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|order=Feb, 1917{{DittColl|p. 96}}
|order=Feb, 1917{{DittColl|p. 96}}
|builder=[[Barclay Curle]]{{DittColl|p. 96}}
|builder=[[Barclay Curle & Company]]{{DittColl|p. 96}}
|launch=1 Dec, 1917{{DittColl|p. 96}}
|launch=1 Dec, 1917{{DittColl|p. 96}}
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<div name=fredbot:officeCapt otitle="Captain of H.M.S. ''Dianthus''" nat="UK">{{TenureListBegin|Captain of H.M.S. ''Dianthus''}}
<div name=fredbot:officeCapt otitle="Captain of H.M.S. ''Dianthus''" nat="UK">
{{Tenure|rank={{LCommRN}}|name=Charles Wolseley Parker|nick=Charles W. Parker|appt=19 June, 1918{{NLDec18|p. 776}}|end=4 April, 1919}}
{{Tenure|rank={{LCommRN}}|name=Arthur Felton Crutchley|nick=Arthur F. Crutchley|appt=9 April, 1919|end=25 August, 1919}}
{{Tenure|rank={{LCommRN}}|name=Thomas Charles Alexander Heathcote Ouchterlony|nick=Thomas C. A. H. Ouchterlony|appt=25 August, 1919|end=24 March, 1921}}
</div name=fredbot:officeCapt>
</div name=fredbot:officeCapt>

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H.M.S. Dianthus (1917)
Builder: Barclay Curle & Company[1]
Ordered: Feb, 1917[2]
Launched: 1 Dec, 1917[3]
Sold: 3 Jun, 1921[4]
H.M.S. Dianthus was one of twenty-eight Anchusa Class convoy sloops completed for the Royal Navy.



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Anchusa Class Convoy Sloop
Anchusa Bergamot Candytuft Ceanothus Convolvulus
Eglantine Spiraea Syringa Arbutus Auricula
Bryony Chrysanthemum Coreopsis Cowslip Dianthus
Gardenia Gilia Harebell Ivy Marjoram
  Mistletoe Pelargonium Rhododendron Saxifrage  
  Silene Sweetbriar Tuberose Windflower