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Rear-Admiral (retired) Edward Pitcairn Jones, C.B. (7 August, 1850 – 31 March, 1908) was an officer of the Royal Navy.

Life & Career

Jones was born in Westbury County in Westmoreland, Tasmania. He entered Britannia on 8 September, 1863.

Early service placed him in Minotaur from late 1869, then Basilisk from 23 January, 1871. He was still in Basilisk when in October 1872 he was found drunk on board, which subjected him to quarterly reports as to his conduct and removed him to the wooden screw corvette Cossack. After receiving at least a single satisfactory report, this requirement appears to have been waived.

Jones was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant on 17 February, 1874.

In July 1875, he was appointed to the balloon ship Hector, but was placed on half-pay in September before being sent to the Royal Naval College at the end of the month. He emerged with his certificate in August 1876.

Jones was promoted to the rank of Commander on 30 June, 1888.

Jones was promoted to the rank of Captain on 1 January 1895.

In May 1896, he assumed command of the first class protected cruiser Grafton. In 1898, he bottomed his ship out, which elicited only advice for his future guidance. He was slated to transfer to command of Barfleur upon that ship re-commissioning as flagship of second-in-command on China Station, but on 3 August he was invalided with Morbus Cordis. He was sent back to England in late September and eventually found fit on 21 December.

In April 1899, Jones assumed command of the second class protected cruiser Forte at Chatham and sailed down to South Africa, where he landed with her Naval Brigade and was involved in the placement and employment of naval guns at Ladysmith.

Jones was appointed C.B. for his services in South Africa, gazetted 6 November, 1900.

Jones was retired on account of age on 7 August, 1905 and was promoted to the rank of Rear-Admiral (retired) in December of that year.

See Also

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1 May, 1896[1] – 3 Aug, 1898
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as Rear-Admiral-in-Charge of the Southern Coast Guard District


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