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Commander Charles James Collins, (22 November, 1869 – 12 August, 1908) served in the Royal Navy.

Life & Career

Collins was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant on 1 April, 1892.

On 9 December, 1903, Collins was appointed to join the armoured cruiser Berwick as first officer. In 1904, Captain Dare noted under the column "whether temperate habits" that Collins was "fairly so" and wondered whether health issues weren't the larger reason for his doubts over Collins. First Sea Lord Sir Walter Kerr, citing private inform personally recorded, "This report has come as a great surprise to me seeing that Comr Collins has always been highly recommended." Collins's appointment as first officer ended when he was promoted to the rank of Commander on 30 June, 1904, though he remained with the ship until being appointed to Indus II on 1 October.

Collins eventually was appointed in command of H.M.S. Indus, from 15 March 1905 to the end of the year. A series of destroyer commands took him into mid-1908.

Collins had received an appointment to command Argonaut dated 18 August, 1908 but he died on 12 August.

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