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Lieutenant THE HONOURABLE Patrick Maurice Hely-Hutchinson, R.N. (27 April, 1855 – 27 January, 1893) served in the Royal Navy.

Life & Career

Hely-Hutchinson was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant on 14 August, 1878.

In 1883, Hely-Hutchinson was drawing pay from the Victorian Government, being employed under Captain Thomas. He forwa1rded a "valuable report" regarding torpedo practice from the torpedo boat Childers in 1886.

Hely-Hutchinson commanded the torpedo gunboat Spider in the Annual Manoeuvres of 1890. His ship acted as part of Fleet Number 1 which was itself playing the role of the Royal Navy fending off attacks on British trade routes.[1]

Hely-Hutchinson was appointed in command of Speedwell in the Channel Squadron on 17 November, 1890. On 24 January, 1893, he was reported dangerously ill and it was approved to send him to Gibraltar, as the "English climate at present unsuitable." However, the Channel Squadron reported by telegram No. 7 from Vigo that Hely-Hutchinson died of heart disease with dropsy, seemingly as he was en route to Gibraltar.

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