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Rear Admiral Charles Johnston Badger, U.S.N. (6 August, 1853 – 7 September, 1932) was an admiral in the United States Navy. His active-duty career included service in the Spanish-American War and the First World War.

The son of Commodore Oscar C. Badger (1823–1899), Charles Badger was born 6 August, 1853 in Rockville, Maryland. He attended the United States Naval Academy, graduating in 1873. Badger served in the cruiser U.S.S. Cincinnati during the Spanish-American War, and climaxed his career as Commander in Chief, Atlantic Fleet. He was awarded the Distinguished Service Medal for his contribution as chairman of the Navy General Board during the First World War. Rear Admiral Badger died on 7 September, 1932 and is buried in Arlington National Cemetery.

RADM Badger was a cousin of Secretary of the Navy George E. Badger (1790-1865); Admiral Oscar C. Badger II (1890–1958) was his son.

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