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Rear-Admiral SIR George Henry Baird, K.C.B., Royal Navy (14 October, 1871 – 22 October, 1924) was an officer of the Royal Navy.

Life & Career

He was confirmed in the rank of Sub-Lieutenant dated 14 May, 1891. He was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant with seniority of 14 November, 1892.[1]

He was appointed to the Venerable on 15 March, 1906.[2]

Baird was promoted to the rank of Captain on 30 June, 1909.[3]

Great War

He was appointed command of King George V on 7 March, 1913.[4]

He commanded Ajax at Jutland.[5]

He was appointed an Additional Member of the Third Class, or Companion, in the Military Division of the Most Honourable Order of the Bath (C.B.) on 1 January, 1918.[6]


Baird was promoted to the rank of Rear-Admiral on 26 March, 1920, vice Jackson.[7]


Speaking to Captain Herbert W. Richmond in 1917, Baird apparently said of Jutland, "To wait all that time & then turn away from them instead of towards them, was sickening They gave us our chance & we weren't allowed to take it."[8] Accepting that this conversation took place, this writer has been unable to find among the Jutland papers any mention of Captain Baird hauling Ajax out of the line after the Germans, or of him signalling his immediate superior in the battle line, Vice-Admiral Jerram, suggesting that he do the same. Just because a junior officer is willing to risk his ship doesn't mean that it is necessary, or even advisable. — SIMON HARLEY, Co-editor.


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Service Record

Naval Appointments
Preceded by
Edmond Hyde Parker
Director of the Mobilisation Department
1921 – 1923
Succeeded by
John W. L. McClintock