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<div name=fredbot:officeCapt otitle="Captain of H.M.S. ''Bruizer''" nat=UK>
<div name=fredbot:officeCapt otitle="Captain of H.M.S. ''Bruizer''" nat="UK">
{{Tenure|rank={{LieutRN}} (in Command?)|name=Augustus Jacob|nick=Augustus Jacob|appt=14 April, 1870{{NLDec71|p. 197}}|end=mid February, 1872{{INF}}}}
{{Tenure|rank={{LieutRN}} (in Command?)|name=Charles Stukeley Shuckburgh|nick=Charles S. Shuckburgh|appt=16 February, 1872{{NLJul73|p. 192}}|end=|note=grounded her}}
{{Tenure|rank={{LaCRN}}|name=Lionel Fanshawe|nick=Lionel Fanshawe|appt=29 November, 1880{{NLOct81|p. 200}}|end=26 September, 1881{{INF}}}}
{{Tenure|rank={{LaCRN}}|name=William Martin Annesley|nick=William M. Annesley|appt=26 September, 1881{{NLDec81|p. 200}}|end=}}
</div name=fredbot:officeCapt>
</div name=fredbot:officeCapt>

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H.M.S. Bruizer (1867)
Builder: Portsmouth Royal Dockyard[1]
Launched: 23 Apr, 1867[Citation needed]
Broken up: 1886[2]
H.M.S. Bruizer was one of fifteen Britomart Class wooden gunboats completed for the Royal Navy.



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