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Rear-Admiral Edward Percy Ashe, M.V.O. 4th Class, Royal Navy, Retired (8 April, 1852 – 5 July, 1914) was an officer of the Royal Navy.

Early Life & Career

Ashe was born in Quebec in 1852, the son of Commander E. D. Ashe, Royal Navy.[1] He joined the Royal Navy and became a Naval Cadet on 1 August, 1866, having passed from Mr. Foster's "crammer" at Stubbington House near Fareham. He received his Naval Cadet's certificate on 22 August.

He was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant with seniority of 30 January, 1877.[2]


Ashe was promoted to the rank of Captain on 30 June, 1899.[3]

On 9 April, 1900 Ashe married Susan Gile, daughter of the late Dr. Daniel Gile of Marblehead, Massachusetts.[1]

On 8 September, 1905, Ashe was appointed a member of the Fourth Class of the Royal Victorian Order on the occasion of King Edward VII's visit to Marienbad.[4]

In accordance with the provisions of the Order in Council of 22 February, 1870, he was placed on the Retired List on 8 April, 1907.[5] He was promoted to the rank of Rear-Admiral on 2 September, 1908.[6] On Saturday 4 July, 1914 he motored from his home "Longwood", near Camberley to Winchester in a motorcycle with a sidecar. On the return journey he was in collision with an automobile at Hartford Bridge Flats, and thrown from the bike to the road. After being taken to Frimley Cottage Hospital he died from his injuries on the morning of 5 July.


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