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The Liddell Hart Centre for Military Archives.

Located at King's College, London, the Liddell Hart Centre is home to the personal papers of a number of British naval officers of the Dreadnought Era, along with those of other members of the Armed Forces. The full list can be found here. It is recommended that one makes an appointment before visiting.

Contact Details

Michael Howard Archives Reading Room,
Room 302, Strand Building,
London, WC2R 2LS,
United Kingdom.

Telephone: 020 7848 2015.
Fax: 020 7848 2760.

National Maritime Museum.

The National Maritime Museum is probably the United Kingdom's pre-eminent museum of the sea. It is located in the former buildings of the Royal Hospital School at Greenwich in London, and lies across the road from the former Royal Naval College, Greenwich. The museum's Caird Library is home to a large collection of books and personal papers.

The Caird Library's website can be found here. The library catalogue (for books) can be searched here, and the archive catalogue (for papers) can be searched here.

Contact Details.

The Caird Library,
National Maritime Museum,
London SE10 9NF,
United Kingdom.

Telephone: +44 (0)20 8312 6516.
Email: and

The National Archives

Formerly known as the Public Record Office (P.R.O.), The National Archives (T.N.A.) at Kew in west London is the main repository of British naval documents, located in the ADM series. The online catalogue is accessible here. The library catalogue is available here. A "Reader's Ticket" is required to order and view original material, and is obtainable on-site at Kew: Details here. The National Archives is a five-ten minute walk from Kew Gardens railway station and is served by both the London Underground (District Line) and London Overground.

Contact Details.

The National Archives,
TW9 4DU,
United Kingdom.

Telephone: +44 (0)20 8392 9198.

Primary Documents

We maintain a comprehensive list of documents found within the various libraries and archives detailing those we have in-hand in some form, and which we have not. This serves as a good bibliographic accounting as well as a wish-list to help us plan visits to those repositories.


Naval Research Documents

A list of useful archival material on gunnery, tactics, and other subjects, assembled by Tony Lovell.

Please Note: The Editors and the Owner of The Dreadnought Project are not responsible for the content of the following sites. They are included here as a further source of information.

GWPDA: The War at Sea

Website hosting various documents and articles related to the war at sea in the First World War.

Haze Gray: Dictionary of American Fighting Ships

Early version of this comprehensive official history of individual United States Navy warships.

The King-Hall Family and its Connections

Website devoted to the King-Hall family and its connection to the Royal Navy. Of chief interest are the meticulously transcribed diaries of Admiral Sir George F. King-Hall.

Navy Things

Website written by a former Fleet Chief Petty Officer in the Royal Navy. Covers various aspects of the Royal Navy over the last three centuries.


A website devoted to "Naval Weapons, Naval Technology and Naval Reunions". Features much detail on hundreds of naval weapons. The data should really be footnoted, but I doubt that the editor can afford to do that with a decade's worth of work.

Oxford Dictionary of National Biography

The O.D.N.B. has a large number of potted biographies of British naval officers and politicians in its database. Many of these are hopelessly biased and based on incomplete research. The archive of original Dictionary of National Biography articles, which are far more neutral, is of much greater historical value.

Paul Benyon's Naval History Website

Large website covering many, many different aspects of the Edwardian and First World War Royal Navy.

Persona Naval Press

The editor of this website, Dr. Mary Jones, wrote her doctoral thesis (a work of some value) on officer education in the Royal Navy, and has published the edited diaries and letters of Admiral John L. Marx. Of particular interest is her nominations database.

Royal Navy Rank Insignia of the Great War

A well-designed representation of Royal Naval rank insignia at the turn of the 20th Century. Currently offline.

Glenn's Computer Museum

As astonishing personal collection of early computers, featuring many WW2 era bombsights and fire control components. A kindred site for our own Fire Control pages.

Internet Forums

Dreadnought Project BBS

Our own site's BBS. Low volume, but worthy. Please register and check in.

Warships1 and NavWeaps Discussion Board

Broad discussion of battleships, their history, and their armament. Users often descend into heated debate. A companion to the NavWeaps website.

Ships and navies - Great War Forum

There are a number of knowledgeable users. A strength of this forum is biographical research and coverage of events and ships.

World Naval Ships Forums

The Royal Navy section is the most active. Ship identification and minor nuances are a true strength.

Ship Plans

Dreadnought Project

We have about of German warships 1870-1945 digitised at 100 DPI.

The UK's National Maritime Museum

Most of the dockyard drawings for Britain's ships are held at the NMM. Copies may be obtained through their website or by inquiry via email.

Service Historique de la Defense

Many French warship plans have been digitised and placed online at their website.


The German archives in Freiburg (often known by their acronym, "BAMA") have most of the German plan holdings. Their website is available in German only, however.

National Archives and Records Administration

The American plans are held at the NARA archive in College Park, Maryland.

Christian Schmidt

This German firm has a small catalog of commercially-available drawings that I found to be very high quality and well suited to modelers' needs.

Display Items

I am a snob for great display items. Two merchants stand out.

Fine Art Models

The display models shown on their website are expensive, but their quality explains this nicely.

Maritime Prints

Located in the UK, and thus focussing on Royal Navy. Their website shows the quality of the originals and prints they have to offer.

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