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Dates of appointment given.
Dates of appointment given.
<div name=fredbot:officeCapts>
<div name=fredbot:officeCapts otitle="Captain of {{UK-Columbine|f=p}}" nat="UK">{{TenureListBegin|null}}
* {{CaptRN}} [[Edward Herbert Moubray|Edward H. Moubray]], 1 July, 1913.{{NLApr14|pp. 296-7}}
{{Tenure|rank={{CaptRN}}|name=Edward Herbert Moubray|nick=Edward H. Moubray|appt=1 July, 1913{{NLApr14|pp. 296-7}}}}
* {{CaptRN}} [[Apsley Dunbar Maxwell Cherry|Apsley D. M. Cherry]], 3 September, 1917.{{NLJan19|p. 762}}
{{Tenure|rank={{CaptRN}}|name=Apsley Dunbar Maxwell Cherry|nick=Apsley D. M. Cherry|appt=3 September, 1917{{NLJan19|p. 762}}}}
* {{CaptRN}} [[Berwick Curtis]], 20 November, 1919.{{NLJan21|p. 749}}
{{Tenure|rank={{CaptRN}}|name=Berwick Curtis|nick=Berwick Curtis|appt=20 November, 1919{{NLJan21|p. 749}}}}
</div name=fredbot:officeCapts>
</div name=fredbot:officeCapts>

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H.M.S. Columbine (1876)
Builder: Napier, Glasgow[1]
Launched: 28 Jan, 1876[2]
Sold: 1920[3]

H.M.S. Columbine was formerly the ancient screw sloop Wild Swan, renamed as Clyde in 1904 before taking her final name in 1912.


Destroyers in the Third Destroyer Flotilla and Thirteenth Destroyer Flotilla were tender to her during the war. She was to serve as home to King's Harbour Master, Rosyth.


Dates of appointment given.

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