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The Goodenough Medal and Fund was an annual prize of a gold medal awarded to the Sub-Lieutenant who achieved the highest gunnery examination for the given year and who also achieved a first-class certificate in seamanship.

Paraphrasing the description in the Navy List:[1]

It was founded in memory of the late Captain James G. Goodenough, C.B., G.C.M., who died on 20th August, 1875, whilst serving as Commodore on the Australian Station, from wounds Inflicted with poisoned arrows in an unprovoked attack by natives of Santa Cruz—consists of a sum of about 800 pounds sterling. The interest of this sum is employed annually in providing a Gold Medal, called the Goodenough Medal, which is conferred on the Sub-Lieutenant who, when qualifying for the rank of Lieutenant, passes the best examination of his year In Gunnery, provided he has also taken a first-class certificate in Seamanship. Any balance that remains after payment of expenses is also handed over to him.


The recipients are denoted in Navy Lists by a triangle in a circle appearing after their name in the seniority lists.

Year Recipient Notes
1880 Richard H. Peirse
1881 Thomas B. S. Adair
1882 Bernard Currey
1883 Arthur W. Ewart
1884? Maurice W. Portman
1885 Robert K. Arbuthnot
1886? William P. Hillyar
1886? Cecil E. E. Carey
1887 Arthur C. Leveson
1888 Sydney R. Fremantle
1889 Frederic G. Bird
1890 Horace L. A. Hood
1891 Algernon D. E. H. Boyle
1893 Wilfred Henderson
1894 Cyril T. M. Fuller
1896 Cecil George Chichester
1898 Barry E. Domvile
1899 Joseph C. W. Henley
1900 Cecil V. Usborne
1901 Noel S. Tindall
1902-03 Isham W. Gibson
1904? David T. Graham-Brown awarded 31 Mar 1905
1905? Henry L. Hitchins awarded 1906
1906-07 Edward W. MacKichan
1907 Percy H. Ridler
1909? Walter R. Gilbert
1909-10 Victor H. Danckwerts
1911 Anthony B. Lockhart
1911-12 Kenneth Edwards
1912-13 Leslie S. Russell
1913-14 Kenneth M. Fardell
1914 FitzRoy E. P. Hutton
1918? Cecil C. Hughes-Hallett
YEAR Geoffrey N. Oliver
YEAR Robert M. Ellis
YEAR Frederick R. Parham
YEAR John F. Stevens
YEAR James C. Clouston
YEAR Gilbert R. Waymouth
YEAR Edward K. le Mesurier
YEAR Harold F. Lawson
YEAR Erskine K. H. St. Aubyn
YEAR John N. Hicks
YEAR Hugh W. S. Sims-Williams
YEAR Herbert G. J. Padfield
1931? Robert J. Robertson
1932? Richard E. Washbourn
1932? John G. Hamilton
1934? Gordon W. McKendrick
1935? Ronald E. Hutchins
1937? Peter J. S. Hardinge
YEAR David C. Cunningham
1938? Frank D. Holford
1938? Thomas G. Bentley

Other Gunnery Prizes

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