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The Royal Humane Society bestowed Silver and Bronze medals, and also sometimes certificates on vellum to men who saved, or attempted to save life at sea.

A list of Royal Navy and Royal Marine recipients of these awards appears in the Navy List of October, 1918.[1]

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Silver Medal Awardees

Year Recipient Notes
1915 Lieutenant Charles Norman Ebden Currey would be recommended again on 4 April, 1923 for saving A.B. at Constantinople
1915 Lieutenant Edward de Faye Renouf heroic event on 14 October, 1914
1915 Lieutenant Norman Atherton Wodehouse saved seaman on 11 December, 1914
1915 Stoker, Malta R.N.R. Angelo Muscat
1915 2nd Writer Percy Henry Hore
1915 A.B. William Ernest Moyes
1915 Lieutenant Guy D'Oyly-Hughes
1915 A.B. John Henry Creasey

Bronze Medal Awardees

Year Recipient Notes
1914 Sub-Lieutenant John Douglas Harvey
1914 Lieutenant Lord Congleton NOTE
1914 Sub-Lieutenant Richard Stoddart Benson NOTE
1914 Lieutenant Arthur Ronald Farquhar NOTE
1914 Sub-Lieutenant Kenneth Maximilian Wilkinson NOTE
1914 Commander Cecil George Chichester NOTE
1914 Boy, 2nd Class Victor Henry Beal NOTE
1914 Leading Stoker John Pattison NOTE
1914 A.B. William Henry Peake NOTE
1914 Gunner Robert William Martin clasp added to one from 1900
1914 Boatswain David H. Fleming NOTE
1914 Sub-Lieutenant Claude Denzil Bury NOTE
1914 Gunner Ernest George Haycraft NOTE
1914 Sub-Lieutenant William Stephen Richard King-Hall NOTE
1915 Sub-Lieutenant R.N.R. John Wales NOTE
1915 Lieutenant Ingleby Stuart Jefferson NOTE
1915 E.R.A., 3rd Class Herbert George Civil NOTE
1915 Template:PrivRMLI William Edwin Joy NOTE
1915 Template:PrivRMLI Albert Warrilow NOTE
1915 Mate R.N.R. John Duthie NOTE
1915 Template:Mate2RNR Thomas Henry Coughtrey NOTE
1915 Leading Seaman Edward Walls NOTE
1915 A.B. Bertie Coe NOTE
1915 Petty Officer Frederick William Setter NOTE
1915 Petty Officer Francis George Selwood NOTE
1915 Leading Signalman A. H. Bennett cannot identify -- check The Times
1915 A.B. George Ward
1915 A.B. Alexander Macdonald Ballantyne
1915 A.B. William Richardson Cape
1915 Officer's Steward, 3rd Class G. P. Joughin cannot identify -- check The Times
1915 A.B. J. W. Donnelly cannot identify -- check The Times
1915 Bugler, R.M.L.I. J. F. Jackson cannot identify -- check The Times
1915 Lieutenant-Commander Aylmer Newton George Firebrace
1915 Sub-Lieutenant Gilbert Charles Anglin Whitelocke
1915 Signalman Francis Thomas Stephenson
1915 A.B. Henry Matthias Farrell
1915 Chief Steward Clifton P. Derrick cannot identify -- check The Times
1915 Deck Hand, R.N.R. James Jappy
1915 Gunner, R.M.A. Albert Ernest Perry
1915 Lieutenant-Commander George Hamilton Dennistoun
1915 Sub-Lieutenant Wilfred Rupert Patterson
1915 Leading Seaman Alfred Plumb
1915 A.B. Reginald John Burke
1915 Petty Officer Edmund Hiley
1915 Engineman, R.N.R. Thomas Pratt
1915 Private, R.M.L.I. Percy James Jacobs
1915 Boatswain Albert Edward Pearson
1915 Temporary Surgeon Thomas H. Cresswell cannot identify -- check The Times
1915 Midshipman Richard Ralph Beauchamp
1915 Sub-Lieutenant R.N.R. Richard Ernest Robinson
1915 Asst. Paymaster, R.N.R. Ernest Daniel Bailey
1915 Stoker, R.A.N. Wilfred V. McGrath cannot identify -- check The Times
1915 Sub-Lieutenant R.N.R. Walter William Fish
1915 Lieutenant-Commander William Burrows
1915 Officers' Steward, R.A.N. Herbert H. Kemsley cannot identify -- check The Times
1915 Stoker, R.A.N. James H. Colton cannot identify -- check The Times
1915 A.B. Maurice Christopher Spillane
1915 Stoker George Whitmore
1915 Petty Officer, Coast Guard Goddard Halliday
1915 Lieutenant} Michael Edmund East
1915 A.B. Thomas Blaney Thornton
1915 Sub-Lieutenant R.N.R. (or more junior) Henry Spencer Laidlaw Fargher
1915 Trimmer, R.N.R. James M. Turrell cannot identify -- check The Times
1915 Petty Officer David John Greene
1915 Coxswain William Shaw
1915 Quartermaster Sergeant, R.M.L.I. Edward Coupland
1915 Stoker James Hart
1915 A.B. George Fowler
1915 Fireman William M. Tilley cannot identify -- check The Times
1915 Deckhand William L. Gibson cannot identify -- check The Times
1915 Stoker 1st Class Charles Jones
1916 Acting Mate Alfred Leary
1916 Lieutenant John Alan Pennington Legh
1916 A.B. F. C. Powell cannot identify -- check The Times
1916 Ordinary Seaman Arnold Rogers
1916 Seaman, R.N.R. Thomas H. Smedley cannot identify -- check The Times

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