Light Cruiser Force

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On 30 July, 1917, Rear-Admiral Trevylyan D. W. Napier, then commanding the Third Light Cruiser Squadron of the Grand Fleet, was appointed in administrative charge of all the light cruiser squadrons of the Grand Fleet with the acting rank of Vice-Admiral. His brief was to administer the First, Second, Third, Fourth and Sixth Light Cruiser Squadrons and coordinate their training. All but the Fourth Light Cruiser Squadron were attached to the Battle Cruiser Force. He reported directly to the Commander-in-Chief of the Grand Fleet "on all matters of training and administration of the Light Cruiser Squadrons."[1]

Napier's short title was "Vice-Admiral, Light Cruiser Force." He retained direct command of the Third Light Cruiser Squadron as well as that of the First Cruiser Squadron which was formed from it, composed of the Courageous, Glorious, and Furious.[1]

Vice-Admirals, Light Cruiser Force

Dates of appointment given:


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