Iroquois Class Sloop (1859)

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Two of the three Iroquois class sloops which entered service between 1859 and 1862 survived in U.S. Navy service into the 1880s, Oneida having been lost in 1870.

Overview of three vessels
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Name Builder Laid Down Launched Commissioned Fate
Iroquois New York NYd Aug 1858 12 Apr, 1859 24 Nov, 1859 Wrecked 26 Aug, 1910
Sold 5 Oct, 1910
Wachusett Boston NYd 10 Jun, 1861 10 Oct, 1861 3 Mar, 1862 Sold 30 Jul, 1887
Oneida New York NYd 10 Jun, 1861 20 Nov, 1861 28 Feb, 1862 Collision 24 Jan, 1870

Design & Construction

Hull designed by Benjamin F. Delano. Wachusett was one of three sloops ordered in February 1861 during the Secession Crisis.[1]



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