George Shadwell Quartano Carr

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Lieutenant George Shadwell Quartano Carr (22 October, 1866 – 28 August, 1905) served in the Royal Navy.

His name is spelled "Quartana" in the Service Records.

Life & Career

Carr was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant on 20 January, 1887.[1]

On 24 March, 1902 while in command of H.M.S. Circe, Carr was dismissed the Service after a Court Martial on charges of acts to the prejudice of good order and Naval DIscipline and neglect of duty. The sentence was later reduced to being dismissed the ship, owing to one charge having lacked proper evidence. Still, he was retired that day and was to receive retired pay at a rate of 5/- a day.

Carr travelled to Mexico to take up an appointment in August 1903 with their government as Harbour Master at Vera Cruz. He died in Mexico City on 28 August, 1905.

See Also

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