominal 2
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  • ...eed 18 knots. Observed British [[Battle Cruiser Fleet (Royal Navy)|Battle Cruiser Fleet]] of 4 ships in line ahead, engaged with enemy battle cruisers; latte ...very indistinct. (No ranges being obtainable.) Also on a four funnelled cruiser between the lines, apparently damaged and stopped.
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  • ...oelig;uvres, and paid off on 28 August. He was appointed to the protected cruiser ''Amphion'' on the [[Pacific Station (Royal Navy)|Pacific Station]] on 21 D ...uld remain in ''Vernon'' until 24 August, 1893. He attained a first class torpedo certificate at the Royal Naval College in July, 1892, and obtained a first
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  • ===Torpedo Control=== {{Footer Graudenz Class Cruiser (1913)}}
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  • He specialised in torpedoes, and as Lieutenant he served from 1892 in the cruiser {{UK-Orlando}} in Australian waters, and in the {{UK-1Centurion}} and [[H.M ...f Enquiry held on 1st June at Sheerness to investigate causes of loss of a torpedo."<ref>Chatterton Service Record. {{TNA|ADM 196/88.|}} f. 98.</ref> By the
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  • ...and Submarine Craft Flotillas in Commission and Reserve, in the protected cruiser [[H.M.S. Sapphire (1904)|''Sapphire'']] on 1 January, 1907, replacing Rear- [[Category:Rear-Admirals Commanding, Torpedo Boat and Submarine Craft Flotillas (Royal Navy)]]
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  • ...dron. He succeeded to his father's baronetcy in 1901. After command of a cruiser squadron he was given command of the [[Second Battle Squadron (Royal Navy)| ...May, 1899.</ref> and on 11 July he was appointed to command the protected cruiser [[H.M.S. Brilliant (1891)|''Brilliant'']] for the annual manœuvres.<ref na
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  • ...ging torpedo net defence, sailing races and occasional target practice and torpedo firings. At his first annual rifle practice Dreyer was recognised as a pot ...he received a First Class in Gunnery with 543 and in May a First Class in Torpedo with 184 marks.<ref>ADM 196/44. f. 353.</ref> On 27 May 1898, Dreyer was
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  • '''Life on a French Cruiser in War Time''' by René Milan, translated from the ''Les Vagabonds de la Gu ...ters like a thoroughbred, drags with her cruisers and her two squadrons of torpedo boats to the adventure in which some one must die.
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  • ...he northern area is also favourable to a concentration of our cruisers and torpedo craft with the Battle Fleet; such concentration on the part of the enemy be that the latter may be manœuvred into any desired position behind the cruiser screen. This is a strong additional reason for fighting in the northern ar
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  • Shortly before noon, the Light Cruiser Squadron were observed to be firing; it was then about eight miles away, sl As the light cruiser's antagonist was obviously beaten-her upper deck a mass of wreckage and onl
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  • ...val document, 1914, recovered by the Russians from the wreck of the German cruiser 'Magdeburg', with MS. notes. See Sir Winston Churchill, ''The World Crisis, ...of Jellicoe, principally with the Admiralty, and (ff. 61-124) memoranda on torpedo attack and defence, 1916.
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  • :Available vessels. Battle-cruiser Fleet, Fifth Battle Squadron and T.B.D.s including Harwich T.B.D.s proceed :Third Battle Cruiser Squadron, "Chester" and "Canterbury" will leave with me. I will send them o
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  • The two [[Armoured Cruiser|armoured cruisers]] of the '''''Prinz Adalbert'' class''' were completed in ===Torpedo Control===
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  • ...o left. Shortly after this, the {{UK-BS|5}} was seen following our Battle Cruiser Squadron and firing at the enemy, but the flashes of these enemy ships' gun | Opened fire on enemy Battle Cruiser; range, 10,000 yards. Target could just be made out, but her number in the
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  • 3.50 p.m. at the time when the engagement commenced between the battle cruiser fleets. ...oncentration signal 2P being received, fire was shifted to the rear battle cruiser; range, 19,500; she was straddled several times, turned away, and eventuall
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  • ...}} Having qualified as torpedo lieutenant he served for three years in the cruiser {{UK-Imperieuse}}, flagship of the China station. ...n the cruiser {{UK-Blake}}, flagship of the North America station, and the torpedo depot-ship {{UK-Vulcan}}. He was promoted to the rank of {{CommRN}} on 1 J
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  • At 4.40 p.m., after receiving the report from the 2nd Cruiser Squadron that the enemy's Battle Fleet was in sight, Beatty made a general ...quadron, one of which (fired before 7 p.m.) hit the ''Marlborough''. This torpedo did not therefore come from the destroyer attack at 7.20 p.m. But a refere
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  • He was appointed Commanding Officer of [[H.M.S. Vernon (Torpedo Training School)|H.M.S. ''Vernon'']] on 15 September, 1914. {{NLDec14|p. 38<br>'''[[Cole Cortlandt Fowler|Cole C. Fowler]]'''|'''[[H.M.S. Defiance (Torpedo Training School)|Captain of H.M.S. ''Defiance'']]'''<br>31 Aug, 1907{{NLOct
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  • At 6 P.M. the Torpedo Lieut. fired a 12,000 yard torpedo at the enemy's Battle Squadron, then on our starboard quarter. ...once more appeared in sight and we opened fire. At 8.8 we passed an enemy cruiser [7] with either 3 or 4 funnels and 2 masts, very heavily hit and in a sinki
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  • ===Torpedo Control=== {{Footer Pillau Class Cruiser (1914)}}
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  • ...erm from ''Britannia'' was embarked for an extended training cruise in the cruiser ''Isis''.<ref>Pack. ''Britannia at Dartmouth''. p. 161.</ref> When the ...subsequently borne. In 1910 she was replaced by the third-class protected cruiser [[H.M.S. Pomone (1897)|''Pomone'']].<ref>Davies; Grove. ''The Royal Naval
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  • As you know, I was on the cruiser ''Cressy'' on September 22, 1914, when in company with the cruisers ''Abouk [213] While doing this the ''Hogue'' was hit by a torpedo from a German submarine and very quickly settled down. Indeed, no sooner wa
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  • In late 1915, a Gunnery and Torpedo Order noted a lack of stiffness in the F.T. 24 due to its weight being grea The ''Annual Report of the Torpedo School, 1918'' mentions this pedestal mounting as the model in the T.C.T.s
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