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Admiral Reginald Arthur Allenby, D.S.O., M.V.O., Royal Navy, Retired (4 September, 1861 – 18 March, 1936) was an officer of the Royal Navy in the period up to and during the First World War.

Life & Career

Reginald Arthur Allenby was born in Halford, Worcestershire on 4 September, 1861, the eldest son of Major Robert Allenby, landowner and a magistrate in the West Riding of the County of York.

He entered the Royal Navy and was appointed to the training ship Britannia at Dartmouth on 15 January, 1875. He left on 21 December, 1876, having gained nine months' out of twelve towards promotion.

Allenby was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant on 31 December, 1884.[1]

Allenby was promoted to the rank of Commander on 1 January, 1897.[2]


On 31 December, 1902, Allenby was promoted to the rank of Captain.[3] He was appointed to President, additional, for service at the Admiralty on 21 May, 1903, and on 16 June was appointed Naval Attaché to Germany, Denmark and the Netherlands. On the occasion of the King's visit to Copenhagen he was appointed a Member of the Fourth Class of the Royal Victorian Order (M.V.O.) on 18 April, 1904.[4]

Superseded as Naval Attache on 9 February, 1906, he was appointed in command of the battleship Centurion on 19 February.[5] On 6 March he was lent to the War Course, where he was rated First Class and "Good."[6]

He was appointed in command of the armoured cruiser Argyll on 12 March, 1907, being superseded in her on 24 March, 1909. He took command of the battleship Formidable on 20 April, and was superseded in command on 4 April, 1911. He was then appointed Captain of the dreadnought battleship Temeraire on 12 August.[7]

Flag Rank

Allenby was promoted to the rank of Rear-Admiral on 20 March, 1913, vice Pelham.[8] He was superseded in command of Temeraire on 5 April, and on 18 August was appointed to a Signal Course.[9] He attended the Royal Naval War College at Portsmouth from 8 September to 19 December, and was placed second out of three flag officers in order of merit. The President, Vice-Admiral The Honourable Sir Alexander E. Bethell, commented that "He has done very well."[10] From 2 February to 13 March, 1914, he took Gunnery and Torpedo Courses.[11]

Great War

In accordance with the provisions of the Order in Council of 8 December, 1903, Allenby was placed on the Retired List, at his own request, on 18 February, 1915.[12] On 11 April he was appointed temporary Lieutenant-Colonel as an Assistant Embarkation Staff Officer.[13]

On 1 January, 1918, he was appointed a companion of the Distinguished Service Order.[14] He was advanced to Vice-Admiral on the Retired List on 20 January, 1918,[15] and to Admiral on the Retired List on 5 July, 1921.[16]


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