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Captain George Bibby Hartford, D.S.O.*, Royal Navy, Retired (10 April, 1883 – 29 May, 1941) was an officer in the Royal Navy.

Post War

After the war he was Chief Staff Officer to the Rear-Admiral on the Yangtze River for two years, before retiring as a Commander in 1922, being advanced to Captain on the retired list in 1928. In retirement he wrote the book "Commander, RN", published in 1927. At the outbreak of the second war he was recalled to active duty, where he received a bar to his D.S.O. and was Mentioned in Despatches. He died on active service on 29th May, 1941, but his death wasn't announced until August. A keen archer, he was a member of the Royal Toxophilite Society.


1898 Joined H.M.S. Britannia as Naval Cadet.
1899 Joined first seagoing ship: H.M.S. Crescent, Flagship, North America and West Indies; Vice-Admiral Bedford; Captain Colville; Commander Henry Campbell.
1899 Promoted to Midshipman.
1902 Promoted to Sub-Lieutenant.
1902 to 1903. Undergoing various courses and examinations for the rank of Lieutenant.
1903 Joined H.M.S. Ariadne, Flagship, North America and West Indies ; Vice-Admiral Douglas; Captain Browning.
1904 Joined H.M.S. Tribune, North America and West Indies Squadron.
1904 Commanded H.M. Torpedo Boat No. 74.
1904 Promoted to Lieutenant and reappointed to command of above.
1906 Joined H.M.S. Formidable ; Captain Symons and later Captain Lyon.
1908 Commanded H.M. Destroyer Vigilant ; Captain Tyrwhitt ; Captain (D).
1909 Commanded H.M. Destroyer Racehorse; Captain Alexander-Sinclair; Captain (D).
1910 Commanded H.M. Destroyer Whiting, China.
1912 Advanced to the rank of Lieutenant-Commander, 31 December, 1912.
1913 Commanded H.M. Destroyer Waveney; Captain Lowther-Crofton; Captain (D).
1913 Commanded H.M. Destroyer Borne ; same flotilla.
1914 Commanded H.M. Destroyer Electra; Commander Peck; Commander (D).
1914 Commanded H.M. Destroyer Acorn, Second Flotilla, Grand Fleet.
1915 Commanded H.M. Destroyer Marne, Eleventh Flotilla, Grand Fleet. Commanded her at the Battle of Jutland.
1917 Promoted to the rank of Commander, 30 June, 1917.
1917 Re-appointed to H.M.S. Marne in command and as Divisional Leader of Escorts in connection with newly-organised Convoy System.
1919 Commanded H.M.S. Kinsha, gunboat; Flagship of the Yangtse Flotilla ; Commodore Ellison.
1920 Re-appointed in command and as Chief Staff Officer to Rear-Admiral Borrett.
1921 Paid off H.M.S. Kinsha.
1922 Retired.

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