John Francis Finlayson

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Captain John Francis Finlayson (12 May, 1883 – 28 September, 1951) served in the Royal Navy.

Life & Career

Born in Balmain, Finalayson gained six months' time on passing out of Britannia.

Finlayson was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant on 30 September, 1905.

Finlayson was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant-Commander on 30 September, 1913.

Finlayson was promoted to the rank of Commander on 31 December, 1914.


Finlayson was promoted to the rank of Captain on 30 June, 1921.

Finlayson was appointed in command of the light cruiser Calypso in January, 1926.

Having recently suffered from neurasthenia which abbreviated a temporary stint in command of Ark Royal, Finlayson was placed on the Retired List at his own request on 6 February, 1929.

Curiously, there is no indication in his service record that he was considered for service in World War II.

See Also

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Captain of H.M.S. Sandhurst
3 Dec, 1922[1] – Mar, 1924
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