Henry Franklin Chevallier, Viscount Broome

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Captain (retired) Henry Franklin Chevallier, Viscount Broome (17 October, 1878 – 13 June, 1928) served in the Royal Navy.

He was initially Henry Franklin Chevallier Kitchener. He spoke some French and some German.

Life & Career

Chevallier was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant on 15 September, 1899.

Chevallier was promoted to the rank of Commander on 22 June, 1911.

Chevallier was appointed to the battleship H.M.S. Ajax in mid February, 1913 and remained in her until being appointed in command of the monitor Raglan on 22 May, 1916. In June 1917, he was blamed for irregularities in maintaining her victualling accounts. He was charged some amount of money to rectify things. It is not clear, but it is either £5 or £5,000!

Placed on the Retired List at his own request on 17 August, 1920, Chevallier was later (possibly in November 1923) promoted to the rank of Captain on the Retired List.

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