H.M.S. Bonetta (1907)

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H.M.S. Bonetta (1907)
Builder: Palmer[1]
Ordered: Purchased 1909[2]
Launched: 14 Jan, 1907[3]
Sold: 7 Jun, 1920[4]

H.M.S. Bonetta was one of twenty-four destroyers of the "B" class — a "30 knotter".

Along with Albacore, Bonetta was one of two Palmer destroyers built "on spec" and subsequently purchased in 1909 by the Admiralty to replace destroyers lost in accidents.


In mid-1913, she was serving in a patrol flotilla, the Sixth Destroyer Flotilla.[5]

From January to December, 1915, she was part of the Ninth Submarine Flotilla which was operating as the Clyde Defence Flotilla.[6]

In January, 1916, she moved over to serve in the same capacity with the Sixth Submarine Flotilla, operating off the East Coast of England. The flotilla was redesignated the Second Submarine Flotilla in December, 1916, but Bonetta stayed fast. By the time the flotilla was disbanded in October or November, 1918, Bonetta was the only surface ship taking care of the four coastal submarines in the formation.[7]


By 1912-13, her three 12-pdr P. I mountings bore register numbers 247, 249 and 248. They were all fitted with "Training Gear".[8]


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