Lewis Edmund Wintz

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Vice-Admiral Lewis Edmund Wintz, Royal Navy, Retired (5 July, 1849 – 5 June, 1933) was an officer of the Royal Navy before the First World War.

Early Life & Career

On 24 June, 1880, Wintz was appointed Flag-Lieutenant to the Senior Officer on the Coast of Ireland, Rear-Admiral Richard V. Hamilton.[1]

Wintz was promoted to the rank of Commander on 30 June, 1886.[2]

In August 1897, he assumed command of the second class protected cruiser Charybdis.[3]

He became Captain of the second class protected cruiser Furious in July, 1898.[4]

Wintz served as the first captain of Goliath from March 1900 to July 1902.[5]

He was advanced to the rank of Vice-Admiral on the Retired List dated 26 October, 1909.[6]


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Service Records

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