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[[Category:1884 births]]
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[[Category:Gunnery Officers of H.M.S. Endymion (1891)|Ardill]]
[[Category:H.M.S. Britannia (Training Ship) Entrants of September, 1899]]
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[[Category:Royal Navy Gunnery Officers]]
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[[Category:Gunnery Officers of H.M.S. Endymion (1891)]]
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[[Category:Gunnery Officers of H.M.S. Mars (1896)]]
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[[Category:Gunnery Officers of H.M.S. Carnarvon (1903)]]
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[[Category:Gunnery Officers of H.M.S. Britannia (1904)]]
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[[Category:Gunnery Officers of H.M.S. Ramillies (1916)]]
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[[Category:Captains of Chatham Gunnery School]]
[[Category:Captains of H.M.S. Concord (1916)|Ardill]]
[[Category:Captains of H.M.S. Caledon (1916)]]
[[Category:Captains of H.M.S. Dunvegan Castle (1936)|Ardill]]
[[Category:Deputy Directors of Training and Staff Duties (Royal Navy)]]
[[Category:Captains of H.M.S. Asturias (1925)|Ardill]]  
[[Category:Captains of H.M.S. Concord (1916)]]
[[Category:Royal Navy Captains|Ardill]]
[[Category:Captains of H.M.S. Dunvegan Castle (1936)]]
[[Category:Captains of H.M.S. Asturias (1925)]]  
[[Category:Royal Navy Captains]]

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Captain Hubert Ardill, Royal Navy (24 June, 1884 – 3 July, 1951) was an officer in the Royal Navy.

Naval Career

Ardill was born on 24 June, 1884 in Lisburn, Ireland, the son of R. Ardill. He entered the training ship Britannia on 15 September, 1899, and passed out on 15 January, 1901, attaining sufficient marks to be promoted soon after to Midshipman on 30 January.

He was appointed as temporary gunnery officer in Endymion on 7 October, 1910 through 12 January, 1911.[1]

He was appointed as gunnery officer in Mars from 12 January, 1911 through 1 January 1912, emerging at reduced pay.[1] He was appointed as gunnery officer in Carnarvon serving with the Home Fleet from 5 March, 1912 through 30 September 1912.[1] He was appointed as gunnery officer in Britannia in Third Battle Squadron from 30 September, 1912 through 2 September 1916.[1]

He was appointed to Vivid as gunnery officer in Ramillies on 16 November, 1916.[1]

He was reappointed on promotion on 31 December, 1918, staying with Ramillies until 9 June, 1919.[1]

On 25 August, 1932 Ardill was made a Grand Officer of the Portuguese Military Order of Aviz after his ship Caledon had returned the body of King Manoel to Portugal.

A photograph of Ardill may be found in a photo album in Box Three of the H. H. McWilliam papers in the Liddle Collection of the University of Leeds.


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