H.M.S. Loyal (1913)

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H.M.S. Loyal (1913)
Pendant Number: H.80 (1914)
H.63 (Jan 1918)[1]
Builder: Denny[2]
Launched: 11 Nov, 1913[3]
Completed: May, 1914[4]
Sold: Nov, 1921[5]

H.M.S. Loyal was one of twenty-two destroyers of the Laforey class.


On 17 October, 1914, she was one of four destroyers of the Third Destroyer Flotilla Captain Cecil H. Fox in the Undaunted led in the Battle off Texel, where the British succeeded in destroying an inferior force of four torpedo boats.

In 1917, she and sisters Lawford and Legion were converted to minelayers and operated along with the Seventh Destroyer Flotilla.

She reduced to C. & M. Party at Devonport on 15 October, 1919.[6]


Dates of appointment are provided when known.


In 1915 or 1916, she was one of sixteen light cruisers and destroyers to trial a Wise Pressure Telegraphy System Type B for torpedo control.[10]

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