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The Royal Humane Society, founded in 1774, bestowed Silver and Bronze medals and also sometimes certificates on vellum to people who saved, or attempted to save life at sea. This was not a military or naval award, per se, but one bestowable upon any worthy individual. This article will focus on naval-related awards, particularly during the Dreadnought Era.

A list of Royal Navy and Royal Marine war-time recipients of these awards appears in the Navy List of October, 1918.[1] Another list encompassing all naval and marine awards given to date is found in the Navy List of October 1878.[2] To reduce our scope to a manageable scale, I have included only those men whose rank at the time of award indicate they are on a customary "officer track".

The awards sometimes were simply vellums or parchment certificates, sometimes included along with a medal of Gold, Silver or Bronze. A clasp to be affixed to a medal was often used to indicate a second award received of the same type.

One good source for R.H.S. Medals is a thesis available online.[3]

Stanhope Gold Medal Recipients

The Gold, or Stanhope Medal was created in the name of Silver Medal awardee Chandos Scudamore Scudamore Stanhope to honour the person whose lifesaving deed was deemed bravest of the year. There had been a gold medal of some other kind prior to the Stanhope's creation.[4]

Year of Deed Recipient Notes
1875 Lieutenant Frank Henry Rogers Unsuccessful rescue of man overboard on the high seas.[3]
1877 Acting Sub-Lieutenant Robert Archibald James Montgomerie Unsuccessful rescue of J. E. Hocker overboard from Immortalité. Albert Medal also awarded.[3]
1878 Lieutenant Lewis Edmund Wintz Successful rescue of man overboard on the high seas.[3]
1880 Captain Edmund Robert Fremantle Successful rescue of man overboard on the high seas.[3]
1897 Gunner George Barrett Chainey Successful rescue of man from inshore boat accident.[3]
1901 RANK? Lowry Successful rescue of man shipwrecked on the high seas.[3]
1906 Sub-Lieutenant Delorest John Dumergne Noble Unsuccessful rescue of man overboard on the high seas.[3]
1913 Commander Wilfred Tomkinson Unsuccessful rescue of man overboard on the high seas.[3]
1917 Sub-Lieutenant Aubrey Arthur Douglas Grey Quasi-successful rescue of exhausted Lt. Walters after ship lost
1922 Midshipman Peter Coats Hutton Successful rescue of seaman Herbert R. Reynolds in the wake of loss of the cruiser H.M.S. Raleigh
1934 Lieutenant Hugh Nicholas Aubyn Richardson saved the life of seaman E. J. Archer overboard Wolfhound at anchor in squally Lamlash Harbour, diving 30 feet from the bridge of the ship.[5][6]
1958 Lieutenant John Nowell Hall saved 11 year-old son of governor of Malta[7]

Silver Medal Awardees

There appears to be a bias to award officers a Silver medal (rather than a Bronze medal) for men such as stokers, A.Bs. or cooks.

Year of Award Recipient Notes
1833 Lieutenant George Davies
1835 Captain Thomas Leigh cannot find him in Navy Lists or TNA[8]
1835 Lieutenant Richard Hanmer Bunbury "H. Bunbury" in the Navy List
1835 Midshipman B. Willoughby
1836 Midshipman John Bourmaster Dickson
1837 Lieutenant R. N. Claxton
1837 Lieutenant R. N. Hall
1837 Lieutenant James Hector McKenzie Robertson
1838 Midshipman William Richard Smith
1838 Captain Thomas Ross
1838 Lieutenant G. C. Jones
1838 Midshipman J. D. Palmer
1840 Commander John Williams Aldridge
1841 Captain — Stanley his name is given as a dash
1843 Lieutenant (Mate?) W. T. Turner from H.M.S. Serpent, Turner saved a man near Amoy from a sunk pinnace
1844 Lieutenant — Caldwell name given as a dash
1844 Lieutenant — Vansittart name given as a dash
1845 Lieutenant William Houston Stewart
1845 Lieutenant Frederick Pelham Warren
1845 Lieutenant Robert Charles White
1846 Lieutenant Robert Amyett Newman
1846 Lieutenant-Commander — Wolridge only his last name is given, and an anachronistic [?] rank
1847 Lieutenant William Richard Smith perhaps a second award and therefore a clasp
1847 Lieutenant Henry William Hire
1848 Lieutenant The Rt. Hon. Lord W. B. de Blaquière succesfully saved a child in harbour[3]
1849 Lieutenant Oliver John Jones "O. L. Jones" in the Navy List, but his Service Record confirms he is correct
1849 Lieutenant Sherard Osborne
1850 Commander John Walter Tarleton
1850 Captain Cheeseman Henry Binstead
1850 Lieutenant Edward Wylde
1851 Lieutenant Chandos Scudamore Scudamore Stanhope the Stanhope Medal would be named in his honour
1852 Midshipman John Wolcot Lambe
1852 Lieutenant Thomas Saumarez
1852 Lieutenant J. L. Sulivan
1852 Commander John Walter Tarleton 2nd award
1852 Captain John Ross Ward
1852 Commander W. H. M. Dougal
1852 Commander Alan Henry Gardner
1853 Midshipman Frederick Semple
1853 Midshipman E. J. Brooks
1854 Lieutenant Marcus Lowther
1855 Lieutenant G. C. Jones
1855 Lieutenant Frederic Vernon Issac
1855 Captain William Jenny Pengelley
1855 Midshipman E. W. B. Portman
1855 Lieutenant, R.M. Frederick George Pym
1855 Midshipman Charles Francis Walker
1855 Midshipman William Stirling
1855 Commander John Robert Woodriff
1855 Lieutenant Frederick Vernon Isaac
1856 Lieutenant Henry Barre Beresford of Medina, saved Private Robinson in the Bosphorus
1856 Lieutenant Baron H. Von St. Paul
1856 Commander Charles Wake of Hannibal, saved shipmate Maurice Hood at Smyrna w/ A.B. James Pringle
1857 Lieutenant John Crawford Wilson
1857 Lieutenant Henry Christian
1857 Lieutenant The Hon. Albert Denison Somerville Denison
1857 Captain George Hathorn
1858 Midshipman George John Anstruther
1858 Lieutenant George Arthur Tyrhitt Drake "G. T. Drake" in Navy List
1859 Midshipman Francis Hay Chapman
1858 Commander Edwin John Pollard
1859 Lieutenant Charles Richard Fox Boxer
1860 Lieutenant William Robert Kennedy
1860 Captain Edward Hardinge
1861 Midshipman Lawrence Ching
1861 Lieutenant Arthur Hildebrand Alington
1861 Lieutenant Orford Somerville Cameron
1861 Commander Algernon Charles Fieschi Heneage saved a boy overboard at Sierra Leone
1861 Lieutenant James Henessy Coxon
1861 Lieutenant George Dartmouth Fitzroy
1862 Lieutenant Francis Henry Hasting
1864 Lieutenant Henry Salmond
1864 Lieutenant Nathaniel Bowden-Smith
1864 Template:NavCadetRN Frank Arthur Halloran
1864 Lieutenant Charles Augustus John Heysham
1865 Sub-Lieutenant Henry Ambrose Mandeville
1865 Lieutenant Philip Reginald Hastings Parker
1866 Midshipman Alexander John Leith
1866 Lieutenant William Edward Fitzgerald
1866 Lieutenant William Hargraves Mitchell Molyneux
1867 Captain James Edward Hunter
1867 Lieutenant Charles Sedgfield Donner
1867 Navigating Lieutenant John Bell Johnson
1868 Lieutenant Charles Vernon Anson
1869 Navigating Lieutenant John James Atkins Gravener
1878 Midshipman Lewis Edmund Wintz
1868 Midshipman Reginald Neville Custance
1868 Commander James Henessy Coxon 2nd award - clasp
1868 Navigating Sub-lieutenant Charles Edward Drake
1869 Navigating Sub-lieutenant Berry Norris West
1869 Sub-Lieutenant Reginald Orme Brenton Carey Brenton
1870 Commander Walter Talbot Kerr
1870 Commander Edward Poulden
1870 Navigating Sub-Lieutenant Thomas James Henry Rapson
1870 Sub-Lieutenant Alfred Aldersey Taylor
1870 Midshipman Harry Edward Thomson saved Thomas Hodges, who fell off Nymphe at Bombay[9]
1870 Sub-Lieutenant William Balfour Forbes
1870 Lieutenant Clement Laprimaudaye
1871 Lieutenant Harry Holdsworth Rawson
1871 Commander Harry Holdsworth Rawson possibly, two awards in same year as promoted in Sept
1871 Lieutenant Sidney Glenton Smith
1871 Sub-Lieutenant William Leckie Hamilton Browne in Navy List as "W. S. H. Browne"
1872 Sub-Lieutenant Gustavus Humphry Yonge
1872 Sub-Lieutenant Reginald Orme Brenton Carey Brenton 2nd award - clasp
1873 Sub-Lieutenant Robert Thomas Wood
1875 Sub-Lieutenant Frank Henry Rogers
1875 Midshipman Walter Stuart Smith
1876 Lieutenant Reginald Orme Brenton Carey Brenton 3rd award - clasp
1877 Lieutenant John Locke Marx w/ Lt. Heyland, saved John J. Burke, overboard from Achilles
1877 Midshipman Thomas Willoughby Shortland "T. W. Shorltand" [sic] in Navy List
1877 Lieutenant William Pierre Lunell Heyland w/ Lt. Marx, saved John J. Burke, overboard from Achilles
1878 Lieutenant Lewis Edmund Wintz 2nd award - clasp; also Stanhope Medal
1878 Navigating Sub-Lieutenant Arthur Edward Saul deed from Vestal in lost pinnace, Feb 3 1878
1880 Captain Edmund Robert Fremantle
1885 Commander Frederick St. George Rich
1888 Lieutenant James Winstanley Pochin
c. 1893 Seaman George Barrett Chainey
1897 Gunner George Barrett Chainey also Stanhope Medal
1899 Commander Edward Francis Benedict Charlton attempt to save the life of a seaman in Muda River, Penang
1900 Lieutenant Robert Nesham Bax Saved a man from the dock at Chatham[10]
1906 Sub-Lieutenant Delorest John Dumergne Noble awarded the Stanhope Gold Medal, too
1906 Lieutenant James William Fairtlough
1909 Commander Ernest Augustus Taylor
1909 Lieutenant Frederick Hare Hallowes
1911 Acting Sub-Lieutenant R.N.R. Charles Creighton Halliday
1912 Lieutenant Guy Hamilton
1912 Lieutenant Arthur Marsden
1912 Sub-Lieutenant John Francis Williams
1912 Commander Claude Lionel Cumberlege
1912 Lieutenant Noel Marcus Francis Corbett
1913 Commander Wilfred Tomkinson Also the Stanhope Medal
1915 Lieutenant Charles Norman Ebden Currey would be recommended again on 4 April, 1923 for saving A.B. at Constantinople
1915 Lieutenant Edward de Faye Renouf heroic event on 14 October, 1914
1915 Lieutenant Norman Atherton Wodehouse saved seaman on 11 December, 1914
1915 Stoker, Malta R.N.R. Angelo Muscat
1915 2nd Writer Percy Henry Hore
1915 A.B. William Ernest Moyes
1915 Lieutenant Guy D'Oyly-Hughes
1915 A.B. John Henry Creasey
1916 Temporary Lieutenant James Collis Bird
1917 A.B. Philip J. W. Reynolds cannot identify -- check The Times
1917 Commander Francis Hutchinson Laprimaudaye Lewin
1917 Petty Officer, 1st Class Arthur Henry Craven
1917 Lieutenant R.N.R. Francis Allsop Innes
1917 Lieutenant Edward Chicheley Thornton
1917 Sub-Lieutenant Markham Henry Evelegh
1917 Midshipman R.N.R. Cyril George Scotcher
1917 Telegraphist, R.N.V.R. Frank Wilson
1918 Engineer, R.N.R. Charles J Bristow

Bronze Medal Awardees

Year of Award Recipient Notes
1846 Lieutenant John William Finch
1847 Lieutenant Augustus Bullock
1855 Lieutenant Henry George Belson For some reason, he is called "E. H. Belson" and "H. E. Belson". Undiscovered brother? Saved William Mortimer in Neptune at Lisbon 1 Dec 1855
1856 Lieutenant Lewis Morris Croke
1860 Midshipman W. C. Shuckbury
1861 Lieutenant Alexander Buller
1861 Commander Charles Ludovic Darley Waddilove
1861 Midshipman John Eliot Pringle
1862 Midshipman J. F. Price
1862 Midshipman Edward Seale
1862 Lieutenant Charles Hutton Wilkinson
1863 Midshipman Charles William de la Poer Beresford
1863 Lieutenant John Fellowes
1863 Midshipman John Henry Eyres Parker [?] "J. E. Parker" in the Navy List
1864 Midshipman Frank Anthony Gataker
1864 Lieutenant Edward William Hereford
1864 Lieutenant Walter Leigh Bamber
1864 Lieutenant Laurens Matthews Malet
1864 Template:NavCadetRN Richard Betton Sayce
1864 Template:NavCadetRN A. B. Stacpoole
1865 Sub-Lieutenant Charles Vernon Anson
1865 Midshipman Seymour Henry Pelham Dacres
1865 Midshipman Lewis Eyre Sealy Vidal
1866 Captain Edward Barnard
1866 Lieutenant Orford Churchill
1866 Lieutenant Noel Stephen Fox Digby
1867 Naval Cadet Francis Edgar Roullat Fielding
1867 Commander Edward Bond Harrison Franklin
1867 Midshipman Richard Keown-Boyd
1867 Lieutenant James Edward Tully
1867 Lieutenant James Anderson Morice possibly a Royal Marine?
1868 Navigating Lieutenant Frederick Alexander Haig
1868 Navigating Lieutenant William Walter Kiddle
1868 Lieutenant Lynedoch Needham Moncrieff
1868 Midshipman Anson Schomberg
1868 Sub-Lieutenant Lionel Andros de Sausmarez
1869 Sub-Lieutenant C. V. [illeg]son
1869 Sub-Lieutenant H. R. [illeg]ms
1869 Lieutenant Hilary Gustavus Andoe
1869 Sub-Lieutenant Matthew William Abbott
1869 Lieutenant George Samuel Brown
1869 Lieutenant Clement Laprimaudaye
1869 Captain Sir Malcolm Macgregor, Bart.
1869 Midshipman Charles Cecil Stuart
1869 Navigating Lieutenant Alfred Thomas
1869 Midshipman Edmund Barker Van Koughnet
1870 Midshipman William Pierre Lunell Heyland
1870 Lieutenant Walter Leigh Bamber 2nd award - clasp
1870 Lieutenant William Henry Lewin
1870 Lieutenant Charles Elero Napier
1871 Lieutenant Charles William de la Poer Beresford 2nd award - clip
1871 Lieutenant Edward Alverne Bolitho
1871 Lieutenant Georges Crofton Collingwood Carter
1871 Lieutenant Reginald Friend Hannam Henderson
1871 Sub-Lieutenant William Abraham Ludington Quixans Henriques
1871 Lieutenant Lewis Tobias Jones
1871 Lieutenant George Shergold Smith
1872 Sub-Lieutenant William Colvin Vashon Baker
1872 Lieutenant Alexander Cochrane Troubridge Bruce
1872 Navigating Sub-lieutenant James George Fowling
1872 Sub-Lieutenant W. C. V. [illeg]ker
1872 Sub-Lieutenant George Lindsay Malcolm Leckie
1872 Lieutenant Francis Joseph Pitt
1872 Lieutenant Gerald Murray Richardson
1872 Midshipman George Le Clerc Egerton
1873 Midshipman Robert Swinburne Lowry
1873 Sub-Lieutenant Clement Royds
1873 Lieutenant Lewis Fortescue Wells
1874 Lieutenant Horace Reid Adams
1874 Midshipman Hubert Edward Madden Bourke
1874 Sub-Lieutenant M. O. Callaghan
1874 Midshipman Arthur Archibald Campbell Galloway
1874 Navigating Midshipman Arnot Henderson
1874 Lieutenant Edward Grey Hulton
1874 Commander Charles Gray Jones
1874 Sub-Lieutenant Frederick Lenox Langdale
1874 Sub-Lieutenant Frederick Gilbert Charles Langdon
1874 Sub-Lieutenant John Locke Marx
1874 Lieutenant Arthur William Moore
1874 Lieutenant Oswald Peploe Tudor
1875 Commander Seymour Henry Pelham Dacres 2nd award - clasp
1875 Sub-Lieutenant Frederick Elton
1875 Acting Navigating Sub-Lieutenant Charles Chimmo Jeffery
1875 Navigating Lieutenant Arnot Henderson
1875 Lieutenant Archibald James Pocklington
1875 Lieutenant Edmund Samuel Poë
1875 Lieutenant The Hon. Francis Robert Sandilands
1875 Lieutenant James Lacon Hammet
1875 Midshipman Edward Lohet Lowdell
1875 Sub-Lieutenant Harry George Grey
1876 Lieutenant Alfred Carpenter
1876 Sub-Lieutenant Frederick Lenox Langdale 2nd award - clasp
1876 Navigating Lieutenant William Hare Maunsell
1876 Lieutenant Edmund Samuel Poë 2nd award - clasp
1876 Navigating Lieutenant William Morrah Savage
1876 Midshipman James Startin
1877 Captain Edmund Robert Fremantle
1877 Lieutenant Frederic William Dean
1877 Sub-Lieutenant Frederick Gordon McKinstry
1877 Sub-Lieutenant Richard Otho Polwhele
1877 Lieutenant Archibald James Pocklington 2nd award - clasp
1878 Lieutenant Eustace Rooke
1878 Lieutenant Gerald Lycidas King-Harman
1883 Lieutenant William Blake Fisher
1883 Lieutenant Richard Bowles Farquhar
1883 Lieutenant George Pigott Carruthers Gray
1883 Lieutenant Frank Hannam Henderson
1883 Lieutenant Richard Bingham Newland
1883 Lieutenant James Startin 2nd award -- perhaps a clasp
1883 Lieutenant Wade Keppel
1884 Lieutenant John Casement
1885 Commander Barton Rose Bradford
1885 Lieutenant Walter Bassett Basset
1885 Commander James Lacon Hammet 2nd award -- a clasp
1885 Commander The Hon. Francis Robert Sandilands
1890 Lieutenant Angel Hope Freeman
1889-93 Lieutenant Angel Hope Freeman saved a petty officer named Roe from drowning off Barbados
1890 Midshipman Norman Litchfield Stanley at Tasmania
1893 Naval Cadet Philip Douglas Roberts West at loss of H.M.S. Victoria
1897 Gunner George Barrett Chainey fact-check the year
1901 Lieutenant Sydney Harold Tennyson jumped into water to save man[11]
1901 Lieutenant Louis Herbert Crozier jumped into Chatham dock basin to save a man[12]
1904 Lieutenant Frederick Lewis Maitland Boothby saved Petty Officer I. Crisp at IChang on 6 June 1904
1904 Sub-Lieutenant Hubert Vaughan-Jones attempt at Portland Roads
1904 Lieutenant Cyril Callaghan saved fellow officer
1904 Lieutenant William George Astell Ramsay-Fairfax 1894?
1905 Lieutenant Kenneth Gofton-Salmond
1906 Gunner John Reep saved boy at Devonport
1906 Lieutenant Francis Allen Newton Cromie attempt at Spithead
1906 Lieutenant R.N.R. John Burn
1906 Sub-Lieutenant Percy Frederic Newcombe
1906 Lieutenant John Lewis Pearson
1906 Sub-Lieutenant Brian Egerton
1906 Lieutenant George Frederick Basset Edward-Collins
1906 Lieutenant Thomas Clarence Wilsone saved H. J. Harding at Lagos
1907 Lieutenant George Knightley Chetwode
1907 Sub-Lieutenant Walter Macdonald Nash
1907 Gunner Allan Earle
1907 Lieutenant Marcus Francis Beresford Whyte
1907 Commander John William Leopold McClintock
1907 Lieutenant Charles Campbell Lambert
1908 Lieutenant Hubert Greenwood
1908 Commander Hugh Edwards
1908 Acting Sub-Lieutenant R.N.R. Harold Percy Keeley
1909 Lieutenant Charles Gordon Brodie
1909 Commander David Thomas Norris
1909 Lieutenant Ernest William Denison
1909 Lieutenant Hartley Russell Gwennap Moore
1909 Sub-Lieutenant R.N.R. Robert Lancelot Fortescue Hubbard
1910 Lieutenant Hubert Vaughan-Jones 2nd award -- a clasp
1910 Lieutenant Francis William Scott
1910 Lieutenant Charles George Brodie
1910 Lieutenant R.N.R. Robert Andrew Milne
1910 Template:NavCadetRN Arthur Guy Norris Wyatt
1911 Lieutenant James Bairstow Bateman
1911 Commander Alfred Dudley Pickman Rogers Pound
1911 Gunner Michael O'Halloran
1912 Lieutenant Herbert Gerald Briggs
1912 Lieutenant Cyril Thomas Howard White
1912 Gunner Samuel Charles Arthur Smith
1913 Lieutenant Alfred Francis Blakeney Carpenter
1913 Lieutenant Hugh Hext Rogers
1913 Commander Norman Litchfield Stanley
1913 Lieutenant R.N.R. David Blair
1914 Sub-Lieutenant John Douglas Harvey
1914 Lieutenant Lord Congleton
1914 Sub-Lieutenant Richard Stoddart Benson
1914 Lieutenant Arthur Ronald Farquhar
1914 Sub-Lieutenant Kenneth Maximilian Wilkinson
1914 Lieutenant Geoffrey Alban Hattersley-Smith
1914 Commander Cecil George Chichester
1914 Boy, 2nd Class Victor Henry Beal
1914 Leading Stoker John Pattison
1914 A.B. William Henry Peake
1914 Gunner Robert William Martin clasp added to one from 1900
1914 Boatswain David Harry Fleming
1914 Sub-Lieutenant Claude Denzil Bury
1914 Gunner Ernest George Haycraft
1914 Sub-Lieutenant William Stephen Richard King-Hall
1915 Sub-Lieutenant R.N.R. John Wales
1915 Lieutenant Ingleby Stuart Jefferson
1915 E.R.A., 3rd Class Herbert George Civil
1915 Template:PrivRMLI William Edwin Joy
1915 Template:PrivRMLI Albert Warrilow
1915 Mate R.N.R. John Duthie
1915 Template:Mate2RNR Thomas Henry Coughtrey
1915 Leading Seaman Edward Walls
1915 A.B. Bertie Coe
1915 Petty Officer Frederick William Setter
1915 Petty Officer Francis George Selwood
1915 Leading Signalman A. H. Bennett cannot identify -- check The Times
1915 A.B. George Ward
1915 A.B. Alexander Macdonald Ballantyne
1915 A.B. William Richardson Cape
1915 Officer's Steward, 3rd Class G. P. Joughin cannot identify -- check The Times
1915 A.B. J. W. Donnelly cannot identify -- check The Times
1915 Bugler, R.M.L.I. J. F. Jackson cannot identify -- check The Times
1915 Lieutenant-Commander Aylmer Newton George Firebrace
1915 Sub-Lieutenant Gilbert Charles Auglin Whitelocke
1915 Signaller Francis Thomas Stephenson
1915 A.B. Henry Matthias Farrell
1915 Chief Steward Clifton P. Derrick cannot identify -- check The Times
1915 Deck Hand, R.N.R. James Jappy
1915 Gunner, R.M.A. Albert Ernest Perry
1915 Lieutenant-Commander George Hamilton Dennistoun
1915 Sub-Lieutenant Wilfred Rupert Patterson
1915 Leading Seaman Alfred Plumb
1915 A.B. Reginald John Burke
1915 Petty Officer Edmund Hiley
1915 Engineman, R.N.R. Thomas Pratt
1915 Private, R.M.L.I. Percy James Jacobs
1915 Boatswain Albert Edward Pearson
1915 Temporary Surgeon Thomas H. Cresswell cannot identify -- check The Times
1915 Midshipman Richard Ralph Beauchamp
1915 Sub-Lieutenant R.N.R. Richard Ernest Robinson
1915 Asst. Paymaster, R.N.R. Ernest Daniel Bailey
1915 Stoker, R.A.N. Wilfred V. McGrath cannot identify -- check The Times
1915 Sub-Lieutenant R.N.R. Walter William Fish
1915 Lieutenant-Commander William Burrows
1915 Officers' Steward, R.A.N. Herbert H. Kemsley cannot identify -- check The Times
1915 Stoker, R.A.N. James H. Colton cannot identify -- check The Times
1915 A.B. Maurice Christopher Spillane
1915 Stoker George Whitmore
1915 Petty Officer, Coast Guard Goddard Halliday
1915 Lieutenant Michael Edmund East
1915 A.B. Thomas Blaney Thornton
1915 Sub-Lieutenant R.N.R. (or more junior) Henry Spencer Laidlaw Fargher
1915 Trimmer, R.N.R. James M. Turrell cannot identify -- check The Times
1915 Petty Officer David John Greene
1915 Coxswain William Shaw
1915 Quartermaster Sergeant, R.M.L.I. Edward Coupland
1915 Stoker James Hart
1915 A.B. George Fowler
1915 Fireman William M. Tilley cannot identify -- check The Times
1915 Deckhand William L. Gibson cannot identify -- check The Times
1915 Stoker 1st Class Charles Jones
1916 Acting Mate Alfred Leary
1916 Lieutenant John Alan Pennington Legh
1916 A.B. F. C. Powell cannot identify -- check The Times
1916 Ordinary Seaman Arnold Rogers
1916 Seaman, R.N.R. Thomas H. Smedley cannot identify -- check The Times
1916 Deck Hand, R.N.R. W. Moncrieff cannot identify -- check The Times
1916 Boy, 1st Class W. H. Owens cannot identify -- check The Times
1916 Deck Hand, R.N.R. James Bradford
1916 Lieutenant-Commander Cyril Herbert Gordon Benson
1916 Gunner Matthew Thomas
1916 Acting Gunner William Catley
1916 Deck Hand, R.N.R. Bert Huntingdon
1916 Leading Stoker Richard Tarbotton
1916 Seaman, R.N.R. George Laurence
1916 Seaman, R.N.R. Hugh McKay
1916 Deckhand, R.N.R. R. Newsham cannot identify -- check The Times
1916 Sub-Lieutenant R.N.R. Richard Power
1916 Lieutenant Montague Wriothesley Noel awarded Bronze clasp in 1917
1916 Engineering Sub-lieutenant James Stanley Erskine
1916 Captain, R.M.L.I. John Gilbert Horne
1916 Template:PrivRMLI David Wray
1916 Lieutenant Humphry Collis Woolrych TNA has him as Humphrey
1916 Template:PrivRMLI F. Dockett cannot identify -- check The Times
1916 Sub-Lieutenant Stanley Napier Blackburn
1916 Cook's Mate Frederick Tyrrel
1916 Surgeon Probationer, R.N.V.R. Walter E. Heath cannot identify -- check The Times
1916 Second Hand, R.N.R. Henry Beamish
1916 A.B. Squire Ready
1916 Deck Hand, R.N.R. Louis Summers
1916 A.B. Frank Kivell
1916 A.B., R.N.V.R. Algernon Edward Aspinall
1916 Leading Seaman Michael Flynn
1916 Stoker Arthur Henry Ernest Harton
1916 Chief Petty Officer William Mark Hollingsworth
1916 Lieutenant, R.N.C.V.R. Hibbert Binney Dart
1916 Lieutenant R.N.R. Walter Benjamin Wenlock
1916 Petty Officer R.N.R. William A. Adams cannot identify -- check The Times
1916 A.B. Wilfred Horace Small
1916 A.B., R.N.V.R. John Hendry
1916 A.B., R.N.R. L. Hayden possibly Leonard or Lewis
1916 Stoker W. C. Howard cannot identify -- check The Times
1916 Seaman, R.N.R. Frederick J. Belton cannot identify -- check The Times
1916 Gunner Victor Spyers
1916 Mate Rupert Richard Devlin
1916 Lieutenant R.N.R. Albert Charles Allman, D.S.C.
1916 Chief Petty Officer W. H. Martin cannot identify -- check The Times
1916 Gunner, R.M.A. Cyril Edward Wood
1916 Acting Tindal Osman Hamed
1916 Petty Officer, 1st Class Frederick Lamport clasp
1916 Lieutenant Henry Cecil Courtney Clarke
1916 Midshipman Arthur S. Willis cannot identify -- check The Times
1917 Commander The Hon. Bertram Thomas Carlyle Ogilvy Freeman Mitford
1917 Sub-Lieutenant R.N.R. Fred Woodhead
1917 Lieutenant The Hon. Lovel William Coke
1917 A.B. Charles H. Smith cannot identify -- check The Times
1917 Yeoman Signaller Walter Stuart Smithies
1917 A.B. William G. King cannot identify -- check The Times
1917 Seaman, R.N.R. Thomas Foy
1917 A.B. George Roach
1917 Leading Stoker Edward Herbert Rutledge
1917 Petty Officer, 1st Class Henry Shepherd
1917 Deck Hand, R.N.R. Charles E. Holt cannot identify -- check The Times
1917 Leading Seaman Horace George Argent
1917 A.B. Ernest Taylor
1917 Lieutenant Henry James Hartnoll
1917 S.S.A. George William Lea was in Dreel Castle
1917 E.R.A., R.N.R. Robert Norrie
1917 Petty Officer Frederick J. Wood cannot identify -- check The Times
1917 Stoker Christopher R. Walker cannot identify -- check The Times
1917 Signaller, R.N.V.R. Charles Clarke Morrison attempted to save a life on 24 November 1916
1917 Leading Stoker John H Shaw
1917 Leading Signaller Frederick Charles Trotman Aust
1917 A.B. Arthur Leborgne
1917 Leading Seaman, R.N.R. David Hamil
1917 Ship's Cook William McKnight
1917 A.B., R.N.R. John McBay
1917 A.B. Frederick Charles Lander attempt to save life 15 October 1916
1917 Sub-Lieutenant R.N.R. John Douglas Gibbon Chater
1917 A.B. James Frederick Trevett saved a life on 26 October 1916
1917 Commander Charles James Colebrooke Little tried to save A.B. from H.M.S. Fearless
1917 Template:SkipRNR Thomas Dunn
1917 Leading Seaman, R.N.R. Alexander Watson
1917 Template:PrivRMLI Arthur V. Knight cannot identify -- check The Times
1917 A.B. W. Hedgecock cannot identify -- check The Times
1917 Boy, 1st Class Walter Frederick Roake saved an elderly woman from drowning
1917 Stoker George S. Reynolds cannot identify -- check The Times
1917 Leading Seaman Angus McArthur
1917 Gunner, R.M.A. James Johnson
1917 Able Seaman James Thomas
1917 Template:CSkipRNR Charles Edward Ellis
1917 Gunner Thomas Bidgood
1917 Lieutenant, N.Z.R.N.R. Alexander Watchlin
1917 Sub-Lieutenant R.N.R. Hector McLean
1917 Sub-Lieutenant R.N.R. John Blakeway Tipton saved a life on 16 November 1916
1917 Lieutenant Manfred Jerome Palmes tried to save seaman at Zanzibar, 20 Sep 1916
1917 Midshipman Ronald Gordon Murray attempted to save seaman at Zanzibar, 20 Sep 1916
1917 Deck Hand, R.N.R. John Pengelly
1917 Lieutenant R.N.R. Harold Holehouse
1917 Sub-Lieutenant R.N.R. Scrafton Le Gay Holthouse
1917 Lieutenant Thomas Humfrey Welsby
1917 Steward Henry Buckland
1917 Lieutenant R.N.R. Harry Vernon Seddall
1917 Sub-Lieutenant R.N.R. James Richard Dicks
1917 Leading Seaman John Tavrit
1917 Deck Hand, R.N.R. Charles Adams
1917 Engineer Sub-lieutenant, R.N.R. Albert Annett
1917 Lieutenant R.N.V.R. Norman Root
1917 Template:PrivRMLI Leonard Ramm
1917 Gunner Alexander Wesley Stephens
1917 Engineer Sub-lieutenant, R.N.R. John Bailey Holroyd saved a seaman on 16 May 1917
1917 A.B., R.N.V.R. Richard Ready
1917 Sub-Lieutenant Frederick Charles Neville Gospatrick Thursby
1917 Template:SkipRNR William Henry Armstrong
1917 Engineer Sub-lieutenant, R.N.R. John Barclay
1917 Lieutenant R.N.R. Rupert Roscoe
1917 Bombardier, R.M.A. William Croft
1917 Deck Hand, R.N.R. John H. Kerrulsh cannot identify -- check The Times
1917 Petty Officer Kenneth Tom McKenzie Cooper
1917 Template:ERA4RN Albert Horace Allen saved George Winston off Saltash on 31 August, 1917
1917 A.B., R.N.V.R. Ernest Taylor
1917 Stoker Albert Elliot
1917 A.B. William H. Russell cannot identify -- check The Times
1917 A.B., R.N.R. Patrick Keefe
1917 Bugler Frederick William Harry Peters saved John S. Maddison at Southsea on 14 July 1917
1917 Stoker J. McNee perhaps John McNee
1917 Signalman A. Graham cannot identify -- check The Times
1917 Lieutenant R.N.R. Charles Green Coull
1917 A.B. John Smith
1917 Seaman, R.N.R. Sidney Smith
1917 Deckhand, M.M.R. Edgar A. Jones cannot identify -- check The Times
1917 Engineman, R.N.R. Richard Cowling
1917 Able Seaman Donald Clarke
1917 Second Hand, R.N.R. Robert Wright
1917 Leading Deck Hand, R.N.R. George T. Squires cannot identify -- check The Times
1917 Leading Stoker J. W. Jordan cannot identify -- check The Times
1918 Sub-Lieutenant Christopher Montague Vernon Francis Dalrymple-Hay
1918 Template:CSkipRNR John Main Noble
1918 Signal Boy Frederick R. Garrard cannot identify -- check The Times
1918 Leading Seaman James Forbes
1918 Lieutenant R.N.V.R. Andrew Kern Cameron commanded Motor Launches
1918 Surgeon Probationer, R.N.V.R. George B. D. Gray cannot identify -- check The Times
1918 Lieutenant R.N.R. Lawrence Henry Faragher
1918 Artificer Engineer James Percy Pearson saved life of P.O. John Boyce at Dundee on 10 January 1918
1918 Boy Artificer Walter Smith
1918 Leading Telegraphist, R.N.V.R. George Ross
1918 A.B. H. A. Field cannot identify -- check The Times
1918 Stoker, R.N.R. Thomas Winn
1918 Corporal, R.M.A. Gordon George Robertson
1918 Gunner, R.M.A. Henry Charles Butcher
1918 Lieutenant R.N.V.R. Alfred Lloyd Braithwaite
1918 Lieutenant R.N.V.R. Francis Edward Temple-West
1918 Stoker Petty Officer J. T. Latham cannot identify -- check The Times
1918 Stoker Petty Officer J. Roberts cannot identify -- check The Times
1918 Steward William T. Johnson cannot identify -- check The Times
1918 Acting Leading Seaman, R.N.V.R. Arthur Eggleton
1918 Petty Officer R.N.R. George W. New cannot identify -- check The Times
1918 Template:Stoker1RN Thomas Brignall Cox Bobinson attempted a rescue on 15 April, 1918
1918 A.B. Joseph Beswick attempt made on 2 January, 1918 - presumably brother to John Beswick
1918 Deck Hand, R.N.R. Ernest Eves
1918 Stoker John Beswick attempted to save William Alexander on 2 January 1918
1918 Petty Officer Thomas Charles Shinners
1918 Seaman, R.N.R. Peter Barron
1918 Gunner Sidney Cornwell
1918 Acting Lieutenant R.N.R. John E. Armstrong perhaps Elliott or Eric?
1918 Lieutenant-Commander William Bayard Hynes saved a 2nd-class shipwright from drowning 16 April 1918
1918 Petty Officer William Edwin Fortescue
1918 Lieutenant R.N.V.R. William T. King cannot identify -- check The Times
1920 Lieutenant Basil T. Brewster
1920 Commander Evan Bruce-Gardyne
1922 Lieutenant-Commander Frederick Albert Richardson saved life of seaman from Revenge at Plymouth

Certificate on Vellum

Year of Award Recipient Notes
1885-87 Midshipman Osmond de Beauvoir Brock
1904 Lieutenant Stephen Bowle-Evans

Testimonial on Vellum

Year of Award Recipient Notes
1904 Lieutenant Robert Wilberforce Myburgh
1905 Lieutenant Leopold Arthur Bernays
1911 Lieutenant Harold Fisher Alderton died in effort to save a seaman
1912 Lieutenant-Commander John Skinner Wilson
1915 Lieutenant Alexander Boyd Greig rescued two boys at Ipswich

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