H.M.S. Colossus at the Battle of Jutland

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Report of Proceedings

No. 658.

H.M.S. "Colossus,"

1st Battle Squadron,

10th June 1916.


 THE report of the action of 31st May, as far as it affected H.M. Ship under my command, has been divided up as follows :—

(a) Diary of events.

(b) Tracing, showing rough relative positions of targets engaged.

(c) Appendix I, giving details of action with a Battle Cruiser (either " Lützow " or " Derfflinger ").

(d) Appendix II, giving details of damage to propellors through passing over wreckage or a submarine.

(e) Copy of report of Officers and Men commended.

(f) List of Casualties.

Generally speaking, the action from the point of view of this ship was a most tantalising one, as the presence of the enemy was obvious from the flashes of his guns, but only for a short period did an opportunity occur of getting into action with any of the enemy's capital ships.

The conduct of the Officers and Men was excellent, and such as one had always hoped it would be.

 I have the honour to be,


 Your obedient Servant,


The Vice-Admiral Commanding, Captain.

1st Battle Squadron

(through R.A. 1st B.S.).